Curly Textured Clip-in Hair Extensions-CUCI01

$119.00 ~ $329.00

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Hair Specification For Regular Set: 6 Pieces, 22 clips
One weft with 5 clips
Two wefts with 4 clips
Three wefts with 3 clips

For Regular Set we recommend 2 bundles for a full head. Lengths longer than 18" may require 3 bundles depending on desired fullness.

Hair Specification For Glam Set: 10 Pieces, 32 clips
Two wefts with 5 clips
Two wefts with 4 clips
Two wefts with 3 clips
Four wefts with 2 clips

For Glam Set one bundle is enough for a full head.

- Medium lustre - Curly hair is the hair that has been tailored to match 3B & 3C hair - Color service: natural color/#1b (If you want to color the hair that it would be best to choose the natural color instead of 1b)






What is it?
Headband Size:
Length: 19 inches
Width: 9.6inches
Rayon(95%) + Spandex(5%)
Polyester(95%) + Spandex(5%)
Two Colors

How to apply the Headband

1. Pull headband over your head and let it rest on your neck making sure all of your hair is on top.
2. Bend over upside down and let your hair naturally flow forward.
3. Grab the top of the headband and pull it to the end of your hair making sure to cover your nape and edges. Stuff your hair inside if you like.

1. It has silky material inside.
2. It protects your hair from root to ends

1. Keeps hair stretched
2. Keeps your hair from bunching up at the nape of your neck or sides from sleeping and or sweating and frizzing and losing definition.
3. Stays out of the way so that you can comfortably sleep and lay on all 3 sides of your head.
4. Aids in keeping style longer.

Removing The headband
1. Either grab the top or bottom and gently pull it off of your head.
2. Shake, fluff, pull, and go!

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Original price:$ 59.99. You save $10

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- Full Protective Style With No Leave Out

- Deeply Bleached Knots

- Easily Managed With Clips

Styles - You can style it as middle part style or with bang style after you receive it.

Middle Part StyleWith Bang Style

*If you have any special requirements of the headband color, please leave us a message after you confirm the order or e-mail to [email protected]


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14 inches
14 inches
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14 x 14 inches
14 x 14 inches
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customers reviews
114 Reviews
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Jordyn F***is.Verified Buyer

I bought these clip-ins a few years ago and miss them so much I'm coming back to buy more.

Shalana ***in.Verified Buyer

This is the best hair I’ve ever bought. With proper care it will last a long time. Everyone thinks this is my real hair lol

Courtney***son.Verified Buyer

Perfect hair!! Blended so well with my 3c hair! Very minimal shedding

Tara Kil***.Verified Buyer

I’ve ordered from them before the coil clip ins, now I’m trying the curly. I’ve had them for two years and they are still in great shape ❤️

DeNiesha***l.Verified Buyer

It’s really pretty. I should’ve read closer and bought to bundles

Candice ***is.Verified Buyer

Love the hair it's beautiful and full. Will order again.!

Lucia Pe***.Verified Buyer

Amazing hair, always ordening! Using this hair for years now.

Irene Ho***ook-Smith.Verified Buyer

I've been using these clip ins since October 2019. The texture is still very soft and washes easily with minimal shedding. They feel very light on and are easy to manipulate into various styles. I love my curly textured clip ins and will be using them for a long time.

Andrea T***s.Verified Buyer

I love this hair and how well it blends!!! Will purchase again!!

Deanna R***son.Verified Buyer

Really loved my coupons, lasted about a year. I’m about to reorder some

***.Verified Buyer

Omg! I love this hair! Everyone thinks it’s my natural hair while my hair continues to grow.

***.Verified Buyer

As soon as I got this product, The first thing I fell in love with was the packaging!!! so cute!!! the hair is amazing it pops right back up when washed with Luke warm water. Hang to dry and apply leave in conditioner!! Heavenly. Can be used to make hair look bigger!!! an dit blends into my natural hair like it was meant to be. Knowing ones hair texture and which one to choose helps a lot. Cant wait to celebrate the one year hair anniversary of these clipins lol

chekearr***rray.Verified Buyer

Great product I've been wearing mine over a year

Tatiana ***line Kouassi.Verified Buyer

Best ever

Raynell ***ster.Verified Buyer

Amazing hair. It blends well with my natural hair. I am happy with this product

Aaliah P***.Verified Buyer

Love love love these clips ins. They blend so well with my natural hair!!

Kleiner ***nte.Verified Buyer

Natural looking

Ramona H***.Verified Buyer

They blended perfectly with my natural hair and I received compliments daily,

Oscha Po***s.Verified Buyer

AMAZING HAIR!! I've had it for 6 months now and it's still fresh like I just bought it.

Janai Pr***.Verified Buyer

The hair is really good quality.

Heavlynn***chard.Verified Buyer

I’ve been using these clip ins for a while now and they are amazing ! They are very manageable and look good

Crystal ***bs.Verified Buyer

Amazing hair! So natural.. love it!!

aria bak***.Verified Buyer

First time getting the hair I revived it very quickly. I was so happy with getting this product.

***.Verified Buyer


***.Verified Buyer

I love it!!!

Tamika T***r.Verified Buyer

I have had this hair since March of 2018 and it is still just as amazing as the day I purchased it! I'm about to buy some new ones, but only because I want a longer length. The ones I have are still like new with the exception of the clips needing to be replaced because the coating is coming off!

Arionne ***e.Verified Buyer

had these since christmas and it’s late MARCH this are amazing! love love love

Chasity ***nt.Verified Buyer

I’ve been ordering this curly texture for years it’s the most natural looking texture on the market

***.Verified Buyer

I love this hair! I requested that my client order this hair and it was a joy working with!

crystal ***nlee.Verified Buyer

Matches my hair exactly! Very good hair!

Char Ay-***.Verified Buyer

I bought these back in 2016 and they’re still going strong in 2019! It’s amazing what a little spritzing with water or washing them can do to get them to bounce back. I’d definitely recommend! I have my eye on the coily full lace wig next!

Michayla***hardson.Verified Buyer

I loved my clips! I think it’s time to make another order!

Tyesha H***.Verified Buyer

Good hair about to order 2 more bundles

alice mu***.Verified Buyer

Great hair. I’ve been using this hair for abt two years now . It does not shed, tangle, or loose its coil . It’s perfect. It naturally blends with my natural hair very well . It is great for all occasions. Ohh and did I mention that it is soft. This is my 3rd time purchasing it and there is many more to come.

***.Verified Buyer

This hair is Beautiful! Matched my own texture so well people kept thinking it was mine at work. I workin the beauty industry so I had to recommend this to many of my clients! This hair is a show stopper!!

***.Verified Buyer

I love my hair

***.Verified Buyer


Ceyarra ***rds.Verified Buyer

I’ve purchased this hair 11 times and counting and each time is great! I never have issues with it and it lasts a good amount of time as long as you take care of it. It’s super softer straight out the package and there’s no strong scent. The curl pattern matches my hair to a T. It’s so good that I can even do a wash and go with it(which I rarely do). I’m a braid out and twist out kinda girl but either way it always looks great.

Bryanna ***rd.Verified Buyer

I love my clip ins

***.Verified Buyer


***.Verified Buyer


Adelphe ***l.Verified Buyer

Best hair

Anniece ***iams.Verified Buyer

It's so natural and so real.. I love it!

Tiara Jo***.Verified Buyer

I wear them almost everyday. I cut my hair shorter than what I wanted to do these really helped me feel and look better.

Tatiana ***line Kouassi.Verified Buyer

Very soft hair

Ebony***.Verified Buyer

Emari Sw***n.Verified Buyer

Great hair!

Stephani***.Verified Buyer

Felicia***.Verified Buyer

Lisa Jon***.Verified Buyer

I love these clip ins. I ourchased 2 bundles but only use 1 at a time. My hair is pretty thin so 2 bundles looks very unnatural for me. They are easy to style and wear.

Leana Ma***ette.Verified Buyer

I'm excited to try this product, looks like a good style for prom season.

Toulisa ***s.Verified Buyer


Toulisa ***s.Verified Buyer

I’m in love with these curly clip ins! I have worn them everyday for 2 weeks. I spray hem with water every so many days and the curls bounce back perfectly. I have found a new love!

Devona D***y.Verified Buyer

I tried this texture and the coily texture and I found the coily texture to be a better match with my hair but this is still a very good match for a looser curl pattern. The hair can last a long time with proper care. I love this hair.

Kenya Se***t.Verified Buyer

I’m so in love with this curl pattern. I brought 2 x 20” bundles on Feb 26th and received it on March 1 so the shipping was pretty fast. I bleached the ends and colored the roots. It was easy to blend with my hair.. mind you I have a mixture of 3b/4a/4b. Check out my video on how I colored and installed these clip ins!

***.Verified Buyer

Got it for my birthday: Really good hair. Blends so well with my curls.

***.Verified Buyer

My aunt got me this hair for my birthday. Now I love her so much more!! My hair shrinks to such a small fro, despite being so long. Now I can rock my natural texture without having to manipulate my hair so much. It blends PERFECTLYYYYYYY. It moves and shines like natural hair.

Santezja **lson .Verified Buyer

Shada **lvas .Verified Buyer

Shayla **ng .Verified Buyer

Raysaa **cias .Verified Buyer

Damika **nes .Verified Buyer

Tyshonna***es.Verified Buyer

I love the hair!!

Tyshonna***es.Verified Buyer

Nealshay***lston.Verified Buyer

I am in love with hergivenhair clip in. I am a college student, so these clip in are such a easy way to change up my style.

Paaris S***s.Verified Buyer

Love this product so soft

chekearr***rray.Verified Buyer

Love love love these clip ins. They are worth every penny great quality.

Tamara **uviose.Verified Buyer

the hair is pretty good quality and versatile. I've had it for almost a week now and have styled it 3 different ways already.

***.Verified Buyer

I really love these clip ins they go so well with my hair..I plan on buying again.

India Rh***.Verified Buyer

I love this hair !!!!!!! you can do anything with it, worth the buy

Jasmn Mo***e.Verified Buyer

I absolutely love the texture of the hair and how it blends so well with my own hair. I got lots of compliments and no one knew it wasn't mine. My only concern/issue is that it sheds sooo much! I've tried to be as gentle as possible with it but it still sheds way too much. All in all this hair is still great for anyone who wants some volume and length whilst still looking natural and fabulous. Hope the shedding issue gets fixed because I believe this company is one of the best out there.

Katrina **ndricks.Verified Buyer

Dominiqu***all.Verified Buyer

Great hair! Have purchased hair twice from here. First time got Curly Weft 16"×2 and the second time, Curly Clip In 16"×1 and 18"×1.

Leonequa***ud.Verified Buyer

I am loving this hair!! Let me start by saying that I've never worn any type of track/weft hair in my life. The only type of extensions I've worn are braids or twists so I was very nervous about ordering. This hair blends so well with my own! I even ordered the wrong texture (I'm definitely coily) but I do a twist out with the hair and it blends just fine. I've had them in for a week and no one (not even my BF) knows the difference! I will be ordering the blowout clip-ins as soon as the weather gets cooler.

Stacy Yo***.Verified Buyer

Bought this for my mother. Shipping was super fast! I installed it myself and found the hair was quite easy to work with, as it was pretty, soft, washed well, no significant shedding, and maintains its curls. She ended up removing the clips and sewing on the hair (because she didn't want to continue re-installing the clips every day) and it's holding up okay. It'd look better if she was taking care of the hair, per the instructions. I will by this for myself.

Shelly W***ams.Verified Buyer

Excellent hair

Shelly W***ams.Verified Buyer

Product: curly clip in 18"x1 20"x1. Product as describe. Little shedding. Will purchase from this company again.

Natasha ***ne.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly clip in 14"x1

Brittany ***tee.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly clip in 12"x1

Aldreka **mpbell.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly clip in 16"x1 14"x1

***.Verified Buyer

This hair is amazing!!

Mya***.Verified Buyer

This hair is amazing!!

Whitney ***.Verified Buyer

Love love love this hair!!! The hair is so natural-looking especially after you comb it out. The hair blends so well with my hair. No one can tell that it's clip-ins and the hair is so soft and flows. I definitely recommend.

Whitney ***.Verified Buyer

Love love love this hair!!! The hair is so natural-looking especially after you comb it out. The hair blends so well with my hair. No one can tell that it's clip-ins and the hair is so soft and flows. I definitely recommend.

Monique **aples.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly clip in 16"x1 18"x1

Zadyann ***ley.Verified Buyer

Samantha **ith.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly clip in 16"x1

Andree W***ams.Verified Buyer

I love love this hair. Its's very natural looking and there is so much that you can do with these clip inns. I always get compliments about how beautiful the hair is. I just absolutely adore product because I finally can install hair that looks exactly like mine.

Krista **vin.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly clip in 16"x1

Robyn **nter.Verified Buyer

Product Used: coily clip in 16''x1 curly clip in 14''x1

Nastassia **franc.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly Clip in 12"x1

Rian Bil***hurst.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly Clip Ins 18"x2

keeeeeei***.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly Clip Ins 14"x1 16"x1

increese***ece.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly Clip Ins 18"x2

frolifef***er.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly Clip Ins 16"x1 18"x1

Amber Mi***.Verified Buyer

"Hey! It's been awhile since I've been on Instagram! And wanted to to still give you guys my positive feedback! I still really really love this hair, I get so many compliments and I'm always referring you guys! I feel as I can still be natural without losing myself! It's very versatile! I can wear it down one day, a ponytail the next day! Buns too! I really love everything about y'all's hair line & the way you guys do business! Thank you!" Product Used: Curly clip ins 16"x1 18"x1

Amy Cue***.Verified Buyer

Product Used: Curly clip ins 18"x1

porcshap***.Verified Buyer

"I loveeeee my clip ins(16/18in curly)" Product Used: Curly Clip Ins 16"x1 18"x1

Amber Mi***.Verified Buyer

"Hi! I absolutely love this hair, it blends so well with my 3b/3c hair so well! I receive a ton of compliments on this hair! It looks and feels so natural! It bounces, it has has shine, and it makes you feel like your still you without losing yourself by adding extensions! It's not a lot of maintenance and you can even sleep in them and try different styles. They are super versatile.. I'm so happy that I made the investment in purchasing these clip in's! They've given me life! Everywhere I go people are stopping asking me about my hair! Most won't even believe me when I say that they are clip in's! This hair is beautiful! I am so in love with every curl! I have 16/18 inch curly clip in's! Thank you guys so much for focusing on natural hair of all textures!" Product Used: Curly Clip Ins 16"x1 18"x1

Tiffany ***s.Verified Buyer

Hi my name is Tiffany Jones and I purchase hergivenhair about 3weeks ago and I have to say that I'm in love with the hair it looks just like my real hair I got the curly hair clip ins in 16 and 18 inches the Quality of hair is very good I wash the hair a couple of times and barely any shedding. I would love for my picture to be on the website or Instagram page Sincerely you're happy customer Product Used: Curly clip ins 16"x1 18"x1

Latoya K***.Verified Buyer

Thanks I love this hair .... Wish I would have got two packs my back is not full in back. Product used: curly clip in 18"x1

Makell W***ce.Verified Buyer

The hair is great , I should've gotten 2 for fullness but it matches great when I twist it at night.Thanks a lot this hair has given much life lol but no problem here's more pictures enjoy the company definitely look forward to purchasing more!For any videos on styling it or how I manage it my way you can add my snapchat @luvvlanaee! Product used: curly clip ins 14"x1

Erin Rob***n.Verified Buyer

I love the hair! I actually dyed it black and straightened it just to see how it would straighten then revert back, and it work out great! I want to continue to wear the hair curly but I love it straight as well! Thank you! Product Used: Curly clip ins 16"x2 18x1

Tameka P***ney.Verified Buyer

Thank you!!!My order number is 91001771 and its 16 and 18 inch bundles of the "Curly" hair clip-ins. I love the hair.. worth every penny!!! Product Used: Curly Clip ins 16"x1 18"x1

Celina S***en.Verified Buyer

I ordered two bundles of 16" and 14" curly hair clip ins. I dyed them black and used a few pieces to twist with my own hair. It looks healthy, natural, and my friends and family loved it. Fells comfortable and I even slept on it which is huge because I can't wear weaves or wigs because of the tension on my scalp. Most comfortable hair experience ever. Product used: Curly clip in 2 Bundles 16"x1 & 14"x1

Nathan H***od.Verified Buyer

I installed my 2 bundles of curl, I dyed it a soft black, I love them very versatile, thank you! you too! and i love the clip ins it mixes well, my curls are a little looser but its close. Product used: Curly clip in 1 Bundle 16"x1

abena af***.Verified Buyer

Hi! I received the sample.. I'm already wearing the clip ins.. I will post a video in a few days.I'm just waiting on the website you guys are putting together for me and I will send it over and tag you.. I'll be selling with you as well. Product used: Curly clip in 1 Bundle 16"x1

Tineaka ***es.Verified Buyer

There's 1 three clip piece weft that's curled perfect, I put that 1 on top. Overall I like the fullness/thickness and it look/feel pretty natural. Product used: Curly clip in 1 Bundle 16"x1

Makala H***ton.Verified Buyer

Once i got the install how I wanted it, my hair is perfect! It blends perfect and very versatile. I plan to post pics on IG soon and tagging you guys! Im in the military so to be able to wear it up and down as I please is very convenient! I recommend telling people to keep in mind their head size when ordering lol i have a pea head and got 2 bundles only needed one! Buts its ok more for later!

Bessie V***n-francis.Verified Buyer

OMG!!!!! I. LOVE. THIS. HAIR!!!I always wear sometype of weave but this has been the absolute easiest, most flawless hair I have worn. Of course I love being able to care for my own hair underneath daily!!! These clips are GERY high quality -that is your best asset, and the hair is beautiful!!! Thank you for such quick customer service and with today being my birthday enjoy the picture below and feel free to share the comment! Product used: Curly Clip in Hair 1 Bundles 14"x1

Keisa Mo***.Verified Buyer

Yes I LOVE my hair and it matched perfectly,the shipping was fast and there was no hassle.....First photo I'm pointing at my own natural hair,the other photos are to show the quality and length.....I have 2 bundles in my head an 18in and a 20in. And I'm loving my hair from Her Given Hair!!! Product used: Curly Wefts 2 Bundles 18"x1 & 20"x1

Aniya Mo***mery.Verified Buyer

I have installed the hair, I LOVE THE HAIR. I matches my hair type perfectly and looks so natural and real. Minimum shedding, and your customer service AWESOME. I rate the hair 10 out of 10 . && Customer Service 10 out of 10. I just recently cut my hair and with this hair && the your great customer service no one can tell. I have not took the hair since I received it last month. Now I can sew my own weaves && wigs thank you.I recommend this hair to all my natural friends and they love it to. I'll be ordering soon lol. Product used: Curly Clip in Hair 1 Bundles 14"x1

Luisa Si***.Verified Buyer

I received the hair and it looks and feels really good. Thank you Product used: Curly, Kinky Clip in Hair 1 Bundles 12"x2

SHARON S***RA.Verified Buyer

I received the hair. Love the packaging.I have use hair extensions before on and off over the years. I now prefer clip-ins because its quick and easy to install and I like the versatility it gives me. I have never had human hair clip-ins before so this is a first.The hair is great, but I think texture is not quite right for me. I think I need the kinky. However I have installed it and just seeing how I get on with it. Using the right products is my concern and making the hair blend with my own. Thanks so much for your prompt service and professionalism. There are a few companies doing natural hair extensions so competition is fierce. kind regards Product used: Curly Clip in Hair 1 Bundles 12"x1

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