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Bold Natural Hair Colors You Should Try This Summer

Happy Summer! Have you read my previous post “Top 10 Amazing Bold Colors for Natural Big Hair“? Haven’t thought it was that popular. lol After searching natural hair accounts from Instagram recently I’ve found some other hot bold colors which also gained lot of clicks.  If you’re bold enough and long for something unique this summer, you should try these brilliant colors on your curls. Rock your Afro with shades of blue, purple, red, green, etc. 💜💗💙💚
blue afro natural hair with blue lipstick purple and red natural curly hair with black lipstick green curly natural hair with red lipstick blue afro natural hair with pink lipstick magenta fro curly kinky hair with same lipstick dark purple afro natural curly hair with light purple lipstick curly purple natural hair with red lipstick deep red curly long natural hairstyle kinky magenta afro natural hair color ideas black red natural afro hair puff purple natural curly hair for summer twist out protective hairstyles with purple red colors Do you love these bold colors? Do you want to make a try? lol

15 Incredibly Hot Hairstyles For Natural Curly Hair

Hey gorgeous, today I will show you 15 incredible hairstyles for naturally curly hair. If you have 3b/3c hair and want something fresh in your look, go check the hot natural hairstyles below.

1. Loose Curly Hair
natural curly hair with textured clipins Photo by @_kharissa via Instagram
Extensions used: 1*18″ Curly Clipins

2.  Natural Curls
natural curly hair ft 18in clipin extensions Photo by @korrynj via Instagram
Products used: 2* 18″ Curly Clipins

3.  Wash & Go Curls
hot curly hairstyles for African American girls Photo by @niabiafoefia via Instagram
Products used: @themanechoice #easyonthecurls trio, the green tea and carrot deep strengthening mask, crystal orchid biotin infused gel & sweet almond oil.

4. Side Poppin with Leaf Clip
side poppined hairstyles for natural curly hair Photo by @msnaturallymary via Instagram
Extensions used: 16″ * 18″ *  20″  Curly Wefts 

5. High Bun on Curls
high bun hairstyles for curly natural hair Photo by @msnaturallymary via Instagram
Extensions used: 16″ * 18″ *  20″  Curly hair weaves

6.  Big Curls with Edges
big curls natural hairstyles with edges

7. Curly Half-Up Bun
half updo hairstyle for curly hair in summer Photo by @andreaschoice via Instagram
Check the tutorial here

8. Messy High Bun
messy high bun hairstyles for natural curly hair Photo by @ashley_moore_ via Instagram

9. Fro Hawk 
fro hawk with edge on curly hair Photo by Lauren Zaser / Jenny Chang via BuzzFeed

10.  Pin it UP
curly hairstyle pin it up on curls

11. Half Up Half Down
half up half down natural curly hairstyle Photo by @queenpokoo via Instagram

12. Top Knot on Curls
top knot natural curly hairstyle for African American girls Photo by @queenpokoo via Instagram

13. Curly Easy N Go
easy and go curly hairstyles forblack girls Photo by @Jori.Chioma via Instagram

14.  High Bun with Bang
high bun with bang hairstyle for naturally curly hair

15.  Braided Curly Hair
braided natural curly hair for summer Photo by @domscurls_x via Instagram

Which naturally curly hairstyles do you perfer? Comment below with your ideas beauties!! If your hair is short but you really love the long hairstyle, wear natural hair textured extensions for a try.  :)

curly textured natural hair closure sewinCurly Textured ClosureShop Here

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curly textured clip in natural hair extensionsCurly Textured ClipinsShop Here

Top 10 Amazing Bold Colors for Natural Big Hair

Influenced by the natural hair movement, more and more ladies choose to rock their hair natural and big. Embracing natural hair is becoming the norm as it should be. Aside from the natural black, some girls are also trying to color their hair in bright or bold colors.  The results turn out amazing on their curly hair textures.  Check out below gallery to see how awesome these bold colors are.

1. Natural Black with Brown

basic black and brown crochet braids by crown_beauties

puff black brown naural kinky hair by @i_am_that_limited_edition

afro brown orange big natural twist out protective hair by billyalex_

Instagram/crown_beauties, i_am_that_limited_edition, billyalex_

2. Passion Red

black and red afro big hair by ayeyomel

red puff kinky curly hair by themissthang

Instagram/ayeyomel,  themissthang

3. Purple Perfection

purple big natural curly hair by @ItsMyRayeRaye


4. Chic Pink

pink curly natural hair by @discocurls


5. Unique Grey

grey kinky big hair by error20091994


6. Charming Blue

afro blue natural curly hair by @bellabriellc


7. Vivid Green

green kinky natural big hair color

8. Rare Silver

silver curly natural hair

9. Hot Pink hot pink afro big natural kinky hair

10. Mixed Colors

hot pink kinky natural hair inspiration

 blue green purple colored natural hair by NaturallyTash

NaturallyTash via irockmynatural

What’s your favorite color of natural hair guys? Since bleaching usually cause damage, you need to do carefully when coloring your hair or seek help from licenced colorist or stylist.  Another way to have colored healthy hair is using addtional products like wigs or natural textured extensions. Other opinions are welcome. xx

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