Chizi Duru Inspired Afro Wig

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Chizi Duru Inspired Afro Wig was inspired by ChiziDuru as her signature wig.


''Hey guys! Glad you're looking into my wig unit in collaboration with HerGivenhair. I've been wearing their hair for a long time and can attest to the durability and longevity of the hair. This particular unit was inspired by the last unit I made using the kinky textured hair. I love it because it represent me, big and extra! But you can always tame it as well!

''To upkeep the hair, I like to deep condition and detangle weekly (or bi-weekly), and follow up with a moisturizing hair butter and 5-10 twists to set it for the week. That's it! Throughout the week i'll spritz with water and oil for shine until i'm ready to wash and deep condition again.''

''I hope you love this unit just as much as I do! ''

Delivery Time:
Please Allow about 25 business day processing/production time.
Once your order is ready you will receive an email notification that it is ready to be shipped.
Once shipped, please allow 2-3 business days to receive your order (U.S. orders and international orders).


(1)The curl pattern of the hair product you received may appear a little more defined than those showcased by vloggers and stylists on social media. After you manipulate the hair by brusing it out, the curls will then be the same size as you may have seen on our testers.
If you feel the wig does not fit or there is any other problems with your order,please email customerservice@hergivenhair.com ASAP, and keep the hair EXACTLY THE WAY IT CAME. This means the lace has NOT been cut. The wigs have NOT been brushed out, combed with your fingers, washed, installed, colored, or bleached. We cannot do return or exchanges on hair that has been altered in any form. No exceptions.

(2) Please do remember to co-wash the hair before your first install to reduce tangling.

Measure Guide


If you order a stock wig, you can only choose size small or size medium for the cap size. Actually, you can compare your own measurements with our standard size of small and medium to see which one is fit you better.

Measure Guide

You should take your measurements carefully. Before you start, pin hair as flat and tight as possible before taking the measurements. This will eliminate bulges that distort head contours.


What is it?
Headband Size:
Length: 19 inches
Width: 9.6inches
Rayon(95%) + Spandex(5%)
Polyester(95%) + Spandex(5%)
Two Colors

How to apply the Headband

1. Pull headband over your head and let it rest on your neck making sure all of your hair is on top.
2. Bend over upside down and let your hair naturally flow forward.
3. Grab the top of the headband and pull it to the end of your hair making sure to cover your nape and edges. Stuff your hair inside if you like.

1. It has silky material inside.
2. It protects your hair from root to ends

1. Keeps hair stretched
2. Keeps your hair from bunching up at the nape of your neck or sides from sleeping and or sweating and frizzing and losing definition.
3. Stays out of the way so that you can comfortably sleep and lay on all 3 sides of your head.
4. Aids in keeping style longer.

Removing The headband
1. Either grab the top or bottom and gently pull it off of your head.
2. Shake, fluff, pull, and go!

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*If you have any special requirements of the headband color, please leave us a message after you confirm the order or e-mail to service.hergivenhair@gmail.com

What is it?
This detangler brush is highly recommended by HGH stylist Lavida. If you have thick, natural or curly hair, Felicia Leatherwood's Detangler Brush will be a perfect choice for you.

Developed and created created by natural hair expert and Los Angeles native Felicia Leatherwood, the Detangler Brush caters specifically to the needs of women with natural hair.
Widely spaced flexi-bristles glide easily through hair without breaking or damaging your hair strands. This allows for the brush to gently release knots and move with your hair without pain or discomfort. The wide handle is perfect for both beginners and pros and provides a comfortable, sturdy grip while using the brush. Perfect for natural curls or waves, this brush prevents abrupt hair pulling or breaking strands and aids in preventing excess hair loss or hair shedding.
This brush works with any and all hair types! From curly, to kinky curly, and straight to super thick or even synthetic hair, this brush will work easily with and adapt to any hair type.
To achieve the best results we recommend you use the brush during conditioning treatments.

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