Coily Textured Clip-in Hair Extensions-CCI01

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Hair Specification For Regular Set: 6 Pieces, 22 clips
One weft with 5 clips
Two wefts with 4 clips
Three wefts with 3 clips

For Regular Set we recommend 2 bundles for a full head. Lengths longer than 18" may require 3 bundles depending on desired fullness.

Hair Specification For Glam Set: 10 Pieces, 32 clips
Two wefts with 5 clips
Two wefts with 4 clips
Two wefts with 3 clips
Four wefts with 2 clips

For Glam Set one bundle is enough for a full head.

- Medium lustre - Coily hair is the hair that has been tailored to match 3C & 4A hair - Color service: natural color/#1b (If you want to color the hair that it would be best to choose the natural color instead of 1b)





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- Full Protective Style With No Leave Out

- Deeply Bleached Knots

- Easily Managed With Clips

Styles - You can style it as middle part style or with bang style after you receive it.

Middle Part StyleWith Bang Style


What is it?
Headband Size:
Length: 19 inches
Width: 9.6inches
Rayon(95%) + Spandex(5%)
Polyester(95%) + Spandex(5%)
Two Colors

How to apply the Headband

1. Pull headband over your head and let it rest on your neck making sure all of your hair is on top.
2. Bend over upside down and let your hair naturally flow forward.
3. Grab the top of the headband and pull it to the end of your hair making sure to cover your nape and edges. Stuff your hair inside if you like.

1. It has silky material inside.
2. It protects your hair from root to ends

1. Keeps hair stretched
2. Keeps your hair from bunching up at the nape of your neck or sides from sleeping and or sweating and frizzing and losing definition.
3. Stays out of the way so that you can comfortably sleep and lay on all 3 sides of your head.
4. Aids in keeping style longer.

Removing The headband
1. Either grab the top or bottom and gently pull it off of your head.
2. Shake, fluff, pull, and go!

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Original price:$ 59.99. You save $10

*If you have any special requirements of the headband color, please leave us a message after you confirm the order or e-mail to [email protected]


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12 inches
14 inches
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16 inches
16 inches
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16 x 16 inches
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Danielle***is Adams.Verified Buyer

This is the best coily hair I have ever purchased in my life. It blends in so well with my natural hair and it takes wash-n-go styles to the next level. I’ve had my hair now for three years and it’s still going strong. Looking better everyday

Yhaneil ***ett.Verified Buyer

This hair is magical, I’ve had it for a few months now and it is still perfect!! It has minimal shedding and matches my natural hair perfectly! I’ll be ordering more for sure

Tamara H***.Verified Buyer

Great hair in this last order!

Pearl Lo***.Verified Buyer

Fantastic hair! I have purchased from other sites in the past, but nothing compares to this. Great texture and quality. Highly recommended!

Mesha Be***.Verified Buyer

I love this hair! It blends in so well with my natural hair and the clip in are so versatile.

Shiquita***oks.Verified Buyer

I have been using HerGiven clips for 4 years. By far the best textured clips.

Carolyn ***er.Verified Buyer

This is a great product for evening and on the go! Easy to put in and easy to take out! I had it colored and it looks great!!! I will buy this product again!!!

Dominque***berland.Verified Buyer

They blend really well with my hair and only shed when being detangle really well constructed clip ins

Octavia ***uel.Verified Buyer

I love this hair. It blends so naturally with my hair. It is the best clip ins that I've ever brought. I've tried other brands and so many different companies and none of them mix as well as Her Given Hair. I just need help with maintaining even though I follow the instructions I feel like the longevity isn't as long as I'd like. Thanks Her Given Hair!

Anthony ***niels.Verified Buyer

Just go them in the mail and I love them

Stephani***rd.Verified Buyer

I LOVE these clip ins! I bought more than just the Glam bundle because I wanted to have all the wefts needed to make it even fuller than the glam. That’s just me, but I love theses. With a cornroll out or a flat twist out, or if I brush it, and I have a salt/pepper hair line, I can keep the compliments coming from every and anybody! Facts!! Noticed that fact that I have silver grey hair all throughout my natural hair and I look FIRE rocking my natural hairline with my 1B color wefts. I will be doing a full YouTube video review on these, in DEC 2019. I’m excited!

Maigan B***.Verified Buyer

Great buy

Ericka S***rs.Verified Buyer

I have these curls and a year later they are still soft and bounce back! I have also colored them and they take well to color. FYI-I wore this curl everyday.

Isaiah T***s.Verified Buyer

I’ve had these clips ins for well over a year and they’re still in good condition!!! HGH quality is amazing! I love it!

Sunseray***eph.Verified Buyer

I really like this hair! I get so many compliments when I wear the clip ins.

Yasmine ***he.Verified Buyer

Great hair had it for 2 years

Nyheisha***liams.Verified Buyer

So nice I bought them twice. The first time I purchased these I ended up buying a 16 in and an 18in and this was a few years ago. i ended up purchasing them again over the summer and opted to get two packs of the 16in clip in so they would be more full. I absolutely love these. They’re so versatile and they allow me to wear my hair up or down or braided or any other style that I choose.

Julie Ot***.Verified Buyer

Les cheveux sont de très bonne qualité

Héloïs***omas.Verified Buyer

Très bonne qualité de cheveux, très naturel , il faut en prendre soin car le cheveu peut peut devenir très sec ! j'aime hergivenhair ❤

***.Verified Buyer

Can’t wait to be able to purchase it looks so natural and amazing

Deandra ***bell.Verified Buyer

I've had this hair for over a year and it holds up well! Looks very natural!

Sarita L***n.Verified Buyer

I love this hair. I was able to blend my 4c hair with the coily texture. Amazing!!! Great way to fake it till you make it.

Taylor S***ll-Miller.Verified Buyer

Amazing Hair!!! Blends very well with natural hair. It created the perfect volume for my wash & go styles.

Kaila St***r.Verified Buyer

I got this hair and had it for a few years after I went natural. It is very soft and I was able to do all kinds of styles with it. I would definitely get it again. If you take care of it, It will last a long time.

***.Verified Buyer

This hair matched my hair texture. The hair clip ins were easy to use.

Aizah Wa***gton.Verified Buyer

Awesome texture and curl pattern

Aizah Wa***gton.Verified Buyer

I am so in love with these clip ins. It matches my natural pattern and makes it so much easier to try different hairstyles.

Tanya Re***.Verified Buyer

This hair is so soft and natural looking I get so many compliments of people thinking its my real hair this is my second time ordering and loved all the hair so far definitely recommend..

Lucia Pe***.Verified Buyer

Amazing hair!

Christin***mes.Verified Buyer

I wore. These hair clips all throughout basic training and they held up everyone thought that it was my hair until I took the clips out to wash

kenyetta***is.Verified Buyer

My first ordering from here but im in love with these clip ins. Never had clips before that matched my hair texture.

Jessica ***er.Verified Buyer

The absolute best hair ever! It blends so naturally with my natural hair. I’ve been using the same clip ins for over a year now and they blend so well with minimal shedding.

Nakieda ***ey.Verified Buyer

My very first purchase and I love them! I only ordered one bundle back in November and there were no two clips so I had to cut mine to fit my head. I was gonna order another bundle to get a full head look but you guys came out with the glam version so I ordered that instead. I can't wait!

Ashley V***ey.Verified Buyer

Great quality. Have been using the same bundle over a ywar now.

Amber St***ton.Verified Buyer

Awesome hair even for 4c

Malida Y***.Verified Buyer

I've been hearing about hergivenhair for some time now, i wasn't really sure if I wanted to put my money into it, but when I did I so glad, whenever I put extensions in my husband can tell this time he couldn't. I'm very happy with my hair. I have a review on my channel.

***.Verified Buyer

Great quality

Mickayla***and.Verified Buyer

The best natural clips I had in my life, I love them!!!

Kimya Jo***.Verified Buyer

Love it

Tracey G***n.Verified Buyer

Great quality, very versatile

Simone H***on.Verified Buyer

This is one of the best hair I’m have use. I purchased clips on in April 2018 I’m still rocking it. B

Gianna E***.Verified Buyer

Very nice for naturally curly hair.

Deshon p***.Verified Buyer

i love it

morelle ***.Verified Buyer

Very good

Kayla Br***.Verified Buyer

This hair lasted me Such a long time !

Margarie***restal.Verified Buyer

Great quality hair.Fast shipping

Machela ***l.Verified Buyer

I love it . I was so excited to get it

Carissa ***.Verified Buyer

Best hair ever it matches my hair so well

***.Verified Buyer

This clips are si great!! I m in love

***.Verified Buyer

fast shipping. GREAT QUALITY HAIR

Genesis ***ham.Verified Buyer

The clip ins look great! Very realistic!

Leah Cej***.Verified Buyer

I really enjoyed these clip in, even though I didn't get the best match for my hair, it was still very easy to blend. They were a perfect addition to my anniversary look. I have died the hair twice and the integrity of the hair still holds up.

Zarieh C***an.Verified Buyer

Lasts forever the only reason I’m buying more is because they are not my natural hair color

DeeJaye ***a Cruz.Verified Buyer

The best of the best........ok so i didnt try another clip in company

Matyia W***.Verified Buyer

I am ordering my second batch of this texture. I love the pattern and customer service. HGH is flourishing!

Kwatchil***sta.Verified Buyer

Fell in love with these clip-ins, I use them every single day.

Surieya ***as.Verified Buyer

I love the coils in the hair. It’s gorgeous

Tiara Wh***eld.Verified Buyer

Blends flawlessly!! I have straightened the hair several times and it always reverts back

Julia Re***rown.Verified Buyer
08/29/2018 these clip ins

Adelphe ***l.Verified Buyer

Best hair

Nanette ***en.Verified Buyer

Omg,I love this hair! I ordered 2 bundles of the 12 inches Coily clip ins.I can't believe how much this hair blends with my hair,my only regret is not buying one 14in bundle, other than that I'm in love.

Kianna T***ey.Verified Buyer

This is the most realistic hair I’ve ever had. I can’t even bring myself to order from any other company. I’m about to make my third purchase. They last me a very long time considering I wear them literally every single day!!

Lysandra***ter.Verified Buyer

After deciding to cut my locs, I started wearing clips-ins because I wanted to add length to my hair. I AM IN LOVE. They are so versatile. People are surprised when I tell them it's not my real hair. The blending is perfect and 2 bundles gives me the fullness that I need. I have been stalking their instagram ever since the ombre product was announced. Ever since I saw the picture of MsNaturallyMary rocking the ombre clip-ins on instagram, it was game over. I may have missed the anniversary sale, but the next sale I will be on it. OMBRE HERE I COME.

Patricia***rera.Verified Buyer

The best hair ever!!! I bought coily and curly and mixed them.. this hair give me life..

Julie an***rrett.Verified Buyer

Best hair I have ever worn. I have wash flat iron and reused this for the past two years, snap back each time, no regrets.

Edith An***.Verified Buyer

I got one pack of 14" coily textured clip in and it was amazing. Am loving my hair and I so getting some more

Amber Be***.Verified Buyer

Very natural looking and easy to care for. My only issue is shedding.

Dayesha ***am.Verified Buyer

I gained so many complements on this hair... live the hair always snaps back into place we’ll be buying more soon

Laine Ho***.Verified Buyer

I needed a quick protective style and love the natural look of the coily.

CARLINE ***HAM.Verified Buyer

I bought two 16-inch of the coyly clipp in and I love

DEIDRE***.Verified Buyer

Oluwasey***.Verified Buyer

Precious***.Verified Buyer

Centryan***.Verified Buyer

Leaphia***.Verified Buyer

Tara Mas***.Verified Buyer

Hair is amazing this was my first time trying the coily clipins and I love them they immulate AA hair to perfection!

Maralie ***es 010-4325-4336.Verified Buyer

Love this hair. I own all 3 textures (kinky, coily & kinky straight) but coily is my favorite because it is in between the two. It is easier to style than the kinky but has more options than the straight. I love how versatile the clip-ins are also.

Shontae ***a.Verified Buyer

Love my clip ins. I have thin hair so I am searching for protective styles.They have lasted 4 mos so far!

Shontae ***a.Verified Buyer

Love my clip ins. I have thin hair so I am searchinh for protective styles.They have lasted 4 mos so far!

Jasmyne ***us.Verified Buyer

I bought these clip ins about a year ago and they are still holding up well! Will be ordering again!!

Sequoia ***s.Verified Buyer

Hair was amazing and super soft

Jamela M***ell.Verified Buyer

I ordered my set of coils clips in as a trial run. Super impressed by the quality. I am back ordering my second bundle now. Next up I part wig.

Taiese C***n.Verified Buyer

Best set of clip-ins (next to the blow-dried ones) I've ever owned. I don't think they last as long as the wig, but they definitely add a lot to my styling routine when I get into a rut.

***.Verified Buyer

great hair

Latesha ***n.Verified Buyer

1st Timer, perfect color blend, minimal shedding, co washes well installed, sleeps well. The clips are very sturdy. I purchased 16in and 18in to be a little pass my shoulders with shrinkage. I love it

Jessica ***hie.Verified Buyer

Absolutely love these clip ins. The blend very well with my 4b hair when manipulated. I did have to dye the hair to match my natural color. You guys have a customer for life.

Devona D***y.Verified Buyer

These are the best clip in I’ve purchased. The actual clip in is made much stronger and is more durable than clip ins that I purchased from my local beauty supply store. They do not slip out of place. The hair is soft and de tangled easily. You can expect a little shedding but nothing that would take away from the fullness of the hair. Overall very good hair,

Tinisha ***is.Verified Buyer

Love My Clipins!! The hair is soft and blends well with my natural.

***.Verified Buyer

Everything is perfect. I wear my hair out a lot but thanks to my clip ins, it looks full and good!!

lisa wic***.Verified Buyer

Hair lasted a while and blended really well with my natural hair

alexis z***s.Verified Buyer

I usually don’t write reviews, but this hair is absolutely amazing! It looks so natural, it’s soft, and the curl pattern is beautiful. I’ve gotten so many compliments with this hair it’s the best decision I’ve made as far as purchasing clip ins. It’s great to use for protective styling and almost any trendy hair style you can think of. Really versatile. The only reason I gave 5 stars is because there is quite a bit of shedding when I detangle the hair, but other than that it’s great. If you are thinking of investing in this hair then get it because I promise you have nothing to lose.

Krystal ***day.Verified Buyer

The hair feel so soft and the curls are beautiful after a wash. The hair is durable and last for a good several months. Couple of my friends ended up ordering hergivenhair because it looked so natural. On the other side, when I first got the product, four clips were broken. luckily, they give you several clips so you can replace them.

carolyn **ith .Verified Buyer

Pamela **sario Perez .Verified Buyer

Jamie **ens .Verified Buyer

Ashley **rton .Verified Buyer

Jonique **nroe .Verified Buyer

Crystal **nifield .Verified Buyer

Shanita **dd .Verified Buyer

Rickkia **ittaker .Verified Buyer

1-year review! I wore them every single day! Switch up my styles even did twist outs and natural twisting styles with the hair installed in my head! Amazing clip ins. & I recommend them to anyone!!!!!!!!

Alex***.Verified Buyer

I love the way this har feels. It feels so soft and natural. I love convince of the clip-ins.

Charter ***.Verified Buyer

Hair matches perfectly with my natural hair! Ordering more longer ones now; many of my friends and family have started to purchase.

Jennesee***vo.Verified Buyer

I will never buy from these people again! I requested a refund because I got the hair, a 3b-3c hair type, hoping that the hair would blend well with mine yet the hair is too curly and even after washing as the instructions said the hair does not blend at all nor it has a similar texture to mine. I requested a refund and they refused completely, a total scam! I even had contacted them about the hair before buying it and I was told this hair could be dyed and that it would match my hair neither of those are true. Worst company I’ve ever made a purchase from.

Caryn St***field.Verified Buyer

I’ve had these clip-ins for about a year. I love the hair, love how they have held up, and love how natural they look. After washing them, I usually do a couple twists in each weft. I twist my own hair about the same size to help it blend better. I take them out at night and put in in the morning. It is awesome. My only negative is the clips make my scalp sore in some areas. Definitely not a deal breaker but it decreases the amount of days I wear them in a row.

Samantha***is.Verified Buyer

This hair is sooo soft, and blends easily with my hair. It's very important to treat this hair as you would your own. That means, condition, deep condition, use masks etc. Love this hair!

Nissah F***ng.Verified Buyer

I ordered my hair back in march. Just didn't install it at the time. I'm looking for a protective style so that I can stop manipulating my hair so it can rest and GROW. This hair, this hair, this hair is LIFE! It's so soft, pretty and tangle free. I washed and conditioned it and it feels so soft. It really gonna blend with my hair because it looks just like my hair It had very minimal shedding. I'm gonna color it tomorrow and install it and take pictures to upload. I'm ordering another bundle so if they run out again I don't have to wait. Thanks HERGIVENHAIR

Jamila **ady.Verified Buyer

**rguerite St..Verified Buyer

I rocked @hergivenhair coily clip ins 16" for my graduation week and felt so regal! It came out pretty voluminous and the clip ins blended perfectly with my hair! I love them. I had so many friends fooled, but I had to do the most for graduation!

Malika H***inson.Verified Buyer

I absolutely love this hair. I have had since February of 2016 and it's still amazing! I am glad that I bought this hair. I can do a wash and go, braid out, twist out, and blow dry this hair. It blends perfectly with my hair! definitely will purchase again in the future.

Jonnise **elds.Verified Buyer

Regina C***an.Verified Buyer

I have had my Coily clip-ins for about a month now and install them in the morning before I go to work at the hospital, so about 4 days a week. So far so good. When I first received the hair it was soft and so pretty. I followed the steps that instructed to co-wash the hair before installing. Shedding was minimal. The first day of wearing them to work, my co-workers loved them. I now have no reason to go back to crochet styles and spending money to have them installed. I have no hair skills, but the clip-ins are so easy for me to install and quickly go about my day with ease and beauty. For me this hair is an investment that I take care of very well. I do take the hair out before I go to bed in order to spray them down with a mixture of conditioner and warm water for night time recovery. I bought 2 bundles/16 inches.

Yolanda **own.Verified Buyer

simone **cklin.Verified Buyer

Currissa **ldon.Verified Buyer

I have in the coily clip ins in 14 & 16 inch and I absolutely LOVE this hair. I have 4c hair but these clip ins blend perfectly. Everyone is always surprised when I tell them it's not my real hair. I love the different styles I am able to wear and the easy manageability. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer. Everything was great from the shipping and processing all the way to the install.

Alexis **rgan.Verified Buyer

This is hair matched my texture perfectly after washing(4a/3c). I got minimal shedding and the hair is soft and takes very well to manipulation styles such as twist outs and braid outs, I would definitely buy this again. It is by far the best kinky curly hair I've had.

Elisha **wart.Verified Buyer

My experience with my clip ins from Her Given Hair was, AMAZING! I've never had any extensions feel or look more natural than these were. The texture matched my hair so perfectly i could barely tell where the clips began and my hair ended. The maintenance was super easy and familiar... taking care of the clip-ins were just like taking care of my own hair. I've definitely become a loyal and forever customer!

Shovakey***.Verified Buyer

this product is the very best. I love this product works very well with my natural hair.

Jordyn T***son.Verified Buyer

I love this product so much! Blended perfectly with my hair, although next time I am going to try the curly wefts instead of the coily clips which I have purchased twice. Only because the coily didn't retain moisture as much as my own hair does, so I'm gonna try the curly and see how that works for me. I recommend getting the head band. It stays on all night long, unlike my bonnet which always falls off. & it covers all the hair & keeps it out my face. Shipping was very fast both times, the second time I was told that it would take 5-7 business days & the hair arrived in 3! This time I am trying the wefts instead of the clips because I now know that this is a style I can commit to, & the clips require a lot of maintenance. I can't tell you how many people thought it was all my hair! & when I told them they were clips they would not even believe me! This is a 5 star product.

Shanita ***.Verified Buyer

I am in extreme LOOOVE with this hair!!! When I say it blended perfectly with my natural hair? I mean it blends PERFECTLY with my natural hair! I'm so happy to have finally found the right place to shop for hair. It took no time at all to receive my hair, which was a relief! And HerGivenHair stands on customer service as their #1 priority. They send you care packages, not hair in a bag. The wefts are nice and sturdy and come with replacement clips. There are very clear and thorough directions on caring for the hair. This hair is a must-have for all my natural sistas who wanna add a little umph to their style! Pure quality! Go ahead and live a little...

Markayla **noit.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip in 18"x2

jamillette ***udio.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip in 14"x1

Cordeajah ***e.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip in 12''x2

Ranesha **well.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip in 18"x1

Chrissie***e.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip in 16"x2

Malika H***inson.Verified Buyer

This hair is absolutlely amazing. I can do so many versatile styles with this hair. I can do a wash and go and it looks like mine! Anywhere I go people say I have such beautiful hair. I ordered two bundles (14 & 16) . Its thick enough and my leave out is pretty small. I absolutely lovethis hair. Just wish I ordered the headband. However, it sheds but I am still watching to see if it sheds too drastically.

Christine ***nson.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip in 14"x2 I have received the hair and I absolutely love it. I'm not the type who wears much weave but loving the clip ins that I purchased from you. Attached are some of the styles that I've tried so far

charlotte **grew.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip in 14"x1

Carletri***eeler.Verified Buyer

This hair is really soft and pretty. It blends well with my natural hair and doesn't shed. It's easy to maintain. People always assume it's my natural hair unless I tell them otherwise.

chekearr***rray.Verified Buyer

I love these clip-in's very natural and they lasted me fora whole year Im going to buy the blow-out ones next

***.Verified Buyer

SO as much as i procrastinate, watch a million natural hair extensions videos, i came across a few and they all had hergivenhair. So i saw that i could get the samples, but ive been putting purchasing them for months now. I went in blindly and bought the full set of clips and BOYYY let me tell you

Dalji **Hill.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip in 14"x1 16"x1

Nikki***.Verified Buyer

This hair is the best hair that matches 4b hair, it is soft, lightweight, and very little shedding. I have 14 inches so it does not matt on the nape of my neck and looks more realistic. It needs moisture and condition just as real hair growing from your scalp. I spray water and conditioner every other day or depending on the style, twist out and braid outs last longer than spray and go. I'm buying another bundle because one bundle is enough if you want to leave out some of your own hair but for a full coverage you'll need at least 1 1/2 bundles and my head is extra small so it's best to get the 2 bundle deal. Overall so fa so good! Very happy that I can fake it till I make it!

Yasmine ***he.Verified Buyer

I love this hair, it match my natural hair perfectly. The customer service was awesome as well

Nakille ***man.Verified Buyer

I was hesitant about spending a lot of money on this hair. It was the best decision ever!!!! I order the coily clip-in in a 12 inch and 14 inch. I put the 12 inch on the bottom and the 14 inch on the top. I installed all pieces with no leave out. Easy to install and manage. When I twist-it, I just use water. The curls are define. I will definitely order again

Nyree Co***n.Verified Buyer

Love my coily clip in's. It blends perfectly. About to purchase for the 3rd time.

Mandy No***.Verified Buyer

I love the hair ! 'My hair is coily clip ins 16, 18in' . Very soft blends very well with my hair. Easy to wash and detangle

Tiara **ffers.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip in 18"x2

Aja **eves.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip in 12''x1 14''x1

Dianne **own.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip-in 14"x2

daljiima***.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 14"x1 16"x1

classcie***.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 18"x2

jazmenbe***n.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 14"x1 16"x1

Margie R***son.Verified Buyer

Products Used: Coily Clip Ins 12"x1

des_hair***ney.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 18"x1 20"x1

savannaa***.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 24"x2

siiingsa***.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 18"x2

dawn_mel***.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 14"x2

yeschris***s.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 16"x2

bijoulif***le.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 18"x1 20"x1

Natasha ***s.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 18"x2

shieeka_***ara.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 12"x1 14"x1

kayjoi_8***.Verified Buyer

"Still have my coily clip ins!!!I had it for 2 months. Took it out for one and put it back in. Had it in for about 3 weeks now." Porduct Used: Coily clip ins 18"x2

yourvaje***.Verified Buyer

"Just got my package last night!! 16 inch coily! I love it! Can't wait to see what my stylist can do with it. " Product Used: Coily Clip Ins 16"x2

Talibah ***an.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip ins 16"x1 Curly clip ins 18"x1

Denele D***teuil.Verified Buyer

"Thanks for reaching out. I am totally in love with the hair that I purchased. I purchased the 14" coily clip-ins. It's super easy to clip in and blends perfectly with my hair and a lot of people think it's all mine!! This is by far one of the best investment I have made when it comes to my hair. I most definitely will be ordering again from Please see pictures attached. I also attached a picture with my hair in it's natural state so you can see the difference. My IG name is deneled. I sure hope I do win those two bundles. Let me know if I need to do anything else. " Product Used: Coily clip ins 14"x2

corinna ***n.Verified Buyer

"The delivery was very timely. I was surprised to receive it so quickly. Immediately after installing the hair I felt like a new woman!! I love natural hair and I love how Hergivenhair embodied my natural hair to a T. I have told my friends that I found a new style that is FOR ME and that I will stick with. I am a very happy and loyal customer of Hergivenhair. P.s. the pictures shown are 1 pack of 20 inch coily hair." Product Used: Coily clip ins 20"x1

belleeam***.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Coily clip ins 14"x1 16"x1

tati_nic***a.Verified Buyer

"I absolutely love your product!!It really is an exact match to my hair. And so easy to install and have a very short twa and it blends really well" Product Used: Coily Clip ins 16"x1 18"x1 20"x1

Tamika S***on.Verified Buyer

"I love the hair! Although it doesn't match my hair perfectly, I can maneuver my hair to match without a problem. Maintaining the hair seems easy thus far, as long as you keep up with it. The clips also make the hair very versatile. " Product Used: Coily clip ins 18"x1 20"x1

Isanya_S***lle.Verified Buyer

In this video I talk about my 16" Her Given Hair coily clip-ins that I purchased. I first talk about the reason I bought them and my experience with my initial install which was a test run. I then show how I install my clip-ins.

Deidra M***all.Verified Buyer

My hair is amazing!! It blends perfectly with my natural hair!! Thank you for focusing your product on natural hair as it has been a hassle trying to make my natural hair blend with straight hair!! Thank you thank you thank you! Product used: Coily clip ins 18"x1 20x1

ROBIN TH***.Verified Buyer

Thank you! This hair is amazing! Procduct used: Coily clip ins 18"x2

Simone B***es.Verified Buyer

I have received the hair and it's awesome. Blends with my hair perfectly. Thank you! Thanks again for the beautiful hair and wonderful customer service. Product used: Coily clip ins 16"x2

allthing***.Verified Buyer

@hergivenhair Coily clip ins (12inches) Product used: Coily clip in 1 Bundle 12"x1

Genese P***.Verified Buyer

Yes I recieved the hair and used it! After using the hair I looooooved it! It blends perfectly with my 4b hair! Product used: Coily clip in 1 Bundle 16"x1

shacoxo***.Verified Buyer

I have the 16 and 18 inch coily clip ins. I've had them since November and they are doing really well! There's a few tangles(nothing major, it comes with curly hair) and minimum shedding. I received them as a gift and I'm very happy with my first set of virgin bundles. Product used: Coily clip in 2 Bundles 16"x1 18"x1

theevege***.Verified Buyer

Love it... Should have gotton a closure..But other than that, I'm in love with the hair. Product used: Coily clip in 2 Bundles 14"x2

Moyawna ***n.Verified Buyer

Yes I have and I love it. Thank you & yes I've installed it. Product used: Coily clip in 2 Bundles 18"x2

Sa-kreea***kson.Verified Buyer

I love my coily 12 inch clip ins brushed out for my birthday my hair is out on the sides and you can't even tell it's not mine lol thanks so much I will be purchasing more in the future. Product used: Coily clip in 1 Bundle 12"x1

crystal ***in.Verified Buyer

Hello Joy, I have received the hair and installed it. I love it so much. Thank you guys so much. Love it. Cant wait to try the wefted hair. My ig name is ab3autiful_mindd. Wow thank you so so much. You guys are amazing. This will be a first for me. I'm happy to show how great you all are. Beautiful product for all the beautiful souls. Thank you again. Product used: Coily clip in 2 Bundles 16"x1 & 18"x1

Michelle***keu.Verified Buyer

I love the hair.Even though my natural hair colour is significantly darker,you cannot tell the difference especially with the texture. Product used: Coily clip in 2 Bundles 16"x1 18"x1

Uchenna ***keme.Verified Buyer

Yes I installed it yesterday for the first time, and I loved it!! It matches my hair texture sooo well! Your hair is amazing, it feels sooo natural, it's not harsh against the skin, it's lightweight, it's just perfect! I'm so happy I bought it, I hope to buy more products from you guys! Here are some pictures. Product used: Coily Clip in Hair 2 Bundles 16"x2

Leann Aw***.Verified Buyer

Attached is my after and before pictures respectfully. I really love my hair. It looked so beautiful today and I really appreciated getting extensions that matches my natural curl. Great quality. Soft hair.No shrinkage. Perfect Product used: Coily Clip in Hair 2 Bundles 18"x2

Serena F***is.Verified Buyer

i have enjoyed you clip ins alot i really want to try the curly ones as well but sometime i hope i get the chance to i love the hair i have since dyed the clip ins because i am a mixed girl but they match my texture perfectly and i would be more than happy to send pictures to you Product used: Coily Clip in Hair 1 Bundles 20"x1

Nyisha H***ton.Verified Buyer

Just got it colored and did a bun/top knot for?my first style.? Love the hair! Product used: Coily Clip in Hair 2 Bundles 14"x1 & 16"x1

Ogonna I***a.Verified Buyer

I have used it. For the most part I love it. I actually tagged you guys to the pics on instagram. I usually like it the best on day 1 and 2. It feels drier and less pliable after that and I struggle with what products to put on it, because I don't want to weigh it down or affect it's longevity. Product used: Coily Clip in Hair 2 Bundles 12"x1 & 14"x1

trinae.b***ll.Verified Buyer

I received the hair. It is my first time buying natural hair extensions! I love the hair. And I really appreciate the timely service of the delivery. Product used: Coily Clip in Hair 1 Bundles 12"x1

Medjine ***.Verified Buyer

The hair blends with my hair very well. It's better than I thought. The only problem seems to be the ends . They don't curl or stay curled. Thank you Product used: Coily Clip in Hair 2 Bundles 16"x1 & 18"x1

Amber Br***.Verified Buyer

I have received my hair! It looks nice but my hair is black then blonde so it will need coloring before I can install. Thank you! Product used: Coily Clip in Hair 1 Bundles 14"x1

Tannie H***s.Verified Buyer

I have received the hair. Have not had a chance to install just yet. However I love the way the hair feels. :-) Will let you know my final thoughts once hair is installed. Thanks Product used: Coily Clip in Hair 1 Bundles 12"x1

Sara Air***.Verified Buyer

I received my hair, I have not co-washed or used it yet, but so far it feels soft and it looks it nice. Product used: Coily Clip in Hair 1 Bundles 20"x1

Laura Sy***.Verified Buyer

I have received the hair, thank you! Due to moving I have not used the hair but have looked at the construction and I am impressed. I plan to cowash the hair and see if it elongates a bit, I should had gotten the 14" instead of 12" but the texture of the hair is amazing. Thank you for following up, I am excited to jncotprate this hair into my daily routine. Product used: Kinky Clip in Hair 1 Bundles 12"x1

Zeea Col***.Verified Buyer

It's fantastic as I've never used clip in thanks to you I had a wonderful experience I will be buying from here again Product used: Coily Clip in Hair 2 Bundles 12"x2

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