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10 Photos to Show How Amazing Grey Natural Hair Is

Who says you can’t have fun with grey hair? Don’t let others define your joy! Grey hair comes in all different hues and different areas of your natural hair. Grey can be styled so many ways and always looks beautiful each and every single time. So let’s us celebrate what some may call a natural phenomenon, grey hair!

grey curly natural hair inspiration @euninagabriella

We do not see a lot of people celebrating the natural Grey hair color but this women is one of the exceptions. She looks proud to have grey hair and you can tell she is embracing it.

grey natural hair rocks @o_of_sistahs

Grey hair can come in all different tones which very unique. This women embraces the tones of greys! As you transition through life you realize that every strand is a reason to celebreate!

fashion black couple in grey hair @gorgeousingrey

Who said that grey hair can not be glamorous. Just because an individual has grey hair does not mean she can not style it. She is rocking a short hair cut the grey gives her personality.

curly weave grey natural hair @365eb

Fierce hair! You can tell she likes to embrace herself and fan at the same time!.

grey natural hair mom and natural hair baby @fabnfitbycarla

This beautiful soul is wearing a cute hair style and not letting her grey hair interrupt her style. Some people try to cover it when style but she was able to incorporate in her style it shows she’s a winner.

natural hair color inspiration grey hair idea @iamthedaisha

Grey hair did not stop this curly girl from wearing curls! She is rocking her look loud and proud!

grey loose natural curly hair color

Pride, style, and dignity! Yes, all of that and so much more. When life has given you so many blessings you have no choice but to stay positive and march on!

crochet short twa grey natural hair inspiration Pinterest

Rosa Parks is the myth, legend, and historical warrior! She has made her mark time and time again. As a trailblazer she can do no wrong, including her natural hair. Her styling is as effortless as her strides. We could all learn a thing or two from her.

grey braided natural hairstyle

Braided like a sweet song! An amazing way to tie a look together without being too over the top.

grey braided locs natural protective style @flyageless

The queen of the kingdom and the one with all the locs and keys! She looks like royalty and she knows it. There is something special about inner confidence that goes a long way.

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15 Loose Curly Natural Hair Inspiration for Summer Vacation

Is your summer vacation on the near horizon? Are you looking forward to having your natural curls whipping through the summer breeze? Today we have the natural hair weather forecast and it will be bouncing, voluminous and healthy curls all day long. Luckily, even if you don’t naturally have loose curls just be sure to follow the simple directions below for some extra guidance. Take a look now at these fabulous inspiration!

loose curly natural hair inspiration for summer

natural loose curly ombre hair inspiration

summer natural loose curly hair inspiration

deep curly short natural hair for summer

deep wave loose curly natural hair

jet black loose curly natural hair for summer

blonde ombre curly natural hair inspiration  Credits: @allmyluvs2 / @chinabell / @mayasworld / @naturalmanecrush / @tink__23 via Instagram

Here is a step by step guide on how to create your own loose curls that also closely resemble loose ringlets to rock during a holiday vacation. This works perfectly on old hair which is prime when it is traveling season. So enjoy your next trip and have fun knowing that we’ve got you covered!

  • The night before, on old stretched hair, create a side part for added volume.
  • Grab the left side of your hair to finger detangle and secure away the excess hair.
  • As you go along it is ok to add moisture to your natural hair to prevent breakage, but try to make sure that the hair doesn’t revert by over saturation.
  • Spray your hand with water or any other moisturizer of your preference and apply to your hair in a praying method from ends to root.
  • Split that same section into two sub sections to add definition.
  • Twist each sub section in a downwards motion pull and to seal the ends spray with water. Finger coil the ends to define the tips in a bantu knot.
  • Continue by repeating this process throughout the rest of your hair. Also try to loosen the bantu knots to keep your final look of natural loose curls. It makes sleeping with a satin scarf a lot more enjoyable as well.

Tips: When twisting your sections into a bantu knot try smoothing your hair down to tame your edges. It also helps to create a more natural overall look by twisting at your hairline gently.

  • In the morning, reveal the finished product! Carefully release the sections of bantu knots. Using your fingers to separate the curls and reinforce the curl pattern with a finger twirl!

15 Box Braids Colors & Styles for Summer Fun 2017

Box Braids with color and style are cute and fun! Here were have the top 15 looks that include all the best colors and styles. From the hottest celebrities like Beyoncé to the average Joe like you, anyone can successfully slay this look without going insane! I have yet to meet another black person who hasn’t had box braids at least one time in their life! We have all tried it and for the most part loved it. When it comes to box braids you can choose to make them micro, normal, or jumbo size. Like most protective hairstyles, the worst part is taking out all of that hard work. Some of Box Braids; perks include low maintenance, highly versatile, and blog approval! This classic hair style can be any color and or length to match your personal style.

  • Hat Top Off

hat top off box braids protective style for African American women @awedbymoni via Instagram

  • Bun

protective bun style box braids with charms @patressee_ via Instagram

  • Deep Plum

Deep Plum Box Braids for Summer Fun @dallasb_l_a_z_e via Instagram

  • Bantu Knot

black skin bantu knot box braids

    • White Out

white grey box braids protective style @raki_blessed  via Instagram

  • Black and White

black and white long box braids for summer @boxbraidsbeauties via Instagram

  • Bright Purple

bright purple box braids African American Protective Style

  • Blond Storm

blonde box braids for African American women

  • Mini Triangle

Mini Triangle blonde brown box briads protective style for summer @saida_dyson via Instagram

  • Clean Bob

Clean Bob Box Braids with Charms @xonicoleo via Instagram

  • Ombre Ponytail

ombre brown box braids for African American women @freedomstyles2 via Instagram

  • Big Box

big box braids protective styles for summer fun

  • The Frays

The Frays Protective Box Braids @FASHIONBOMBDAILY via Instagram

  • Honey Bun Roll

Honey Bun Roll Box Braids @nikxofficial via Instagram

  • Mini mouse

mini mouse buns box braids for summer @napiaswarovski via Instagram

Box Braids are a convenient protective hair style that never goes out of style. They are also easy to take care of. With the open parting it makes moisturizing easier than ever. Thin braids are perfect for the illusion of micro braids. They mimic a loose strand like texture that is easy to manipulate and style. Beware that the smaller the braid the more weight that your head will carry.

Overall they are fairly simple to do but when in doubt just do a quick search on YouTube or seek out your local beautician for back up. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to simple Box Braids. Almost every hair salon has or knows someone that can bring your looks to life! The most daunting task is actually sitting and waiting for your hair to be complete. So make sure to bring all of your favorite snacks and magazines for the estimated 5 hour ride. In the mist of things, don’t forget to monitor your edges to make sure they don’t disappear in the process!

15 African American Wedding Trends Inspiration for 2017

To up it to the next level, bring along some confetti to throw in the air when taking canid photos! This adds some fun and exciting elements to the moment and looks great in photos! Another great pose is getting a few shots from the back while intertwining arms from behind. This looks timeless and chic! These will be the photos that you will look at for the rest of your life so make sure that they are great!

City Streets – Go back to where you had you first kiss! Let that memory last and add your loved ones to the pictures. Now you will be able to build a new tradition! city street african american wedding trend 2017 @keshalambert

All White Squad – Let your bridal party share in on your day! Select individual white dresses that complement their figures. For extra precaution, make sure that they all have the same hair style so that yours stands out! white lace mermaid wedding dress inspiration for african american bride @pantorabridal

Jump The Broom – This is the updated version of starting anew. Open the gates to a fresh start!

African American wedding inspiration with natural hair @unique2chic

Royalty– This is fitting for all queens and kings alike. Take a stroll on your horse and carriage before the clock strikes!

queen and king alike african american wedding inspiration @ynot_images

Destination Weddings– Go to a new land to cement your new found love and embrace the feeling of adventure together!

destination wedding inspiration for African American natural hair bride @raelyn_elizabeth_photography

Groom Tradition– Be one with your roots and all your other half to embrace his too!

african american groom tradition for wedding 2017 @travisdanielsphotography

Capture your Army– Marriage is hard enough, so lighten the load your team with the best support system. There is strength in numbers!

emerald green wedding inspiration for African American bride & groom @keshalambert

Soul Cycle– Ride in on white bikes for your victory lap though your community. No one is to old to just have fun and live in the moment!

Solange love story with her husband

African Pride– Do it for the culture! Help your future children understand the importance of celebrating their roots.

african american traditional wedding inspiration with kinky straight updo hairstyle @agoodthing92

Selfie Status– Welcome to 2017! Where everyone uses social media like theirs life depends on it. Make it more fun by creating a hashtag for everyone to use on their special day.

have fun on wedding day black couple inspiration for wedding 2017 @eliturnerstudios

Fairytale– Become that princess that you’ve dreamt about when you were younger. That damsel in distress will be saved by her one true love!

fairytale African American wedding 201

Ritual– Refresh your vows with special jewels the cleansing sea!

royal African American wedding trend 2017 @mrsrobinv

Dramatic Clift- Reinterpret the “edge of the world and back” as a symbolic gesture of your love!

Dramatic Clift Modern Wedding Inspiration for African American Couple @unique2chic

Family Affair– Include on the member of your immediate family to show unity and solidarity!

African American outdoor wedding ceremoney ideas 2017

Island Vibes– Keep it fresh with the salt water waves rushing at your feet!

destination beach wedding trend inspiration 2017 @wanderlustcreatives

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Top 20 Sweet Prom Couple Memories 2017

Lost for Prom inspiration? From picking out the poses for the pictures, selecting the perfect location for the shoot, and finding a bomb car to roll up in there is a ton on your plate. We are here to lighten the load! Take a look at these 20 sweet prom couple memories of 2017. Convince your date to play the part and just follow along! When you are running the show, the guys have no say. They only need to know the time, place, and the cost!

  1. Satin Black Emerald Green – High School Sweethearts! Sleek and suave are the perks of this stunning couple look.  Satin Black Emerald Green Prom 2017 Couple Dress Inspiration Credit: @zerahbnfc via Instagram

2. Floral Bow Tie – That look when bae reminds you why you are the one! Prom is for having fun when you’re with the ones you love!

Floral bow tie sweet prom couple memory 2017 Credit: @promkillas via Instagram

3. African Pride– Roll up on them and prove your place! You can never go wrong when you embracing your culture.

traditional african prom couple dress ideas Credit: @x.monaae via Instagram

4. Bobbi & Kristina – This is a perfect look if your date is comfortable with showing a little chest hair. Couple up like an entertainment power duo and steal the show!

black prom couple with mermaid floral dress

5. Diddy’s White Out– Take a tip from baby Combs and stay fresh in an all-white ensemble.

stay fresh in an all white ensemble prom 2017 dress idea Credit: @breahhicks via Instagram

6. Ultimate Red Velvet – This couples looks luxe and elegant! This is how you can stay classy!

Classy Red Velvet Prom Dress Idea for Sweet Couple Credit: @savian.gabrielle via Instagram

7. Gold Embroidery – Check out your class’s most regal couple!

Gold Embroidery Prom 2k17 Prom Couple Dress Idea Credit: @oliverzavi via Instagram

8. Forest Green – Let your knight and shining amour stay in the background while you seal the show!

Forest Green Prom Dress Idea for the sweet couple Credit: @oliverzavi via Instagram

9. Coming to America!- Give them a run for their money with these looks!

traditional african american prom dress idea for sweet couple Credit: @iamlordina via Instagram

10. Ocean Blue – With a hint of cut out and black beading is the key for this couple!

ocean blue prom dress inspiration for charming couple

11. Conservative Royals – This is great if you don’t want to show any skin.

Conservative Royals African American Prom Couple Dress Inspiration

12. Behold Raja – Be the fiercest rulers in your class!

beading prom dress idea for 2017 sweet couple

13. Black Stunnas – Feel like a straight boss and slay!

black prom dress idea for cool couple

14. Old Glam– A trim of fur keeps everything looking fabulous!

elegant prom dress idea with a fur shawl sweet couple inspiration Credit: @gabriellesbeauty via Instagram

15. Carry my Train – Lovely Beauty and the Beast spin!

Carry my Train Sweet Prom Couple Memory

16. Coupe – This matte finish is glorious!

nude pink off the shoulder mermaid prom dress idea sweet couple 2k17 Credit: @prompic2k17 via Instagram

17. Murder Scene – Lace up your look to make a lasting impression!

charming prom couple with lace sheer long dress and nude suit

18. Jumping the Broom – Foresee the future and plan ahead!

white lace sheer prom dress s Credit: @piafashions via Instagram

19. Against the Grain – Bring out your inner Bonnie and Clyde gansta!

hipster prom couple memory red short prom dress and print suit Credit: @_finding.coco via Instagram

20. Happily Ever After – Allow your prince charming to save the day!

chic puff mermaid prom dress idea for sweet couple 2k17 memory Credit: @_excuse_my_beauty via instagram

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10 Back to School Easy Natural Hairstyles

Running out of hair styles for school? Want to embrace your natural hair but still fit in with the trends? Here are a few great ideas to try out during the school year!

1. Sweet Innocence – This look is the perfect school girl look! Adorable and studious all in one. Keep it simple and follow the light with less is more! Use your favorite Her Given Hair to achieve this look. Don’t forget to add a silk ribbon to add to this look!

natural curly back to school hairstyle 2017 Credit: @lovelyjaylana using 18″ curly wefts

2. Around The Way Girl – Always down for a good time? Then this hairstyle is the one for you. Here you can embrace your natural curls and let it all hang out! Just simply gather the top half of your hair with an elastic and fluff out the bottom half with your fingertips.

high puff natural curly hairstyle back to school style Credit: @lovelyjaylana using 20″ curly clipins

3. Top Knot Chic – This look says “I know all the details of this assignment!” Brush your top knot into place and add some extensions for an extra volume boost. Tie down your edges for a beat look. Finish off with your favorite accessories, preferably large geeky glasses to bring your character to life!

top knot high bun back to school hairstyle Credit: @naturalhairforbeginners

4. 90’s Buns – Have some fun with this look by traveling back in time! Part your hair in 2 and bun it as normal. Spend some extra time with your tooth brush when working on your baby hairs. Try pairing the look with a bold print top and cut off denim for the “too cool for school” look!

hair puff kinky natural hairstyle for black to school style

5. Boxed Braids– Go ahead and have your Moesha moment! Yass and bring it all the way back. These timeless braids are forever giving life to all generations. Personalize your look with smarts and style!

boxed braids natural hair back to school style Credit: @thesvnflwr

6. Twist and Shout – This is a fun and quirky look that can last all week! All you have to do is properly prep the night before. Just add moisture, twist away, and unravel in the morning to strut your stuff!

twist natural back to school hairstyle Credit: @thesvnflwr

7. Grown and Feisty – This is a more mature look with an edge. If your school will allow this, then go for it! Create a faux tapered grey that is perfectly paired with a bold cat eye. Teachers beware!

silver twa short natural hairstyle back to school style Credit: @itstoian

8. Wrap It Up – Perfect when you secretly want to keep your deep conditioner in for an extra day!

wrap it up back to school natural hairstyle idea Credit: @findingpaola

9. Bantu is Life– Make as many as your heart desires!

bantu knot back to school natural hairstyle Credit: @kinkydorry

10. Fro Hawk – This curly coily hair must draw attention from others.

braided bantu knots fro hawk coily curly back to school hairstyle Credit: @ayeciara

1 Year Review: HerGivenHair Coily Hair by Natural Stylist Lavida

February of 2016 I wanted to try investing in product that was beyond my usual protective styles that required synthetic hair. I wanted quality hair that would last but something that was very durable and easy to use and care for. I knew my purchase would be an expensive investment so I narrowed my choices down to three companies. Two seemed like very quality products but one was very expensive and the other didn’t have major reviews from the average consumer. Out of the 3 not only was Her Given Hair a seemingly of great quality but it was affordable and had stellar reviews from average customers.

I purchased my 2 bundles of Coily clip-ins, corresponded with their awesome customer service team with a few questions that I had, which they responded very quicky, then received my purchase a week later. I was very impressed with the quality of this hair!

Upon first look, pre-treatment and weft prep I experience very little shedding and little to no tangling. It was definitely high quality hair!

I installed my Coily Clip-Ins within the next week and wore them for 5 days straight. I decided to incorporate these into my hydration, moisture and styling routine for the next year (minus a few weeks of a braid installation for a trip to the beach). With every cleanse, cond ition and admittedly, storage and lazy abuse mishap, these wefts bounced back into shape as if I had just purchased them a week before.

coily textured natural hair care for winter by Lavida

I was so impressed by this company so much that both Her Given Hair and I met in NYC so I could potentially become a part of the team. I am now an affiliate, education contributor and product tester. Her Given Hair strives to offer their customers the best products to aid in their Natural Hair journey.

As a licensed Cosmetologist, Natural/Curly and Transitioning Stylist and proponent of healthy Natural Hair I highly recommend this hair for those that want fuller naturally textured Coily, Kinky and curly hair, blown straight natural wefts, those that big chop and don’t want to wait for the grow-out or those that just want a change from the usually offerings that your local beauty supply offers.

I will be sticking with this company for a long time. To see how I’ve worn and continue to wear this hair please take a peek at my Instagram: @CoiledATexturedSalon and on YouTube: Lavida Loves Coils.  See my latest 1 Year Review video below.

Article by Lavida B, onwer of Coiled A Textured Salon. xoxo

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10 Natural Hair Hacks You Should Know When Traveling

Planning a vacation? Want to look your best with your natural hair? Try out these hacks to ensure a smooth transition! We have complied a list of 10 most useful hack to be aware of when traveling. If you want to make your curly hair life easier then read on! Traveling while natural doesn’t have to be a scary thing. No matter your hair texture or curl pattern, these are bound to help you out on your travels!

  1. Weather Forecast Awareness– Checking this ahead of time will make life so much easier! Especially if it will rain, using Her Given Hair clip ins are essential!  coily natural sleek low ponytail protective style Photo credit: @shantania_beckford via Instagram, using 12″ x 3 bundles of coily clip in extensions.

2. Plane ModeThis is how you can keep a low profile and maintenance look on the go. Comfortable and chic! To avoid TSA mishaps make sure to keep your twist nice and neat underneath, just in case they want to have a look.

natural protective headwraps Photo credit: @naptural85 via Instagram

3. Travel Sized Accessories– Bring your favorite flowers on pins and or elastic headbands to deck out your holiday looks. Don’t forget to add water so that you and your natural hair stays hydrated.

flower for traveling Photo credit: @gowiththefrotour via Instagram

4. T-shirts as towels– If you go swimming or end up washing your hair while on vacation make sure to use your old t-shirt to dry your strands. It won’t snag you natural curls and it helps to lay your hair overnight if needed!  travel with natural textured hair Photo by @simplycyn using 18″ coily  U part wig

5. Perm Rods Twist Knots– Bantus are simple, versatile, and easy to implement. Just moisturize, twist, and add perm rods to the ends to prevent straggly looking ends. Great definition here we come!

bantu knot perm rod protective natural hairstyle for travelling Photo Credit: @curldaze via Instagram

6. Goddess Pin Twists– Power up with your favorite front twist embellished in gold! Bring out your feminine shine and glow. Flat twist as normal and pin down stretched ends to lengthen your curls.

Goddess Pin Twists Natural Protective Style for Summer Travel Photo Credit: @jaazzmary via Instagram

7. Conditioner + oil= Magic– This combo make detangling a breeze when you’re on the road. afro natural kinky 4c hair big hair does care Photo Credit: @sylviachuku via Instagram

8. Edges To Go– Keep a small travel sized container filled with your favorite gel or edge control. Perfect for touch ups and frizzy ends!

kinky afro natural big hair on travelling Photo Credit: @niksytriksy via Instagram using 18″x20″x22″ kinky wefts plus a 16″ kinky lace closure

9. Tie it up!- Attach hair elastics to your key chain for easy access all day long! Braid, twist, and tuck away.

braid and bun natural curly protective summer hairstyle Photo credit: @natures.curls via Instagram using 14″ curly clipin

10. Baby Fresh– Use baby wipes to remove excess oil and dirt from your scalp.

twist out kinky curly natural hairstyle inspiration Photo credit: @theabenalove via Instagram using 18″x 20″ curly wefts + 18″ curly lace closure

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10 Gorgeous Pineapple Updo Natural Hairstyles

In a rush? Want to look fly on the go? Just put up your beautiful hair into a pineapple bun! This simple updo is the definition of fast and easy. It only take 5 seconds to do and can last all day! Talk about an all in one miracle natural hairstyle. This has been the naturalists’ saving grace for centuries. A classic, effortless, and simply beautiful look that can be worn from day to night!

Locs Updo– This look is inspired by the working woman! She is fierce and ready to roll. Weather you have locs or you have twist strands that mimic the faux locs look, you can slay away! Be versatile and try something new.   Pineapple Locs Updo Natural Hairstyle Idea Credit: @msdaliah_styleshair via Instagram

Bigger is Better– When your hair is half of your selfie, than you just know it’s going to be a great day! Confidence is all it takes to pull it off and you will look chic for the streets!   big half updo pineapple natural hairstyle for kinky hair Credit: @jori.chioma via Instagram

Protective Roll– This is a pretty little secret! A protective styling gem that’s perfect for a day out. Just be sure to keep a few extra bobby pins on hand for any fly away strands.   4c kinky protective roll updo natural hairstyle 2017 Credit: @jori.chioma via Instagram

Open Turban– Make your normal pineapple the wrap a turban around the base. Fluff out the top so that the hair overlaps the fabric of the turban. Add some funky accessories to embellish the look!   Open Turban Pineapple natural hairstyle inspiration  Credit: @beautifullyynatural via Instagram

Tight on Top– Is humidity a problem where you are? Than this hair style will keep you looking right and tight! Add edge control to polish the look and get a wet wavy finish.     Tight on Top Pineapple Updo Natural Hairstyle Inspiration Credit: @curldaze via Instagram

Clean and Trendy– This look goes above and beyond the call of duty! Behold the perfect pineapple!    sleek high bun natural protective hairstyle inspiration Credit: Pinterest

Jeweled Spice– Use side coils and jewels to become a Baddie! A bold outfit will defiantly come alive!  jeweled Spice High Bun Pineapple Protective Natural Hairstyle Credit: @efikzara via Instagram

Boxy Black– Chisel away at perfecting the updo with your favorite box braids! Focus on the edges.   box braids updo high bun natural protective hairstyle inspiration

African Crown– Long may she reign! Use your hair to be your sword and shield, slay all day.   African Crown natural protective pineapple high bun Credit: @l1ndv via Instagram

Black is Lovely– All you need is a hair tie to achieve this glorious look. Gather at the top and shape as needed! Divas can rock any simple style and make it look fantastic!   puff pineapple kinky protective natural hairstyle inspiration Credit: @_enocheshun via Instagram

10 Easy Spring Summer Hair Tips for Maintaining Natural Hair

Goodbye Fall and Winter, and say hello to Spring and Summer! It’s always bitter sweet around this time of year. When the snow finally decides to disappear and the sun make it a point to shine a lot longer. Maintenance is key! This popular saying is precisely correct when it comes to natural hair during the warmer months.

  1. Hats– This is the most basic necessity that everyone should know about. Everyone knows that wearing a hat can protect your skin and hair from the harsh UV rays.  summer black hat for girl with natural afro hair
  2. Moisturize– For our natural curls, this can’t be emphasized enough! Your strands needs to be watered to grow. Spray the moisture mixture nightly to seal the hair, or as needed.  how to moisturize natural hair
  3. Trim– Doing this to your hair regularly helps to keep it healthy. The sooner you get rid of those dead ends the faster your hair will be able to retain its moisture.  ways to prevent split ends or breakage in natural hair
  4. Avoid Heat– This is the root of long term damage to your natural hair. Aim to air dry every chance you get.  avoid heat damage to your natural hair
  5. Detangle– Use a wide toothed comb or your fingers on wet hair for a speedy process. By using this method it helps to prevent unwanted breakage that it normally caused by excessive brushing or use of a fine toothed comb.  finger detangle your natural hair
  6. Use a “Natural’s” Dime size– Whenever you want to add products to your hair remember more is less. Always use a generous amount.  natural girls be like dime size
  7. Humectants (If you live in a more humid climate) – Any humectants work extremely well in this type of environment. Such as honey, castor oil, and glycerin just to name a few. These products draw moisture from the humidity and as a result it leaves your hair shiny and healthy. Humectants products for dry natural hair
  8. Deep Condition– Each week allow your natural hair to be treated like a queen. To rejuvenate your locks, deep conditioning is key!  top 10 natural hair deep conditioners under $10
  9. Leave in the Leave-In– After your regular deep conditioning treatments you should always leave a Leave-In Conditioner in to help retain the moisture.  20 best leave in conditioners for natural hair
  10. Hydrate – Keeping your overall body hydrated is the most important thing that one can do. Your hair can only grow long and strong if your body is healthy and well balanced. The power of water invaluable. Using water throughout your normal daily routine will successfully aide you during this Spring and Summer! the max hydration method for natural hair
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