Coily Textured Closure-CC01

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The full-lace coily closures are placed on the top or side of your hair in order to make your weave look more realistic and natural when wearing a full head of weave.

- Medium density.
- 4×4 inches in size
- A perfect blend for our Coily Hair Wefts(3C-4A).
- Color service: natural color/#1b (If you want to color the hair that it would be best to choose the natural color instead of 1b)





What is it?
Headband Size:
Length: 19 inches
Width: 9.6inches
Rayon(95%) + Spandex(5%)
Polyester(95%) + Spandex(5%)
Two Colors

How to apply the Headband

1. Pull headband over your head and let it rest on your neck making sure all of your hair is on top.
2. Bend over upside down and let your hair naturally flow forward.
3. Grab the top of the headband and pull it to the end of your hair making sure to cover your nape and edges. Stuff your hair inside if you like.

1. It has silky material inside.
2. It protects your hair from root to ends

1. Keeps hair stretched
2. Keeps your hair from bunching up at the nape of your neck or sides from sleeping and or sweating and frizzing and losing definition.
3. Stays out of the way so that you can comfortably sleep and lay on all 3 sides of your head.
4. Aids in keeping style longer.

Removing The headband
1. Either grab the top or bottom and gently pull it off of your head.
2. Shake, fluff, pull, and go!

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*If you have any special requirements of the headband color, please leave us a message after you confirm the order or e-mail to [email protected]


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12 inches closure & 12 x 18 inches wefts
18 inches closure & 18x18 inches wefts
18 inches closure & 20 inches weft
20 inches closure & 16 x 18 x 20 inches wefts
20 inches closure & 16 x 18 x 20 inches wefts

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Nicole B***n.Verified Buyer

This hair is the best kinky curly hair in the market!!!! It matches my hair perfectly! My only suggestion/request is for them to offer larger sized closures.

SHENELLE***GH.Verified Buyer

I suffer from a condition called PCOS and it caused me to develop female pattern baldness. It's been a struggle to see my hair fall out especially my crown area and even harder to find a hairpiece that matches my natural hair. I came across her given hair a few years ago and was skeptical about buying a piece since I never wore a wig in my life.I finally summoned the courage to buy a closure and added clips to it to use as a topper and I've never been so happy in my life! My hair actually looks like how it used to look before my diagnosis. Thank you so much Her Given Hair. I no longer have to second-guess how I look. The unit provides me a natural looking fix and I will be a repeat buyer in the future.

Winsome ***er.Verified Buyer

About a year or 2 ago I bought the Something About Mary wig. I absolutely love it and somehow carelessly damaged the lace closure on the wig which otherwise still looks fabulous. I decided to replace the closure on the wig which completely revived it! Thank goodness. Morale of the story NEVER throw out a good wig for such a simple fix especially when you are vesting so much in these wigs!!!

Olivia D***.Verified Buyer

Great quality! Made it through a whole summer with HerGivenHair. Great if you’re looking for a protective style that matches your curl pattern to the Tee!

Julia Re***rown.Verified Buyer

Curl pattern match my hair exactly, cannot have enough of these textures.

Chenelle***el.Verified Buyer

The closer feels and looks different from the bundles but not that bad

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