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15 Spring Lip Colors That Look Great on Black Women

Forget the winter and think SPRING! Sooner or later it will be here and we want our naturalists to be absolutely ready. The best part about it is that you don’t have to break the bank to achieve these outstanding looks. From high end to drugstore finds there is a something for every budget.

1. Orange- This lovely shade it called Morange by MAC. Although this is a high end product, It is worth the investment. This color screams spring!
MAC Morange orange lipstick for spring natural hair fashion Photo Credit: @charmsie via Instagram

2. Red- Want to be bold for spring time festivities? Then go for Smashbox’s Fire Ball. This is a loud shade that attracts all of the right kind of attention.
Smashbox’s Fire Ball red lipstick for spring Photo Credit: @reerichardson via Instagram

3. Orange/Red- This is a true marriage of both colors. MAC’s Lady Danger is sort of a neon color. With a fresh face and this lip color, you are good to go!
MAC lady danger red orange lipstick for dark skin

4. Pink- This shade is a low end steal! With the mind blowing color payoff no one would guess it’s a Wet n Wild product. Don’t blink Pink will be a spring time favorite! pink lip lipstick for spring on dark skin women Photo Credit: @prissy_mimi via Instagram

5. Coral Red- Under the sea! Behold, Bang Bang by Mel Cosmetics. This will make you feel like a beautiful mermaid basking in the sun.
Coral Red- Under the sea! Behold, Bang Bang by Mel Cosmetics Photo Credit: @bronzehoney24 via Instagram

6. Purple- This is a Milni Cosmetics Matte Glam, a soft and gorgeous light purple shade will blend well with any wardrobe.
purple shade lip color idea on dark skink for spring Photo Credit: @blackgurlzboldlips via Instagram

7. Peach- Perfection! This is a NYX Soft Matte lip cream in the shade Stockholm. Without breaking the bank, this look will last.
spring NYX peach lipstick for dark skinned women Photo Credit: @Jennie Jenkins via YouTube

8. Coral Nude- Please welcome Bondage by Ajcrimson! This is sweet and subtle. You can also have more fun with using color on other areas.
coral nude spring lipstick for dark skin Photo Credit: @styledbygeneva via Instagram

9. Neutral Pink- Wet n Wild’s Mocha is stunning spring shade to play!
Neutral Pink Spring Lip Color Idea for Brown Skin Photo Credit: @kingdomkidd30 via Instagram

10. Salmon- This ain’t Palm Beach silk lip stick by Tyra Beauty. This fresh catch of the day is excellent this time of the year!
Spring peach silk lipstick for dark skin Photo Credit: @brittj_mua via Instagram

11. Grey- Liquide Suede by NYX is cool, calm, and collective for spring!
Grey Liquide Suede by NYX Spring Lipstick Color Ideas

12. Gold- Bite Beauty brings you this sun shining look!
gold lip bantu knots spring summer fashion inspiration for dark skinned women

13. Stone- Stone Fox by NYX is the only way to slay!
Stone Fox Lipstick by NYX for Spring dark skin Photo Credit: @veinswithglitter via Instagram

14. Brown- Spring in- Brooklyn by Ofracosmetics!
Spring brown lipstick color idea for dark skinned women Photo Credit: @ ultranikoul via Instagram

15. Brick- Rooch by Colourpop! Work well with all colors.
Brick lip color inspiration for dark skin women

What is Your Natural Hair Length / Height Goal 2017?

Welcome back ladies and beaus, I hope you brought the New Year in with much bliss and happiness. Often times we make New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, and new year/new goals. We all desire to have a better year than the last. My resolution this year is to retain a healthy length of hair. On Instagram, I posted a picture of a short cut. I thought about going short, but I my year off with a box braided bob.

box braided natural hairstyle bob vs long hair What do you choose, Cut or Low Maintenance Hairstyles?

What are your expectations for your hair this year? I would love for my hair to widen in length. I want to be able to rock my hair from its natural state. I will watch to see if my hair widens with my height.

natural hair goal 2017

Many individuals in the hair community have the length hair t-shirts. What will your regimen be for these expectations? I have new products coming to me really soon.

true natural hair care products set

What is your #hairlengthgoal? I actually just want my hair to grow it’s genetically length way, if that means anything. I want my hair to be the healthiest I can be. I cannot wait to see how this low maintenance hairstyle does with my hair. I will make sure to clean my scalp and keep it hydrated. An itchy and dry scalp will not help in the process of retaining length. If your scalp is dry, it does not have enough moisture to grow to the end. At the end of the year, we will look at my hair for width in length. WISH ME WELL, AND WITH LONGEVITY FOR MY TWIGS!

Where is Natural Hair going to? I will be interviewing Jiquay Glenn, who brings a Hair Expo to Jackson, TN a place where I grew up. I also plan to attend to see what I can learn from other naturalists. Natural hair is a movement not a? Where is natural hair and products going economically and societal. What is the future of natural hair? We build this identity every day for women to have their own state of naturalism. Granted, it is a process of patience, but the love your grow from yourself and hair is the best feeling. A feeling of togetherness of what you say and do to your hair. Hairs to the New Year, Let’s get going!


15 Sweet Black Couples Love Memories

Is it real? Yes, black girl magic is real. Black boy joy is real. Most importantly, black love is real. We are real. Constant reminders are key to remembering the facts. Here are some beautiful images that black love is alive and well. Needless to say that we accept and appreciate love of all types but this post is specifically focused on love that is drenched in melanin. These photos could represent our modern day Barack & Michelle Obama, Martin & Coretta Scott King, or Malcom X & Betty Shabazz. Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with. From daily errands to festive events, black love is strong and pure. Take a look at these precious memories and enjoy!

1. They say to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs I’m the one who falls in love.

black couple love story Credit: @nyelyntho via Instagram

2. The women who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet- Mohadesa Najumi.

black couple love memory Credit: @lost_angles via Instagram

3. I looked at him as a friend until I realized I loved him.

love story between black couple Credit: @teyanataylor & @imanshumpert via Instagram

4. I can be someone’s and still be my own.

black love & black beauty & natural hair couple Credit: @gaddoandco via Instagram

5. Physical attractions are common, but a real connection is rare. If you find it, hold onto it.

love memory between black couple Credit: @kellyrowland via Instagram

6. That person who enters your life out of nowhere, and suddenly means the world to you.

Solange love story with her husband Credit: Solange

7. Our thoughts create our world.

black love is beautiful Credit: @bornintosin via Instagram

8.  Unapologetically Black.

black love is beautiful natural hair couple Credit: @bornintosin via Instagram

9. I’m a Black Woman who’s a big fan of the Black Man.

smile & love between black couple Credit: @djeromesmedley via Instagram

10. I’m very proud to be black, but black is not all I am.

black couple with natural hair Credit: @black.nero.preto via Instagram

11.  You’re going to make it. It’ll be hard, but you’re going to make it.

black couple Valentine's Day love memory Credit: @mel_baby88 & @_myles_b via Instagram

12. Love you more.

black love Credit: @katfishkarjenners via Instagram

13.  Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything.

black love power Credit: @blacklovepower via Instagram

14. Treat her like a Queen and she’ll treat him like a King.

black love memory on wedding day Credit: via Instagram

15. If you’re not happy with a person, leave. And wait until you find that one person who makes you feel good about yourself every single day and is not expecting you to change but grow.- Zoe Saldana

wedding day love story on black couple Credit: @samanthaclarke via Instagram

The powerful bond between black couples has kept our community strong and united for generations. From jumping the broom to just walking along, black love is empowerment and perseverance. Young and old.

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas On Budget

Lover’s holiday is approaching quickly! Need to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one? In a rush but want to show that you care? Have no fear, we’re here to help you out! We have a list of the top 10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that are sure to impress! From low end to a high budget, we have a little something for everyone. These gift ideas can be used for you, him, or both. Why not!

Healthy Treats– If you or your loved one is really health conscience, then this is a great fresh take on LOVE!

Love Healthy Treats- Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Macarons– This can be enjoyed equally as a couple or all on your own! These delicious French treats are from the most romantic place in the world. Lovers worldwide will be indulging themselves with these sweet luxuries.

Macarons - Valentine's Day gift idea under $50 Credit: @bakedbymelissa via Instagram

Flowers– Red Roses are a trademark of this festive day! A single red rose or a million, any amount will do and all the meaning will be the same. “I love you!”

Happy Valentine's Day rose gift idea Couples Massage– This could be done at home or at the spa. If you would like to stay in for this special occasion, you already have all of your ingredients. Just find your favorite oil and warm it up for the rub down!

couple massage Valentine's day gift idea

Makeup– Treat yourself to any products that will help you slay on the big day!

Valentine's Day make up idea for black women with natural hair Credit: Mini Marley via Youtube

Jewelry– Love is love and that is a beautiful thing. Depending on their taste you can select the perfect piece for them!

Valentine's Day Jewelry ideas

Silky Number– When to look effortlessly chic and sexy on the big day? This should be your go to look!

Silky strappy slip dress Credit: @zoothrift via Instagram

Concert Tickets– Find out who is playing in a venue near you and book some great seats. Get dolled up and dressed up with your significant other to enjoy the night!

go to the concert with your loved one Credit: @vavacharliexo via Instagram

Vacation Get Away– Tired of your current settings and want to go somewhere different? Try booking a romantic getaway for two. That way you and your loved one can feel like it iss your first date again. So romantic and sweet!

Valentine's day idea - Vacation Get Away Credit: @breesfootprints via Instagram

Wine Basket– Here’s a great DIY Lover’s Box. Just grab a bottle of your favorite alcohol and surround it with greatness. This is perfect to customize and make it as personal as you want. You could add more flowers, sweet edibles, or even personal photos to make this gift extra special!

DIY Valentine's Day Wine Basket Gift Idea

Last but not the least, don’t miss out Her Given Hair Valentine’s Day Sale if you want to spoil yourself with a perfect present. Up to $60 Off!

hergivenhair valentine's day sale



Top 8 Moisture-Friendly Natural Hair Styles

Bantu Knots– These are perfect, especially after wash day. Once your natural hair is cleansed you can saturate your hair from root to tip with your favorite oils. Then add some edge control to completely finish off your look. This look is great for moisture retention because it leaves the majority of your natural hair unexposed. The least of your hair is exposed the least likely your hair will be able to lose its moisture.

bantu knot protective natural hairstyle moisture friendly style

Up-do– Quick and easy! This look can be achieved with a simple tuck and roll. After you have already detangled and moisturized your natural hair, you can now begin to style. Start with the back by rolling the hair in an upward motion and securing it with several bobby pins. Next, tuck the front hair section in to the upward roll. Voila!

updo natural hairstyle moisture friendly protective style Credit: @whitneymadueke via Instagram

Box Braids– This is a great hair style for naturals who want to keep their hair correct in a bomb protective style! Box braids are the perfect hair style that makes adding moisture a breeze. By using a plastic applicator tipped bottle filled with your favorite oils, you can safely and regularly moisturize your natural hair in a flash.

box braids moisture friendly protective natural hairstyle Credit: @elenitekeste via Instagram

Wigs– Don’t want to fuss around with your natural hair too much? You won’t have to if you decide to use a HGH Wig! With this style you can add moisture as needed without ruining your over all look.

coily natural hair U part wig moisture friendly hairstyle Credit: @msnaturallymary using Coily U part wig

Twistout/ Braidout – Old faithful. These are great for the carefree natural haired beauty. Just moisturize your hair and braid and or twist it as normal. Then, in the morning, unravel your luscious locs. Shake and be on your way to a great day!

twist out braid out natural hairstyle moisture friendly style Credit: @shalleenkaye via Instagram

Cornrows– These types of braids are ideal for easy access. You can use your hands or an applicator to routinely apply moisture to your natural hair. The only hair routine you need to maintain this style is to nightly wrapping your hair with a silk scarf.

Cornrows moisture friendly black women hairstyle

Marley twists– You can achieve this look with extensions as a protective hair style. Similar to the box braids, retaining moisture with this look is easy due to the open partings.

Marley twists moisture friendly natural hairstyle Credit: @makeupbyjalesse via Instagram

Head Wrap– Grab any bold printed fabric and wrap it around your natural hair. This works extremely well with freshly washed hair. This will help to stretch out your hair without using any heat.

print head warp for natural hair Credit: @wanderlustcurls via Instagram

Top 10 Black Fashion Bloggers You should Know and Follow

Looking for more diverse fashion bloggers to follow? Want you find someone whose skin tone represents you and your personal style? Have no fear, we have the top ten black fashion blogger to follow this year.

Patricia Bright

This fashion and makeup blogger is based in the UK. She has an eye for style and has a passion for all things positive. Check her out for some inspiration!

black fashion blogger Patricia Bright Credit: @thepatriciabright


Kim is edgy and fun! Her fashion and life style blog caters towards the vegan risk takers. Super fun and experimental, sums it all up!

black fashion blogger kim natural hair beauty Credit: @thechicnatural


This US based fashion blogger is a DIY Queen! She can make anything look like a million bucks. Check her out for some innovative new looks!

DIY queen peakmilll black fashion blogger Credit: @peakmilll


This blogger is always runway ready. From running errands to going to primmer events she is ready to slay from head to toe. Her personal style is more on the flashy side.

black fashion blogger aka BeautybyJJ🇬🇧 Credit: @thejenniejenkins


Timeless and Chic are the words to describe this fashion blog. If you are in need or activily seeking some fashion inspiration for edgy and mature look, then this is the fashion blog for you.

head-to-toe monochromatic look with some leopard Credit: @thedaileigh

Folake Huntoon

This natural haired beauty has style for days on end. Her personal style is bold and mature. Absolutely stunning how she pulls off a wide range of colors and shapes!

black fashion blogger Folake Huntoon with crochet hair Credit: @stylepantry

Soraya De Carvalho

Soraya is the definition of class and sophistication. Her blog is filled with timeless pieces that are styled to perfection. Even with her petite frame she is able to master every look with ease.

black fashion girl Soraya De Carvalho in yellow blouse white baggy pants Credit: @styleismything


This African beauty sticks heavy with her roots. Follow her along different travel journeys and get inspired by her exotic sense of style.

black natural hair blogger Simplycyn with pink coat and long boots Credit: @simplycyn


Mom, wife, and fashion is her motto. Her fashion choices are on the more traditional side of things. Check out her blog for more styling looks that are more chic and streamline.

black fashion blogger Stella-Uzo with black outfit Credit: @jadorefashion


From the heart of Ghana, this stunning beauty has captured beautifully the essence of style and grace. Her looks are effortless and captivating. The core fashion choices are based in neutral color blocking with a twist of bold prints.

logger Asiyami Gold big natural hair Credit: @asiyami_gold

Top 15 Outfit Ideas for Black Women with Natural Hair This Season

Hey Naturals! Are you looking for some fashion inspiration? Fashionable looks that will compliment your natural hair? We have gathered some of the hottest looks for natural haired beauties like you! These looks are extremely flattering for naturally curly hair. By selecting the right color, texture, pattern, and or fabric can accentuate your inner glow and elevate your personal style to new heights. So take a risk and test out some of these fashion forward looks!

Blazer– Clean cut, chic, and timeless. This versatile blazer can be worn for all occasions and suits all body shapes.

blazer suit for women with natural hair Credit: @ayanaiman via Instagram

Jumpsuit Off the Shoulders – A simple one piece is always very flattering. For a more classic approach try to find one without a pattern to avoid other distractions.

Off the Shoulders Green Jumpsuit for women with natural hair Credit: @destinyfomby via Instagram

Sports Jersey – Support your favorite team or hometown pride! If you are not into sports, that’s ok just find a similar look that incorporates your favorite colors instead.

New York Sports Jersey for women with ombre natural afro hair Credit: @eusaholiveira via Instagram

Bold Print – All-time favorite that is a must for all naturalistas! The bright colors scream life and energy, just like your curls!

bold print natural long curly hair Credit: @masterpiecepoet via Instagram

Plaid– Lumber Jack Chic! Turn your basics into a non-doughty casual look.

plaid for black women with kinky afro natural hair Credit: @sexylohma via Instagram

Double Layer Dress– Cold out but still want to rock your favorite dress? Double it with a casual and comfy t-shirt and you are good to go!

Double Layer Dress Idea for women with 4b 4c natural kinky hair Credit: @jorieanne via Instagram

Color Block– This is an old school classic! Use vibrant colors in blocks to create lively segments.

old school classic dress ideas for afro natural hair Credit: @rawcells via Instagram

Oversized Sweater– Sweet and sensual! Paired with your natural curls are a perfect combination.

Oversized Sweater Red Natural Afro Hair Credit: @ronkeraji via Instagram

Bomber Jacket– This fashion trend is one worth repeating! The shiny material with the fun designs are light hearted and cool.

Bomber Jacket fashionoutfit idea for black women Credit: @2frochicks via Instagram

One Shoulder – This demure section of exposed skin is an icebreaker! This one shoulder look is the right amount of sassy and classy.

yellow one shoulder dress for girl with dark skin and afro natural hair Credit: @prettylittlefro via Instagram

Velvet – This is another trend that has been on the top of the list. The softness of the material matching the softness of your curls are a match made in heaven.

Peach Velvet outfit + updo high bun natural hair Credit: @msnaturallymary via Instagram

Leather Jacket – This should is a closet staple for any fashion forward girl. For natural girls especially, this is the perfect balance between hard and soft.

Black Leather Jacket long boots natural curly hair Credit: @prettylittlefro via Instagram

Vintage Embellishments – Go to your local vintage shop and seek out any embellished outerwear!

vintage embellished outerwear with boxing braids Credit: @goldenbirdboutique via Instagram

Denim on Denim – Effortless and timeless!

jeans outfit ideas for natural hair girls Credit: @nickysaysyolo via Instagram

Shoulder Cut Outs– Sophisticated & Elegant!

Shoulder Cut Outs Dress for black women Credit: @tashpantz via Instagram

7 Hair Tips to Caring for Natural Hair

  1. FIRST THING’s FIRST – TRIM OFF THOSE RATTY DEAD ENDS. They will do nothing but continue to break up your hair shaft and tangle causing knots. The winter especially will take a toll on them. So choose health over length any day. Your detangling will also be a breeze!
  1. CLARIFY your hair! Yes I said it! CLARIFY! What most women don’t realize is the amount of build up their hair has been harboring. Usually people complain about having dry dull hair with curls that aren’t popping; what they don’t know is the overuse of products, oil’s  co-washing, silicones, butters, and gels have been culprits to dry hair. They will coat your hair shaft making it impossible for the proper moisture to penetrate. Once you have a fresh start your hair will thank you and you will be able to receive optimal moisture. Clarifying the hair naturally includes Apple cider vinegar or baking soda; or you can use a commercial shampoo. Google search different recipes and products to find the one best for you!
  1. MOISTURE IS KEY!! During the winter months and summer, your hair should be babied like never before! Use your favorite water based moisturizer; ones that contain glycerin (make sure it’s lower on the list in the winter. This is a super humectant and can counter act if too much is in a product) and natural oils.  Try to a avoid petrolatum and mineral oil in products. They DO NOT moisturize; they block moisture and coat your hair strands badly, resulting in dry scalp, brittle, and broken strands.
  1. Be sure to cover your curls with a wool, knitted hat, or scarf. They will help protect your hair from the cold air, wind, and snow. If    you can line your hats with silk/satin, buy them already made that way or put on a satin or silk bonnet or scarf under them, that’s an even a better way to go; as those materials can aid in drying your hair and induce breakage from possible rubbing.
  1. Wear protective or styles that require little maintenance.  Styles include braids, weaves, wigs,pin ups, twists, etc. Examples of low maintenance styles are twist and braid outs, Rod sets, buns, and chunky flat twists. These require styling more frequently than weaves or 2 strands but will still give you a week or so in between detangling. The more you handle your Hair, the more opportunity for breakage and unfortunately, the winter the weather is not on your hair’s side. So keep those ends tucked away.
  1. Spray your hair frequently with your favorite water based moisturizing and conditioning mix and deep condition every 2-3 weeks with your favorite moisturizing treatment.  This is a quick way to add moisture back into the hair.  Mist as often as you like, however, this method works best if you have a style such as a wig and braided or twisted extensions. If you have a style that you are trying to preserve, spray a liberal amount before styling and seal with an oil such as castor, jojoba, olive, or any natural oil close the the sebum produced by our scalps. You may add oil as much as you want as well. Deep condition consists on covering your hair with plastic after applying the product to clean hair and either sitting under a dryer for 20-30 mins or outside the dryer for an hour.
  1. Use less heat; it’s best to use no heat at all. If you are a natural that blowdries or flat iron, try to lay off of it. It sucks moisture out of hair and when coupled with cold dry hair it’s a breeding ground for breakage and fragile strands. If you continue to use heat try to limit yourself to 1 or 2 times per month.

Bonus tip

DRINK LOTS OF WATER! The same goes for all year round. If you are properly hydrated your hair will be too!

Although nothing is a guarantee that your hair will be safe from the winter’s wrath, hopefully these tips will work in some way. If you are already doing a lot of these, kudos for you! If not try to adopt some of it into your regimen.

ombre colored natural hair care tips

Thanks for reading! Healthy hair to you!

hergivenhair natural hair stylist

Top 5 Winter Natural Hairstyles with U part Wigs

Winter is here and we all need some go-to looks for our U-part Wigs. Here are the top five natural protective hairstyles that work perfectly with U-part wigs! These protective looks are especially helpful during the cold winter months. Since the temperature is a lot colder, try to keep your natural hair as moisturized as possible to prevent and damage, such as breakage or excessive shedding.

@imgloriaann-slay day with kinky 4c u part natural hair wig

  1. Big fro– Go big or go home! We can’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd, in this case stand up. Let your hair be free and untamed. Make sure to cornrow back all of your natural hair to keep it as a protective natural hair style. To help create this inspired look grab your hair pick and fluff away! For an extra bonus, add water to enhance your leave out texture. This will make the blending process be a breeze.

@imadamejay-ombre colored natural hair coily U part wig Credit: @imadamejay using Coily U part wig

2. Front Part– This look is very similar to the first but with a twist of its own. Depending on your own personal style you can choose to make a part on either side of your scalp. Then with the sectioned off leave out hair, saturate it with your favorite holding gel. This will make it a lot easier to blend one the U-Part wig is safely secured on your head.

@jolieluvlee-coily natural hair with hergivenhair U part wig Credit: @jolieluvlee using Coily U part wig

3. Twist Pin Back– To successfully achieve this look, you will need aloe spray gel. Secure the wig and begin to add moisture to your natural hair and the unit. Then begin twisting the section away from your face and repeat on the other side. Secure all loose ends with bobby pins and you’re good to go!

@afro_khadisiac2 curly natural hair U part wig ft hergivenhair Credit: @afro_khadisiac2 using 20″Curly U-part wig

4. Half up– Start with the natural hair U-part wig. Detangle with coconut oil, this will add moisture and shine along the way. Section and flat twist all of the hair to set and redefine the curl pattern. Once completely dry you can tie up the front of the hair to create a perfect bun!

half up half down natural curly hairstyle with U part wig Credit: @te_am_o using 20″Curly U-part wig

5. Beach wave– Sew down the U-part wig to secure it to your head. Then flat iron or stretch out your natural hair that you want as leave out. Use a barrel wand to make your desired beach waves!

@pureestrogen-kinky straight U part wig ft hergivenhair Credit: @pureestrogen using kinky straight U part wig

As per usual, please co-wash your curly U-part wig before installing the unit. By doing this it will help to make your overall look more natural and healthy. Have fun with experimenting with new protective hairstyles for your U-part wig, there are endless possibilities!

U-Part Wigs

curly U Part natural wigsCurly Upart

coily U Part natural wigsCoily Upart

Kinky U Part natural wigsKinky Upart

Top 20 Fashion Accessories for Dark Skin

Looking for great accessories to match your melanin? Here are 20 different fashion accessories for dark skin. Women of color have a built in beauty feature that many try to imitate but many fail to make it look effortless. Here we have some great options to enhance our beautiful skin!

1. Googly Eyed Hair Accessories– If Janelle Monae can rock it, so can you! Just whip out your textured space buns and add the googly eyes everywhere you would like to be able to “see”.

Googly Eyed Hair Accessories for African American women Credit: @janellemonae

2. Old School Choker– Remember back in the days when you thought you were so cool in high school with your black plastic choker? Well, they are back in style and more fashionable then before.

Old School Black Plastic Choker for Black Girls Credit: @itsmyrayeraye

3. 3-Piece Jewelry– Seek out any 3 piece set in gold, copper, or bronze to complement your skin tone and add a nice flare of style!

3 Piece Jewelry for dark skinned women Credit: @dashikipride

4. Midi Rings– They are everywhere! Almost everyone has tried it or have used an out grown ring as a substitute. No judgement here, anything goes! Just make sure that it matches your personal style.

Midi finger Rings for dark skinned women Credit: @outsasd

5. Hoop Earrings– Classic signature piece! When it comes to these the bigger the better.

big hoop earrings for African American women Credit: @ellarie

6. Statement Necklace– Turn heads with a loud jewelry. The colors will pop against your beautiful black skin!

Statement Necklace for African American women Credit: @fantasyaccessorybox

7. Head Scarf– Timeless and effective! You can’t go wrong with this, just wrap it and you’re good to go!

Printed Head Scarf for dark brown skin women Credit: @glowprincesss

8. Vintage Cycle– There’s nothing that says bold and beautiful like a great accessory like an old school bike. When people see you rolling up they’ll have to remind themselves “keep calm and acknowledge the queen!”

bike through your neighborhood natural hair journey Credit: @breenylee

9. Bold Prints– Every sista’s dream! Stand out and dare not to blend in.

bold prints for African American women

10.  Egyptian arm band– With this band showcases immediate strength and confidence. Weak people may fear you but the strong will appreciate you!

vintage upper arm chain for dark skin

11. Septum Nose Ring– Never fear the bull! This is a perfect way to intensify any look. If you are a little afraid to commit to the piercing, no worries there are a ton of clip on options.

Septum nose ring for African Amarican women

12. Tribal Face Painting– Take out your liquid liner and or any of your makeup pencils. Get creative with different patterns to pump up your look.

Tribal Face Painting Makeup ideas for black girls Credit:

13. Chain Crown– Sleek you hair back and away from your face to let your crown shine!

chain head crown for African Amarican girls

14. Hair Clasps– Add these bad boys to your strands and you are as good as gold! Preferably add on to faux locs, braids, and or extensions.

Hair Clasps Charms for Natural Hair Bantu Knots Credit: @finestcameroonians

15. Over The Top Headbands– Bring out your inner Goddess! These copper toned like headbands are a sure fire way to give you an ethereal glow.

Over The Top Headbands Black Girl Magic Street Fashion Credit: @theworkingbeauty

16. Oversized Shades– Ballin! Yes, you can rock these and still kill it wherever you go.

oversize sun glasses with Goddess Locs Credit: @thereallexiejose

17. Statement Lenses– The Urcle look is back in action! Prescription or not, anyone can rock these frames.

Statement lenses fashion glasses accessories for black girl Credit: @tashaggreen

18. Bracelet Bling– Rack them up or stick to one staple piece, bangles are a girl’s best friend!

black girl street fashion natural hair bracelet ideas Credit: @hippie_heathen

19. Studded Nails– Every celeb of color has shown us how killer nails is a fashion must!

studded nail arts for black women Credit: @thefreshestnailart

20. Henna Art work– This is a great festival time of year fashion accessory! Go crazy big or discretely small, no matter what it will look amazing with your skin tone.

Henna Art work for African Amarican women Credit: @jasminenicholeart

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