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10 Easy Spring Summer Hair Tips for Maintaining Natural Hair

Goodbye Fall and Winter, and say hello to Spring and Summer! It’s always bitter sweet around this time of year. When the snow finally decides to disappear and the sun make it a point to shine a lot longer. Maintenance is key! This popular saying is precisely correct when it comes to natural hair during the warmer months.

  1. Hats– This is the most basic necessity that everyone should know about. Everyone knows that wearing a hat can protect your skin and hair from the harsh UV rays.  summer black hat for girl with natural afro hair
  2. Moisturize– For our natural curls, this can’t be emphasized enough! Your strands needs to be watered to grow. Spray the moisture mixture nightly to seal the hair, or as needed.  how to moisturize natural hair
  3. Trim– Doing this to your hair regularly helps to keep it healthy. The sooner you get rid of those dead ends the faster your hair will be able to retain its moisture.  ways to prevent split ends or breakage in natural hair
  4. Avoid Heat– This is the root of long term damage to your natural hair. Aim to air dry every chance you get.  avoid heat damage to your natural hair
  5. Detangle– Use a wide toothed comb or your fingers on wet hair for a speedy process. By using this method it helps to prevent unwanted breakage that it normally caused by excessive brushing or use of a fine toothed comb.  finger detangle your natural hair
  6. Use a “Natural’s” Dime size– Whenever you want to add products to your hair remember more is less. Always use a generous amount.  natural girls be like dime size
  7. Humectants (If you live in a more humid climate) – Any humectants work extremely well in this type of environment. Such as honey, castor oil, and glycerin just to name a few. These products draw moisture from the humidity and as a result it leaves your hair shiny and healthy. Humectants products for dry natural hair
  8. Deep Condition– Each week allow your natural hair to be treated like a queen. To rejuvenate your locks, deep conditioning is key!  top 10 natural hair deep conditioners under $10
  9. Leave in the Leave-In– After your regular deep conditioning treatments you should always leave a Leave-In Conditioner in to help retain the moisture.  20 best leave in conditioners for natural hair
  10. Hydrate – Keeping your overall body hydrated is the most important thing that one can do. Your hair can only grow long and strong if your body is healthy and well balanced. The power of water invaluable. Using water throughout your normal daily routine will successfully aide you during this Spring and Summer! the max hydration method for natural hair

Early Spring Dress Set for African American Women

Feeling hot? Get ready for spring by adding color to extend the variety of looks! Your personal style is always on trend! Women of color are unique and we are able to enhance any fashion design with our inner beauty alone! But for an added touch of fabulousness check out these style sets for inspiration!

  1. All Black Night Out– This look is your traditional all black with a pop of red. You can add accents of gold to this ensemble for a more of a regal look. black with a POP of red dress set for spring 2017
  2. Neutral Apricot– This adorable look screams spring Peeps cuteness! Just add a cute cardigan as your light spring layer. Pastels are always a great idea if you want to keep you look simple and well put together. nude dress set for early spring
  3. Classic Mexico– Follow the beat of your own drum! Classic Mexico early spring dress set for black women
  4. Overall Fun– Feeling adventurous? Grab your overalls and let’s go! This cute on the go look is perfect for all ages. Shopping at the farmers market, going to the state fair, heading to a picnic, or even going on a couples hike this look works for all occasions. summer camp jeans dress set for black girls
  5. Fair Festivities– This super casual look is extremely easy to recreate. Just grab your favorite white printed tee and pair it with a fun flirty pleated and a pair of bright chucks. Fair Festivitie spring summer dress set for black girls
  6. Market Fresh– Talk about bohemian chic! This look works well for anyone with a minimal style esthetic. So rock this look with your favorite wash and go.   bohemian chic dress set for spring summer fashion
  7. Tea Party– Cocktail hour is here, or is it time for brunch at the country club? Doesn’t matter, this look can stun for any semi-formal occasion! African American flower cocktail dress set for early spring
  8. Sweet Sailing– Going to a beach party or want to have some fun on the pier? Then this is the look for you! You can’t go wrong with denim and a clean white look.  white and blue beach party dress set for early spring
  9. Childs Play– For a more fun and youthful look, this is more up your ally! Let the festivities begin, start with a bold print denim skirt and a crisp white blouse. This should be a spring wardrobe staple for all!  bold print denim skirt and a crisp white blouse for spring 2017
  10. Sunshine Lace– This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine! Get ready for Easter’s service, graduations, or other special events. This look will beam positivity in each and every room that you walk into! Sunshine yellow Lace dress for black women early spring fashion

Top 10 2017 Spring & Summer Natural Hair Color Ideas

It is time to start the seasons with a fresh start! Some have a new love, job, friends, but why not a new color? Recently, natural hair color trends are in full affect! Mixing it up with shades of grey, highlight, low lights, and colombre! Find the right one to suit your face and it will make your year complete!

Ashe Blond– This shade is perfect if you enjoy wearing neutrals and any shade of browns.

blonde curly natural hair color for spring summer 2017

Sun set red– Stand out with this bold shade. With the power of this undeniable light you can’t be beat!

sun set red natural hair color idea for 2017 Credit: @kaylamadonna via Instagram

Red tips– This technique only focuses the ends of your natural hair. The red dye had a gradient effect when the tips collect the most pigments. As if, each curl were dipped into blood.

red curls short natural hairstyle for spring summer 2017 Credit: @indy_indyyy via Instagram

Red purple– This gorgeous blend of a deep purple that subtly blends into the deep red is breath taking. This look is for anyone who loves to be the topic of conversations.

red purple twist out natural hair color idea for spring summer 2017 Credit: @donedo via Instagram

Ombre Pink– Also known as blond orange hybrid. This is a great option for those who would like to experiment being blond. This shade is best suited for those with a golden skin tone.

ombre pink natural hair inspiration for spring summer 2017 ombre black to pink natural hair

Natural Tips– This is a celebrity favorite. The goal is to transition from chocolate brown to a lighter brown shade. This look will not clash with your spring and summer fashion trends.

brown ombre natural hair idea for spring summer black copper ombre natural curly hair color idea Credits: @tylauren / @korrynj via Instagram

Sweet Almond– This is a more of a subtle glossy glow. For your natural curls, dip dye your end and finish off with a gloss for intensity and shine.

Sweet Almond Dip Dye natural curly hair color ideas Credit: @kulabak0 via Instagram

Golden Bronze– Looks amazing under the sun! Try any range of golden bronze shades to achieve this goddess glow!

Golden Bronze twist out natural hair color inspiration Credit: @donedo via Instagram

Colored Dreads– This is the rocker chicks guide of how to stay cool all year round. These beautiful locks have a delicious sherbet hue.

colored dread locs spring summer natural hair color ideas Credit: @romilux via Instagram

Ocean Blue– Have the roots resemble the deep ocean and the end seem like the light blue sky. This is a perfect shade for optimism and happiness!

Ocean Blue Natural Hair Color For Spring Summer Credit: @elaineafrika via Instagram

These beautiful colors range from daring pastels to muted but yet bold smoky tints. It’s officially time to replace your heavy winter clothes and replace them with light and more colorful pieces to match your new hair!

To protect your hair from the damage of coloring, you can try  Upart Natural Textured Wig out for extra colors. Natural hair extension is also a good option. 

curly U Part natural wigsCurly Upart

coily U Part natural wigsCoily Upart

Kinky U Part natural wigsKinky Upart

Top 10 2017 Early Spring Outerwear Ideas

Lacking inspiration? Is your wardrobe missing something? We have the perfect styling ideas that work perfectly with your naturally curly hair. During the day time maybe hot but for those much cooler nights try out some of these lovely looks.

Oversized Scarfs– You could easily keep one in your bag and whip it out when you are feeling even just a tad bit cold. Have fun picking out cool fabrics and bold prints. Oversized Scarfs Early Spring Outwear for Black Women Photo Credit: @tiffanymbattle via Instagram

Camel Coat– This staple item can be easily transferred from your winter collection. This chic look is great for a night out. Camel Coat Spring Outwear Idea for Black Women Photo Credit: @howistyledit via Instagram<

Velvet Biker jacket– Beautiful and sweet! Finding the perfect biker is hard enough but finding a velvet or suede jacket takes the cake. But once you have it you’ll never want to let it go. This pairs perfectly with any dress.  Velvet Biker jacket Spring Outwear Idea for Black Women Photo Credit: @kelawalker via Instagram

Faux fur– Have a reservation for breakfast at Tiffany’s? Then this is the look that you defiantly want to rock! Faux fur pairs wonderfully with all silks and satins.  faux fur green coat spring outwear inspiration Photo Credit: @swaggaismything via Instagram

Bomber jacket– Going for a more cute and flirty look? Try this out. A thigh high boot, denim button up skirt, a simple black v-neck leotard, string choker, and finally a bomb a** bomber! These types of jackets are extremely comfortable and light.  Bomber jacket Jean Skirt Spring Outwear Inspiration Photo Credit: @riamichelle via Instagram

Oversized Cropped Sweater– An edgy look done with ease. For a complimentary distressed look, find a large crewneck pullover with a jagged trim finish.  Oversized Cropped Sweater spring summer outwear for dark skinned girls Photo Credit: @riamichelle via Instagram

Denim Jacket– This is a youth potion in disguise. A timeless staple that everyone should already own in their closets. To make the perfect uniform, pair it with a classic white tee.  Jean Denim Jacket Spring Summer Outwear for natural hair women Photo Credit: @chey_maya via Instagram

Duster– Absolutely breathtaking! This is ultimate glam and sophistication all in one. You can rock this day to night without feeling out of place.  printed dust coat early spring outwear idea for black women Photo Credit: @chey_maya via Instagram

Leather Moto– The universal fashion staple for generations, the black leather motocross biker jacket. Many work so hard to find their perfect one and never let it go until is literally falls apart to the point when it becomes absolutely unwearable. It’s crazy but true for a reason!  black jacket leather moto early spring outwear idea for African American women Photo Credit: @sunitav_ via Instagram

Double Layer Hoodie– This double hoodie look works well with almost any and all other coats and jackets. It is soft and helps to make any look seem more down to earth and care free.  Pink Double Layer Hoodie Spring Outwear Idea for Black Women Photo Credit: @kekecameron via Instagram

15 Stunning Natural Hair Pictorials for the Summer

Want to have stunning natural hair styles but don’t know how to begin or end the process? We have got you covered! Here we have collected some of the best natural hair styles. In each of these pictorials it will show you step by step how to achieve the exact same look. Simply follow these how to guides that shows the necessary step to achieve the perfect hair style!

1. Heatless Curls– Items Needed: Lotta Body Coconut and Shea oils Wrap Me foaming mouse, Moisturize Me curl and style milk, a denim brush, and perm rods.

heatless curls natural protective hairstyle for spring summer Credit: @_hernameisme  via Instagram

2. Fluffy Flat Twists– Items Needed: Hair pick and water. This look is specifically for an old Wash and Go hair. The water will help to reactivate any old products that may still be in the hair.

fluffy flat twist out protective spring summer natural hairstyles Credit: @dommiekamelah via Instagram

3. High Bun– Items Needed: Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel, Cuban Twist Hair, and Belnouvobeauty Red Velvet Moisture Butter.

high bun protecive 4c hairstyle tutorial Credit: @tobnatural via Instagram

4. Twist Out– Items Needed: Virgin Coconut Oil, Dr. Miracles, and Cream of Nature.

twist out protective natural hair tutorial for spring summer Credit: @_kharissa via Instagram

5. Curly Fauxhawk– Items Needed: Perm rods and setting lotion. Once the curls have had a chance to set, then finder detangle to add volume.

perm rod curly fauxhawk natural hair pictorial Credit: @ambitiousnaturals via Instagram

6. Braid Out– Items Needed: Perm Rods and hair pick.

braid out protective natural hairstyle pictorial for spring summer Credit: @actually_ashly via Instagram

7. Low Ponytail– Items needed: A hair tie, edge control/gel, a comb. First part your hair on one side and swoop your bangs across your forehead. Use hair pins to secure. Next, lift the hair at your crown to give hair more shape and volume. Use gel around your hairline to smooth down hair. Secure your hair into a low ponytail with a hair tie. Loosen ponytail for added volume.

natural coily curly textured low ponytail hairstyle for spring summer Credit: @ahfro_baang via Instagram

8. Bantu Knots– Items Needed: Comb and setting lotion. Part your hair into section and apply the setting lotion. Then create the knot and separate when dried.

Bantu Knot pictorial spring summer natural hairstyle Credit: @jd_winters via Instagram

9. Cantu Twists– Items Needed : Cantu shea butter for natural hair.

cantu flat twit for natural kinky 4c hair Credit: @lovelykinkzncurls via Instagram

10. Braid Updo– Items Needed: Comb, hair tie, and 2 bobby pins. This hair style can work on all ages!

quick and easy kid braid updo natural hairstyle pictorial Credit: @hairbykeesh via Instagram

11. Twist Updo– Items Needed: Comb, sock bun, and hair tie.

low manipulation twist updo protective natural hair style Credit: @sumetrareed via Instagram

12. Twisted Half & Half– Items Needed: Comb, clips, and bobby pins.

Twisted Half & Half Natural Hairstyle Pictorial Credit: @shawnte_parks via Instagram

13. Stretched Twist– Items Needed: Stretch plates and foam lotion.

hair steamers for natural hair Credit: @lovelykinkzncurls via Instagram

14. Pig Tails– Items Needed: Hair tie and comb

quick and easy pig tails pictorial for kinky 4c natural hair Credit: @feyisetanidowu via Instagram

15. Spirals– You only need a few pins to achieve this look!

Spirals kinky half updo spring summer hairstyle for African American girl Credit: @limitlessbloom via Instagram

2017 Spring & Summer Hairstyles for African American Women

Is the weather warming up? Need a little something new to spice up your natural hair styles? I know that I do! Well here are some rocking natural hair styles for the 2017 Spring and Summer seasons. From a traditional twist out to the use of some natural hair extensions, there is always something new to try out. Below you will find a natural hair style that is right for you!

1. Faux Locks– These are extremely versatile because of the loose pattern. You can add hair jewelry to enhance the overall look. You could even unravel the ends to give it an added flare!

faux locs protective hairstyle for black girls Credit:

2. Flat Twist– Add a fresh flower and a red dress to give a fun Latin inspired look!
Elegant Flat Twist Natural Hairstyle with Flower for Spring Summer Credit: @joyvivre via Instagram

3. Updo w/twist bangs– Leave the back half out and single strand twist the front half. You can create endless options to finish off the styling. Add color to bring out the textured patterns.

Updo with twist bangs Ombre protective natural hairstyle Credit: @game_of_fros via Instagram

4. Head Wrap– Fun in the sun! On the go perfection. This look is great for any summer and spring day.

printed headband for lazy hair day Credit: @boitumelo_lesejane via Instagram

5. Puff– Just make sure to lay your edges and gather all of your hair at the top. You can pull this look off with minimal effort and maximum results every time!

puff natural hairstyle for african american girl Credit: @ayeciara via Instagram

6. Afro– Let it all hang out! When the weather is warm and just let it go. The feeling of freedom and empowerment is undeniable!

afro natural hairstyle for African American women Spring Summer inspiration Credit: @stylebyada via Instagram

7. Buzz Cut– This look screams power and confidence! If you are brave enough, go for it! buzz cut fashion hairstyle for black women

8. Boulder Hat– If you have a pixie cut or a bob then this look is for you! Pair it with bold colors and you will be the light in everyone’s eyes.

Boulder Hat with short bob hair cut for spring summer Credit: @tia.reid via Instagram

9. Colored Crochet– Stand out by adding color to your hair. This look can be achieved by crochet your favorite colors and have some fun!

purple crochet natural hairstyle for spring summer Credit: @joyvivre via Instagram

10. Buns– Power buns, space buns, or a ballerina bun. You name it and there is probably a bun out there for you!

cute mink buns knots for spring summer Credit: @joyvivre via Instagram

So get creative and try one or all of these amazing hair styles out! This spring and summer, be sure to stand out and show off how awesome it is to be an African American. Let your hair do the speaking for you!

Top 10 Fall Winter Boots Ideas for Black Women

Love to rock open toe booties all year long? Want more inspiration of black women who are doing it justice? We have a list here of the top 10 Fall and Winter boot ideas for women of color! So search no more and get ready to try out some of these fresh looks this season. Consider all of these options as future wardrobe investments and staple pieces. In 2017 no one wants to be left behind!
1. Black Pleather- This is a great look for an all-black uniform. Completely versatile because you could be going to a casual work event, girls night or a sext date night.

Black Pleather Boots for Fall Winter 2017 Photo credit: @stylesbyfash via Instagram

2. Slouchy Knee length- This is really versatile because you can wear these with or without pants and still look classy. Since the boot is naturally baggy it gives your outfit a relaxed and care free attitude that is effortless.
leopard print Slouchy Knee length boots Photo credit: @peakmilll via Instagram

3. Lace Up Booties- This is defiantly more of a military inspired look. If your personal style is more of a rebel then these are the boots for you!
Spring Fall Lace Up Booties for black women Photo credit: @thechicnatural via Instagram

4. Animal Print Midi- If wild print are more of your style than subtleties then go for it! Animal print is fearless and screams confidence. Take charge of your day with these wild and far out looking boots.
Animal Print Midi boots for fall winter Photo credit: @thechicnatural via Instagram

5. Suede Cloth Midi- Trendy and hot girl status! These new comers are all the rage when it comes to making moves in fashion. If you dare, everyone will stare!

Suede Cloth Midi Boots For Spring Summer Fall Winter Photo credit: @josephinefleming via instagram

6. Metallic- Stand out and be seen from moons away! With these stylish and attention grabbing boots you can flaunt your metallic and feel like a rock star!

Metallic Sping Fall Winter boots for black girls Photo credit: @sevyn via instagram

7. Denim Wash- This is perfect for a head honcho! When you want to catch up with an old friend or an ex, these are the boot that you want to be wearing. The extra surprise of an open toe is an added bonus!

Denim Wash Jeans Boots with open toe Photo credit: @breenylee using kinky hair weaves

8. Timberlands- These winter favorites has been a generational staple for black women all around. Some may disagree about if it actually keeps your feet warm but everyone agrees that they are truly classics!
Timberlands short boots for fall winter 2017 Photo credit: @kelsey.murrell via instagram

9. Plastic- Think of Paper magazine with a classy twist! These can be as modest of as racy as you wish.
whitle short boots for spring fall winter 2017 Photo credit: @riamichelle via instagram

10. Thigh Highs Laced- Emo chic with a hint of sass. These open toe bad boys will announce to the world that you are not the one to be tried!

Thigh Highs Laced Boots for Black Women

Natural Hair Meetup Day with Jiquay Glenn

Welcome back ladies and beaus! Checkout my interview with Jiquay Glenn, Jiquay Glenn also known as Naturally Authentic, and Co-founder of Hub City Naturals.

Jiquay Glenn, Naturally Authentic Co-founder of Hub City Naturals

Well, I created the first natural hair community meetup to Jackson, TN. I host the International Natural Hair Meetup Day. I wanted to discuss better products, services, and education. I planned my meetups to address the whole person, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I never wanted anyone who decided to go natural to feel alone and frustrated. I started a blog

international natural hair meetup day

I transitioned to being a curly natural in 2011 after being off the creamy crack for 5 years. I had always wondered how some girls could wear their own hair in a big curly fro. I knew that when my hair was wet it was very curly but when it dried it didn’t look that way. When I asked, I was told that only mixed girls hair was curly.

natural hair journey

The first link I saw was Tanika Ray’s Hair Journey on” I was opened to a whole new world!!! I had no idea that this world existed!! I saw so many different women who looked like me rocking the big curly hair. I was so freaking stoked!! I read for hours and hours until my eyes were burning, only to wake up and start it all over again the next night. Oh, and when I discovered the natural hair community on YouTube…that. was. all. she. wrote. I immediately announced to everyone, I’m going natural. Thus my natural hair journey began.

I asked Jiquay what she thought about the future of natural hair. Honestly, I don’t think of natural hair in that manner because most of us don’t see natural hair as a fad. It is simply just being ourselves, how we were born.
How have you retained hair length? I educated myself about paying attention to my hair for its behavior. The book, The Science of Black Hair has been a key thing for my process. Also, when I have an issue that I just can’t seem to understand I will watch YouTube videos to get some inspiration. The most important thing is creating a consistent regimen balancing between moisture and protein, especially since I have hypothyroidism, pcos, and anemia which can weaken your hair and cause major thinning. I changed my diet, take supplements, and drink lots of water…mostly.

What is your hair regimen? Ah, what a lengthy answer lol. When I am on point, I wash my hair every other week with a cleansing conditioner that has mild surfactants. Shampoo 1x a month. I use a protein treatment 1x every 2-3 months as needed. I deep condition every time I wash my hair. I make sure all of my products are all natural and focus on moisture. That works best for me.

Are you a part of a natural hair brand. Yes, I am a brand Ambassador for FCA Naturals.

natural hair meetup day with Jiquay Glenn

Why was it started, and how have you encouraged other women to become natural?

FCA Naturals was started by April Mckisick in Forest City, Arkansas. It began as a quest to find an all-natural healer for her grandmother to rub on her aching joints. During that time she and her friend Samantha began their journey to natural hair and decided to create all natural products to match their healthy lifestyles that weren’t so expensive. Thus FCA Naturals was born!
I’ve encouraged other women to become natural simply by being available to answer questions and taking the time to assist them on their journeys. In 2015 I began offering consultations to help women create natural hair regimens according to their individual hair needs.

What products do you use?

Some of my staples are FCA Naturals Citrus Wonder line. I am in love the FCA Naturals Wonder Essence Oil and the Chocolate Butter is Bae! I love Belnouvo’s Avocado and Shea Hair Milk, Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whip Gel, and Curls Blueberry Bliss Gel. These are just a few but I have an extensive list of my favs on

What is your advice for retention for natural hair? Educate yourself of natural hair. Listen to your hair and pay attention to your diet. Intuition is a key point to taking care of your hair and body. What advice can you give to those who are transitioning to the natural movement?

Lose any thoughts of comparison and what you think your natural hair should look like and how it should behave. Be present to what it is and enjoy the journey. Your hair can teach you so much about yourself if you just pay attention.


15 Spring Lip Colors That Look Great on Black Women

Forget the winter and think SPRING! Sooner or later it will be here and we want our naturalists to be absolutely ready. The best part about it is that you don’t have to break the bank to achieve these outstanding looks. From high end to drugstore finds there is a something for every budget.

1. Orange- This lovely shade it called Morange by MAC. Although this is a high end product, It is worth the investment. This color screams spring!
MAC Morange orange lipstick for spring natural hair fashion Photo Credit: @charmsie via Instagram

2. Red- Want to be bold for spring time festivities? Then go for Smashbox’s Fire Ball. This is a loud shade that attracts all of the right kind of attention.
Smashbox’s Fire Ball red lipstick for spring Photo Credit: @reerichardson via Instagram

3. Orange/Red- This is a true marriage of both colors. MAC’s Lady Danger is sort of a neon color. With a fresh face and this lip color, you are good to go!
MAC lady danger red orange lipstick for dark skin

4. Pink- This shade is a low end steal! With the mind blowing color payoff no one would guess it’s a Wet n Wild product. Don’t blink Pink will be a spring time favorite! pink lip lipstick for spring on dark skin women Photo Credit: @prissy_mimi via Instagram

5. Coral Red- Under the sea! Behold, Bang Bang by Mel Cosmetics. This will make you feel like a beautiful mermaid basking in the sun.
Coral Red- Under the sea! Behold, Bang Bang by Mel Cosmetics Photo Credit: @bronzehoney24 via Instagram

6. Purple- This is a Milni Cosmetics Matte Glam, a soft and gorgeous light purple shade will blend well with any wardrobe.
purple shade lip color idea on dark skink for spring Photo Credit: @blackgurlzboldlips via Instagram

7. Peach- Perfection! This is a NYX Soft Matte lip cream in the shade Stockholm. Without breaking the bank, this look will last.
spring NYX peach lipstick for dark skinned women Photo Credit: @Jennie Jenkins via YouTube

8. Coral Nude- Please welcome Bondage by Ajcrimson! This is sweet and subtle. You can also have more fun with using color on other areas.
coral nude spring lipstick for dark skin Photo Credit: @styledbygeneva via Instagram

9. Neutral Pink- Wet n Wild’s Mocha is stunning spring shade to play!
Neutral Pink Spring Lip Color Idea for Brown Skin Photo Credit: @kingdomkidd30 via Instagram

10. Salmon- This ain’t Palm Beach silk lip stick by Tyra Beauty. This fresh catch of the day is excellent this time of the year!
Spring peach silk lipstick for dark skin Photo Credit: @brittj_mua via Instagram

11. Grey- Liquide Suede by NYX is cool, calm, and collective for spring!
Grey Liquide Suede by NYX Spring Lipstick Color Ideas

12. Gold- Bite Beauty brings you this sun shining look!
gold lip bantu knots spring summer fashion inspiration for dark skinned women

13. Stone- Stone Fox by NYX is the only way to slay!
Stone Fox Lipstick by NYX for Spring dark skin Photo Credit: @veinswithglitter via Instagram

14. Brown- Spring in- Brooklyn by Ofracosmetics!
Spring brown lipstick color idea for dark skinned women Photo Credit: @ ultranikoul via Instagram

15. Brick- Rooch by Colourpop! Work well with all colors.
Brick lip color inspiration for dark skin women

What is Your Natural Hair Length / Height Goal 2017?

Welcome back ladies and beaus, I hope you brought the New Year in with much bliss and happiness. Often times we make New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, and new year/new goals. We all desire to have a better year than the last. My resolution this year is to retain a healthy length of hair. On Instagram, I posted a picture of a short cut. I thought about going short, but I my year off with a box braided bob.

box braided natural hairstyle bob vs long hair What do you choose, Cut or Low Maintenance Hairstyles?

What are your expectations for your hair this year? I would love for my hair to widen in length. I want to be able to rock my hair from its natural state. I will watch to see if my hair widens with my height.

natural hair goal 2017

Many individuals in the hair community have the length hair t-shirts. What will your regimen be for these expectations? I have new products coming to me really soon.

true natural hair care products set

What is your #hairlengthgoal? I actually just want my hair to grow it’s genetically length way, if that means anything. I want my hair to be the healthiest I can be. I cannot wait to see how this low maintenance hairstyle does with my hair. I will make sure to clean my scalp and keep it hydrated. An itchy and dry scalp will not help in the process of retaining length. If your scalp is dry, it does not have enough moisture to grow to the end. At the end of the year, we will look at my hair for width in length. WISH ME WELL, AND WITH LONGEVITY FOR MY TWIGS!

Where is Natural Hair going to? I will be interviewing Jiquay Glenn, who brings a Hair Expo to Jackson, TN a place where I grew up. I also plan to attend to see what I can learn from other naturalists. Natural hair is a movement not a? Where is natural hair and products going economically and societal. What is the future of natural hair? We build this identity every day for women to have their own state of naturalism. Granted, it is a process of patience, but the love your grow from yourself and hair is the best feeling. A feeling of togetherness of what you say and do to your hair. Hairs to the New Year, Let’s get going!


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