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We are a hair company providing hair extensions meant to blend with natural hair textures. At the moment, we have a hair product line including weaves, clip-ins, u-part wigs, top lace wig, full lace wig, signature wig and bulk hair (for crochets).

We are committed to providing hair extensions for all natural hair typesand in the near future, creating a one-stop purchasing service platform for natural hair product consumers..

Our factory owns independence production line and high quality hair material to ensure our adequate supply source. Professionalengineers team and 10 years worth of experience in research and manufacturing of hair products are the backbone behind our high quality products.

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u-part wig

top lace wig

Full lace wig

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How is our hair quality?
Licensed natural hair stylists promote their sale website at their own accord, primarily to their existing customers or social media followers. Each order they bring will be marked with a special identifier. They will get commissions with a certain rate for all the orders marked with that identifier. We will also promote their service by sending a card to our customers who live in a same area with them.
* The complaint rate is calculated to be less than 2%, which is a relative low level in the industry. Moreover, the vast majority of them were issues concerning “How to choose a right texture for myself?” This problem will be perfectly solved if they buy hair from their stylists since they can see the textures personally by their own, also with your help.

Natural hair stylists promote their own hergivenhair website at their own accord, primarily to their existing customers or social media followers. Each order they bring will be marked with a special identifier. They will get commission at 10% for all the orders marked with that identifier. We will also promote their service online and offline.

What are benefits of the program?

Benefits for stylists:

A sample for trying out its quality and texture.

Competitive commission rate 10% commission for hair orders (samples and headbands not included) excluding shipping fee(Average transaction amount of an order is $260, so you could potentially bring in $26 for every order places).

Business Promotion:
We will pick out the review pictures from stylists and feature them on our Instagram page. If our clients surrounding you need hair services, we will recommend you to them.

Special guest passes for our upcoming events every year.

Priority of product testing before released to the public

Benefits for your clients:

Exclusive discount. They will get 5% discount price in normal time. When a big sale comes, we will update the code for a bigger discount than our official website.

Longer return or exchange period of 30 days (Normally it is 7 days. But please note that the hair should be still exactly the same way it came to the clients. No use, no co-wash, no band cut.)

Referrals. If our clients around your city need hair services, we will recommend you to them. But you need to provide a discount for them

How does it work?

Text, email, DM, whats app or facetime talk

Sample pamphlet sent to you

Exclusive link and coupon code sent after you receive the hair

Test the hair and see if you love it

Promotion starts

You get the commission and other benefits.

How does the tracking system work?
  1. Share the exclusive link and coupon code made by us with your clients or followers. All the orders placed through that link and code will be marked as yours.
  2. LINK: If someone visits our website through your link but doesn't place her order at that time, our system will recognize her as your client by reading the cookies in her browser next time (Within a year). Next time she makes the order, the sales are still yours no matter what links she uses that time.
  3. CODE: We can also track your orders with the exclusive coupon code, or if someone indicates your name or social media in the "how did you know about us" section, which is placed beside the order button, the order will still be remarked as yours.
  4. NO LINK AND NO CODE: If your clients make an order via your recommendation but without using your link and code, please provide her full name, order number and the records which can prove you have recommended us to her, and we will count the order as your sale.
(As a reminder, the code is only for the clients of stylists. You can put it on your own social media. But it cannot show up in other platforms with already web traffic, such as our official Instagram, our paid ads, coupon code website and so on. Or we will not take them into your sales.)
How often will I get paid?
We will share the sales with you and pay the commission at the end of every month(It may delay if we meet national vacation).

a sample case:

Chi Chi is the very first hair stylist we cooperate with. She's also the first tester. So far she has brought 102 orders and earned herself over $2400. Most of our Instagram followers know about her because she provides content for our stylists column.

Chi- Chi is successful with our affiliate model because she wears the hair frequently, so she acts as her own walking billboard. In addition, she uses social media as an outlet to discuss her experiences with the hair.

* She loves our hair and keeps wearing it for over a year.(1-2 month for once then she took it down for a break) She has installed our hair for four times. Every client went to her salon or ppl she met when walking in the street thought it was her own hair and asked about it. She explained to them that it was from hergivenhair every time. She was also kind enough to tell them the usage experience, and how well it blended with her own hair. She always takes her business card with her, with her special link on it, because sometimes ppl forgot the domain easily. She posted lots of picture/videos about HGH on her social medias, such as a client having HGH bundles sewn in, or big sales info, giveaway, etc.

other affiliate stylists