Hergivenhair Satin Lined Protective Headband-HB02

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Headband Size:
Length: 19 inches
Width: 9.6inches

Rayon(95%) + Spandex(5%)
Polyester(95%) + Spandex(5%)

Two Colors

The headband will be shipped by the USPS on the second day. You will need 3-4 business days to receive it and please check your mailbox in time.

How to apply the Headband

1. Pull headband over your head and let it rest on your neck making sure all of your hair is on top.
2. Bend over upside down and let your hair naturally flow forward.
3. Grab the top of the headband and pull it to the end of your hair making sure to cover your nape and edges. Stuff your hair inside if you like.

1. It has silky material inside.
2. It protects your hair from root to ends

1. Keeps hair stretched
2. Keeps your hair from bunching up at the nape of your neck or sides from sleeping and or sweating and frizzing and losing definition.
3. Stays out of the way so that you can comfortably sleep and lay on all 3 sides of your head.
4. Aids in keeping style longer.

Removing The headband
1. Either grab the top or bottom and gently pull it off of your head.
2. Shake, fluff, pull, and go!



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***.Verified Buyer

I can not thank you enough this has helped me as I have difficulties using my hands. I was unable to use satin scarf because i could not tie knots in the head scarf. So I decided to do my research and find a hair bonnet that will be easy for me to use. The UK did not have any that was suitable for me to use. So i decided to go on YouTube where I came across your hair bonnet. I saw the demonstration and bought it immediately. 100 per cent love this. Thank you

Brianell***nsen.Verified Buyer

I purchased on in grey and I'm very satisfied with it.. Thank You

Anthony ***niels.Verified Buyer

I feel so afro-centric in this

Anthony ***niels.Verified Buyer

Purchased one in black and I love it.

Marshae ***bury.Verified Buyer

Shout out to Ms Naturally Mary for brining me hair!! I love it! :)

Tracie W***ams.Verified Buyer

Before I got sisterlocks installed, I researched the best hair cap to use and found this on youtube. I bought it months before my installation and started using it. I wished I had it my whole life!!! This cap is hands down the best tool I’ve ever used to protect my hair at night. I travel for work so I keep one in my suitcase and one at home because it’s that serious. This cap does not come off at night. I wake up and have very little work to do as far as styling my hair for the day. This cap is great for long hair and thick hair. It’s great for braids and locks. It’s also great for pineappling hair at night for twist outs and a wash and go. I have bought these caps for so many other women in my life because they work and I recommend it to many others.

Laurie P***a.Verified Buyer

I have long Caucasian hair and I have been looking for something like this for years now! It keeps my hair contained and protected at night. It is easy to put on and stays on with all my tossing and turning. I’m really pleased, thank you HerGivenHair!

Rykia Wi***.Verified Buyer

I have heard so many great things about this product and do plan to keep referring people as I have been referred. The natural community needs more creations like this. thank you hergivenhair

***.Verified Buyer

I have fairly long and thick 3c hair. This headband is a gift from god. Say goodbye to uncomfortable silk headscarves that fall off during the night and ugly satin little bo-peep shower cap looking things. Just buy it. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. It's my favorite hair product.

Kristina***n.Verified Buyer

This product is amazing. It keeps my hair silky and protected all night. I just love how easy it is to use, especially the tension cord at the end, genius!!! Definitely a must for curly girls!!!

***.Verified Buyer


***.Verified Buyer


Pamela M***h.Verified Buyer

I was apprehensive abt purchasing bc of my hair length (shoulder length curly type 3b/3c). I felt like my hair wldnt be long enough to benefit. WRONG!!! My wash and gos last 3-4 wks with just water referesh. My coworker has requested one for Christmas. I wish this came in black (hint, hint). I wld order another. EVERY naturalista needs one of these in her arsenal.

***.Verified Buyer

Great headband scarf! Satin in the inside leaves your hair soft and still mositurized. I bought my best friend one I should have bought 2!

***.Verified Buyer

Bought one for my bestfriend and I should have bought 2! I have tried it and it's very easy to use!

Rose Bad***ga.Verified Buyer

I can't wait to try this satin lined headband.

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