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Ombre Clip In Free Trial
Price: $0.00
5 winners
length: 16 inchTexture: optional
QTY: 1 bundle
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Ombre Clip In Free Trial

Price: $0.00
5 winners
length: 16 inch
Texture: optional
QTY: 1 bundle
Count Down:

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Application Procedure

  • Enter the free trial
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Alicia Dow***
I will touch and feel its softness and texture. Then I will co-wash it and see if there is some shedding and tangling. And I will compare when I wear it for a week.

Janae Quar***
I plan to test the hair to see if it matches my natural hair curl pattern. It is hard to find a curl pattern that matches a 3c hair texture and that will last.

Valerie Carpen***
Cowash to make the natural curls come out and then section my hair and see how it blends with my natural texture.

Tayler B***
I plan to use the clip ins to help with my transitioning journey. I am used to wearing straight weaves with which has caused some areas of my hair to be extremely straight. I decided in January of 2018 that I will not get a sew in for a year because the stress it has done to my hair. I want to start just using clip ins so I can manage my real hair easier. By taking out the clip ins and oiling and conditioning my scalp on a regular basis.

erika afri***
purchase additional bundles and create a u part unit!!

Do a youtube video on each hairstyle that can be done with the hair

Simone Pr***
I LOVE my curly hair and would love to test clip ins. My hair is ombre blonde...

Kimberly Car***
I will wear it myself

I plan to test this on a few trips that I have coming up. LA and Disneyland and Miami and generally spring/summer in New York

Kayla Jeffer***
I plan to test the hair immediately! I absolutely love your u-part wigs. People think it is my hair! I almost died my u-part hombre, so this will give me just the reason to wear the style how I want! I also use your clip ins and love them. I cannot wait to see what they will look like in my hair!

Julliet Tho***
Create clip ins and make a youtube video.

Andrea Matt***
Wedding hair style

Andrea Jeffer***
I would love to try these clip-Ins! I currently wear your coily clips and I love them. I get tons of compliments and the quality is great and I just made my 3rd order.

Candace Gregory Maybe***
I plan to test the hair because my hair is currently Ombre!

Danielle R***
Try clip-ins for protective hair styles!

wear it and style it

Gerilyn Ha***
Hello! I would absolutely LOVE to try this clip in and share my experience with the NaturallyCurly community. It would be a great way to show them the versatility of your products while promoting how cute it looks via my Instagram page. This would be so fun to share. Thanks for the opportunity :)

Lisa Wool***
I would love to wear this hair my self. Low maintenance for traveling.

Tida Jar***
I will test the color and see how it looks with my dark skin complexion.

Sunta mo***
On my head

Angela SImp***
I plan to wear it in as many styles as possible and really embrace the beauty of the hair because I aspire for my hair to one day be the same so this will be my way of showing others what the hair can do and also what to expect for myself in the future!

Jessica L***
....ummm....snap that bad boy in, walk out and wait for the compliments to roll in :)

kimora br***
This would be my first clip in section and I will post it on my social media.

If I win this hair, I will test it in multiple ways. I will test it with twist outs, perm rod sets and a variety of updos. Since I am scared to dye my own hair, this hair will allow me to experiment with color and come up with cool styles without causing damage to my natural hair.

Linda Pat***
I have the coily and kinky clip-ins. I prefer the coily. I will take the clip-ins to my stylist and allow her to create a style for me.

Imma wear this ala natural

I plan to wear it to my family reunion in July. Family members from all over the U.S. will be introduced to HerGivenHair.

Terri Tur***
I plan to test the ombre clip ins for washing and breakage, maintenance, difficulty detangling, and different styles options that can be used with the ombre clip ins.

Plan to try the clip ins to switch it up...have the ombre look without having to dye my hair. This would be perfect for an upcoming wedding where I am a bridesmaid.

Imani Jai Chi***
I plan on going to the salon and having my hair stylist bleach and tone the ends of the hair a little lighter to do a look similar to @ishateria on Instagram but with a kinkier texture and seeing how the hair takes that process, and then do a review for the hair on my blog honestlyimanijai. I have worn ombre kinky hair before and loved the look, but afterward, the hair never seemed to be as soft. I am excited to see how this hair is if I am one of the giveaway winners.

Natalie C Wimbe***
I would like to test the hair for flexibility and protection of my natural hair. I have purchased 2 bundles of coily textured hair and would like to test the ombre curly textured hair. Thank you.

Tasha Chat***
I plan on placing this hair on me, I recently had Bariatric surgery and dealing with hair volume loss. I would use these clip in to add volume to my hair and ROCK a natural style. I love the Ombre look, and it matches my natural hair two toned ombre at the ends.

Janet Se***
to see how it flows with my natural locs

Bev Sco***
Would like to see if it blends with my 4C natural hair

I will wear it for my graduation in may

Im currently looking for hair styles for the summer and the end of winter (april) So, id test the hair by wearing it during both seasons so id do a pony tail for the summer and id just add it to my hair and leave some parts of my hair out for the winter, this will allow me see if it would be a good protective hairstyle for the winter (the cold can damage your real hair). And for the summer, Since its an ombre colour,it would really go with the season and if it does not dry fast (because you co wash more during the summer because of dusts,heat etc.) or loose its curls fast, then id know that it also holds for the summer season. So if the hair holds and lasts for both of the most crucial seasons in where i am (canada), then i know its a really good clip-in hair!

Alenda Bra***
I would use the hair to test various hairstyles and to see how well the hair blends with my natural hair, without adding chemicals/dye to mine... should I win, of course!

I plan to test it against my and my sisters natural coils as neither of us can find extensions that blends seamlessly

Chelsi Rog***
I have graduation coming up, so this would be a cool way of testing out a brand new color on me. Plus I always wanted to see how I would look with different textures of hair.

Rev. Rochelle Mo***
I would check resilience, texture, colors and coverage in styling hair. I am in remission from Breast cancer and use current clip ins to add thickness to my now 4” growth of natural curly textured hair. I am in public a lot and people always comment on my natural color HGH clips. Would love to try them to see how ombré color works with my fair skin tone as black colored makes me look pale. I hope to be considered. Thx.

Kari Herr***
I would love to style my hair creatively with the clip-in for a futuristic themed photo shoot for my blog!

Aarion Nich***
I would like to test the color against my deep complexion. I’ve never died my hair before, so these are the only times I get to experiment with color

I want to see if this hair blends with very tight natural coils

Suzette C***
Where it like it’s growing out of my head

Shalisha C***
I would test the hair by seeing how it is in twist outs and two strand twists. My hair is currently black at the roots and reddish brown from mid length to the end. Its a struggle finding hair to ombres like my hair right now but this looks just like it. It would help me decide if I would be open to purchasing more bundles for my June chapbook release.

Diana Lo***
I would test the hair to see if it sheds. And to also see, if I straighten the hair will the curl pattern return, after co washing it .

Natasha Pitt***
I plan to test the hair to see the amount of shedding and how it holds up during continuous wear if made into a wig.

Kanesha Mar***
I want to see how well this hair blends with my natural hair

Kanesia Book***
I plan on testing the hair and shouting out hergivenhair on all my social media websites!

Angelique R***
Yes, I plan to test the hair and color to match my hair.

Lorraine Stanisl***
I plan on wearing the hair in various styles to showcase its versatility.

Sheila Fene***
I will test how the wear is by the using it in different hairstyles, (twistouts, buns, braids, ponytail, etc). Also more importantly, that it matches my hair texture.

Felecia Hug***
I plan to test the hair on my head so that I could show it to my hair dresser and she could recommend it to her other clients.

As a rolled back bun

Dana Mo***
I’ve always wanted to try the product.

Clara Ridd***
I will test them as a wash n go at my masters graduation!

Christine Al***
I want to be able to be more versatile with my hairstyles and use the hair in different ways (up-dos, down, half up, buns, braids, etc.) I also want to try a twist out and see how the texture of this hair will match mine.

Janel Sm***
I plan to wear it at work

I LOVE HERGIVENHAIR! With my busy schedule as a PhD student, it has been a central piece to my every day look. I used to have a natural ombre look but the dye process damaged my hair so much I had to cut it off. The awesome thing about this style, is that it allows you to rock the ombre look without damaging your natural tresses! Since this free trail comes with one bundle, I plan to style the Ombre Hair Clip In with a slick back half braided pony adorned with gold hemp string to enhance the goddess braid look!

shareela al***
Co-wash and wear

Hannah Da***
I would love to see if the hair gives me the pop of color that I now adore. I use extensions to try out color with out the possibility of damaging my own hair. The ombre clip ins will add to my crown and help me achieve some versatility with my staple low pony tail and simple wash and go.

I plan to wear and blend with my natural hair

Atica Helms Tho***
I plan to lay & slay this hair for my 40th Bday for a fabulous photo shoot!

Natasha Ray***
My natural hair is thick and coarse hair.

I plan to rock the hair at my next fashion show and photo shoot!!!! I cant wait!! I want the fashion world to love and except our hair texture. This will give me the pop of color needed to stand out!!!!

Monica Cro***
To see how easily it blends with the color and texture of my own hair.

Shawna Rena***
I plan to test the hair because I want to see how it is different from other hair company such as the texture, color,shedding,and long I can maintain the hair. its important for me to test this hair so I can show/tell my family and friends about this hair company and that their hair is very impressive then other hair company. I know a lot of hair shreds but I want to see how its different from other hairs. I want to see if it has a natural look even when wearing the hair. I hope the hair is very soft and maintainable for a month or so. Its also like a summer vibe hairstyle.

Rashetta Robin***
I want to try something new.

Ciara Robin***
I plan to rock it in a photo shoot with my girls.

Katiana Dupi***
I plan to give it to my aunt who survived breast cancer. Two years in complete remission.

Ashley B***
I plan to test the hair immediately. I always have my hair in clip ins or wigs so by hair is always braided and ready to go.

Ashley B***
ASAP Full head of clip ins with minimal leave out to blend

Jonetta Du***
I have bought your sample hair before and I think the clip ins would be the best option for me. I think this would be a great protective style that is quick and easy.

Nikia Marsh***
I plan to test the hair for versatility, to see quickly it tangles/gets matted, and how long the color lasts. I am currently rocking the coily clip ins which I love, love, love. I have washed, cowashed and styled these clip ins so many times. I think its important to know how these colored extension will stand up against everyday styling and with the summer coming up how well they maintain their color with natures elements beaming on them.

I absolutely love clip in hair extensions, so i will use the Ombre Clip In Hair for a more natural curl look and feel to my everyday hair as i am taking my transition more serious now. My hair is more curly than before and is more healthier as well. And healthy hair makes a happy curly girl/boy.

Christelle Ta***
I would like to make that color on my own natural hair and put that ombre hair clip to have them more longer. Thank you.

dye it to a brown black color

Roldyne St. Hub***
To do different updo styles

Carolyn J. Hug***
I want hair as close to my natural hair texture as possible.

Wash and style. Wearing a high pony tale with very short sides, left side also has a design. Some days wear a pinned up high bun for board or conference room meetings.

to do different styles

Kerry-Anne Fr***
I have never worn a natural wig/hair before let alone in colour therefore this will be my first time to try it on being a naturalista myself it will be a interesting to see how it looks and feels

Dominique Fore***
If I like it it’ll definitely be my next look

Monica Far***
I will video the opening and install

Sharon Coll***
My daughter is an inspiring cosmetologist and she is trying different things.

Trayce E***
I have natural 4c hair, that is colored with henna. I have several colors in my hair, due to the way henna stains my natural black roots, the 40-50% gray, and the ends that were dyed a “copper” color before henna. I can’t wait to see how this hair blends with mine!!!

I would test the hair on it’s texture and the quality of the hair . I’ve never ordered clip -ins so this would give me a chance to check it out. I would also like to see if the hair stands up to being colored just like the ad states. Then I would use it as a protective style on my natural hair .

Cathy Dis***
I would like to see how the texture is compared to my hair. The ease of using the clips and the longevity.

Monique Hi***
I want to see if the hair matches my hair type, test its longevity and see how well it blends.

Kina DeShie***
Test the durability / management of the hair while wearing it in a protective style

Markieta Wo***
I plan to buy another pack and try it as a sew in

I plan to try the hair out for my 30th birthday April 29th. My birthday has been rough for me these past almost 3yrs. I lost my mom April 1st 2015 and with my birthday less than a month away it ruined it a once happy celebration for me.

Barbara Broo***
I will try to blend it with my natural hair.

I would like to see how well they blend with low porosity hair. My plan is to install the clip in and moisturize it and my hair and notice if they react differently to the product

Krystal Lock***
After co-washing the hair, I will use Kinky Curly Knot today to finger comb it for easy styling. I will then cornrow my own hair back into a high ponytail and use half of the bundle to do a high (full) ponytail and the other half to do a lower ponytail closer to the nape of my neck.

Beatrice Nyamwenge Ok***
I would love to test the clip ins on my own hair. I live in Kenya where quality clip ins are difficult to find. Dyeing my hair hasnt worked too well for me in the past so the clip ins would be a really great way for me to add colour and volume to my hair.

I plan to try it on my own hair

Chanel Tho***
I wanna add some colour in my universe with these clip ins

Lori Bla***
I will style it continuously and then in 3 weeks time I will wash it.

Sophiatou F***
I would like to sample the hair before buying for business/hair salon

I would love to use as a protective style!

Mapule Mafa***
I will test how quickly and easily the hair bounces back and returns to its natural curls after a blow out, I will do this with a cowash.

Cecilia Milbou***
Hey so I’m a young hairstylist. I’m really into the natural look now and just big fluffy hair. I also love buns. I think the ombré look is so cute and gives a way to play with color without damaging by beautiful curls. I would test this hair by wearing it out and by trying so many fun bun hairstyles to get that pop of color. I love your hair and am so excited for this color line.

Belinda Kaim***
I plan to use the hair to protect it against the cold and rainy season we have in Kenya at the moment. I also recently coloured my hair a red similar to the bundle - its just a match made in heaven. I will flaunt it at the office, in events and for my upcoming trip to Greece. I think there is a lot you can do with one bundle, not just a bun but I can half up dos, bantu knots then let the bundle shine at the back of my hair, use it to make my space buns voluminous...the options are limitless.

Dezirea Smi***
I plan on doing an ombre blonde. I love my natural curly hair and I do not want to damage my hair. I have finally got my curly hair to reach my shoulders. I have struggle for the longest to have longer hair, and my hair is starting to grow really well. Having clips in and getting to do a style of blonde. Will allow me to have my desired look without damaging my hair.

The hair will go through the strenuous birthday hair. The addition of the color would be great since I’m unable to dye my own hair.

Carla Soph***
Every day wear! I am in the process of letting my natural hair rest, and grow. Along with rest, I am using a variety of natural growth products and wigs! It would be great to add these to my regime. It will be wonderful ????

Adrian Anic***
My girlfriend does not have full confidence with her natural curly hair and I am just helping her get a chance to receive curly hair extensions.

Jackie banb***
Twist out

Claudia Of***
To use it and blend it in with the pack I already have for my profile photoshoot.

Vivian Smi***
I am just starting to wear my natural hair out more. I have just recently stopped getting my hair straighten and want to start rocking my natural curls. My hair has brown highlights, and if I received these curly extensions. I would add brown highlights to the curls to match my real hair.

Katekile Mash***
I plan to firstly run my hands through it as soon as I receive it to see if there is any shedding, will smell it to see if there is any odor. Will then was it with conditioner and air dry the hair. Will wear it for the month whilst washing it every week or 2 weeks depending on the manipulation of styles I will be wearing.

Cassandra F***
Yes I plan to test and wear the hair

Use in my natural hair to add volume

Tamitra T***
I would love to see how the texure wouks blend with my natural hair and what styles I could do using the hair.

I plan on seeing how it blends with my natural curly hair as far as updos and how real it looks to others. Plan on seeing how it feels to people and also get feedback from family and friends. I plan on posting pictures and videos of me in the hair on social media seeing how people feel about it . I do have curly hair followers who would also be interested if they see how the hair looks on me.

I love colours. I recently dyed my kinky clip ins intense red awesome

Valery Pine***

Wash tests and installation

Tracey Stephens***
I plan to buy another bundle and a closure and do a sew-in for my birthday holiday to Turkey and see how it holds up in all different conditions( extreme sun, pool water, sea water) and post my results. I’m from the uk and the weather here is generally cold so I’m really looking forward to getting some vitamin D and this shade of ombré will be popping against my new shade of melanin.

fadiyla ma***
a wear test

Sharnae Le***
I plan to put this hair to the ultimate test! Install to see how well it blends with my natural hair does it look shiny or synthetic? Run my fingers through it and test for any shedding. Most of all see how well it holds up during extracurricular activities..can I wear them at the gym without fear of one slipping out or becoming matted up at the end of the day? I want effortless hair as all women do and I know I will put that hair TO WORK!

Keah ho***
I plan to test the hair to give myself more confidence in wearing my natural texture out more. I normally do protective styles. If I had clips in, I would be more willing to do more curly styles, get more comfortable with my kinkinest and eventually get to a point where the clip in aren’t needed

Test it in swimming pool to see if chlorine changes it’s colour

Valery Pine***
1. Co wash my hair and the clipins with a high porosity-friendly product, like shea moisture. 2. Pat dry with a T shirt 2. Once slightly dampened, follow up with kinky curly’s knot today 3. Proceed to twist my hair with the exception of leave out on the perimiter and part of my hair 4. Position clip-ins in a manner that allows maximum blending 5. Seal leavout with argan oil then apply eco-style gel and brush hair into clip-ins

Martie Blackshi***
I don’t understand the question. When do I plane to test the hair in the next couple months in Jamaica, Memorial Day. I need a carefree hair style.

Shamone Steph***
Want to see how it look and the texture of the hair

Thea Willi***
As soon as it comes in the mail!!

I have been planning to give HerGivenHair a try for a moment now, I’m just waiting for the sufficient funds, but I will try a fro, and updos. There’s not a lot of people with Coily hair where I live, and I would love to switch up my style for the stage :)

Kemisha Ros***
I am going to my college reunion called Dawn Dance March 23, 2018 thru the 25th. Id love to test the hair there. In addition, I am an AKA and can post the hair in numerous pages of where I am a member that will give it maximum exposure.

The longevity- how many hours of comfort & how many wears/days/weeks before 1st wash/in between washes How well the hair is blended with my hair Can I wear a ponytail, updo or down style? OMG I just want to TEST everything ????

Nichole Willi***
I’m going to test how well the hair holds up when wearing for a full day, I’m going to test how much it tangles if more than expected, I’m going to test how much it sheds, I’m going to test how well it will hold a curl, I’m going to test how well it straightens, and I’m going to test and see if it will revert back to its natural state after washing,

I am a lover of beautiful afro/kinky textured hair. I have had an afro all my life and I would love to start trying out new styles with kinky textured extensions. I would love to try some funky interesting new hairstyles. I hope I get it! (fingers crossed)

Jasmaine W***
I plan to test the bundles for future purchases to make a wig out of them.

Use it as a comparison with the clip ins I already have

Anastasia Anin***
I plan to rock the hair all summer and use it to make a versatile wig that can be worn at any time!

Chartia H***
I’m fairly new to this natural hair life so that’s why I think it’d be perfect to test these clip ins. I hope to test for quality as well as the ability to naturally blend with my hair.

Plan to test for shedding.

Chokolate Expressions in care of L McDu***
I plan to prewash/condition it first and then take it to my stylist (I only do braids) and let her magic capture my visual for a haute spring look.

La-Keeta Mo***
I plan on testing and installing as a protective style on my hair. Being natural and having flexibility with your hair gives you more options.

Latoya W***
4b/4c clip ins for my clients.

Planning on investing on some good hair. This will be a great opportunity.

Myrna Mar***
On myself

Stacey Spearm***
To create multiple styles on short hair. YouTube and do a tutorial on how to style hair.

Monifa Heyw***
I plan to jazz up my boring hairstyle. Adding the color and length

Kanisha f***
I plan to cowash the hair and then wear it myself

Samantha Johns***
I have had my current clip in bundles for over 2 years. I Love her given hair because it matches my hair texture so well. My current bundles are my natural hair color b/c of my professional work and although I love color I have been afraid to dye my own hair. If I won the free trial I would use the ombre clip ins to see if the texture stays consistent as the natural color clip ins and use it as a lead to introducing more color to my hair in a fresh way for the summer months!

I currently purchase clip ins from hergivenhair. It will be very nice to sample/ test hair that is already colored.This is much easier for me when going through my installment process, 1 step is eliminated for me. I began wearing the clip ins because a few years ago I stopped wearing protective styles and embraced my curl pattern journey. As a newbie, it has been difficult to find true natural (curly) hair stylist so I began coloring my hair (I have a lot of gray and became allergic to black coloring (rinse) of any kind. Well, I basically burnt my hair out from not knowing how to properly color my hair. I turned to clip ins and over the past two years I have progressed and evolved. After following the initial steps that you regularly do to wear hergivenhair, I will style and rock the cutest styles with this ombre hair!

I plan to use the for my YouTube and broadcast. I have about almost 19,000 subscripers on both accounts. I think they will enjoy me reviewing the hair, styling the hair and seeing if the hair dyes well.

Alexia ***
As a fairly new natural and seriously busy RN, protective styles are my go to! Clip ins seem ideal for me as it’d give my natural hair a break during my strenuous work outs. I’d love to see how these clip ins withstand 12 hour shifts at work, being taken out daily for work outs, and then being reinstalled for random nights on the town. Not to mention they have color! Something not many natural girls are able to experience. Let this novice give you and all other novices out there a real review!

I don’t understand the question. But if the question is supposed to say why instead. I will be honest I purchased clip ins from you a while ago, they were dope I loved my new natural hair and someone stole them. I haven’t been able to afford more since.

sonia adelu***
To wash it and blowdry it to see how it holds and also use it for high buns and leave outs

Cheryl Singlet***
I would love to wear this on date nights, they would be perfect for workout days when I don’t have time to style my natural hair, and probably to church.

Richelle B***
Plan on wearing it for my wedding

nicci c***
when?? first week of april - braid take down scheduled for end of this month

Veronica G***
I plan to do a fb video and share with my family and friends in africa looking for good hair and cant find it

Alicia Simp***
I will try a couple sassy updos and one down style! It would be perfect take for my 30th birthday party.

Tearelle Cole- John***
I plan on using the hair as an addition to my daily natural styling and hopefully start selling it based on the response I get.

I want to try something new. People that get to know me get annoyed at the fact that I dont change up my hairstyles so I feel like this would encourage me to do something new and fun as see how well the hair blends

Alicia Cice***
Mixing it in with my own, try different natural styles.

Sparkle Bry***
I would love to where it for my engagement photo shoot. My fiancé Loves this style on me!

I plan to wear the hair as my own as I have other bundles I’ve ourvhased from your company.

Shylanda Gabr***
If the hair looks as beautiful on me as it does in pictures, I will wear it for my college graduation.

I plan to wash it and see how long the color stays vibrant. Also to dye my hair to find a perfect match to this hair as clipins.

At my baby shower in May. I’m excited to add some length to my growing hair.

Cateena Richards***
Mangability, tangles, frizz, and is it better to wear it down or pin it up

Patricia Jack***
I love protective styles for vacationing. The less I can worry about my hair the better. If I win, I will be able to wear the hair for the 3 vacations and a wedding I have planned this summer. What I would like to observe while using this hair is as follows 1) Convenience- if I do my correct maintenance needs such as twisting at night before bed and properly moisturizing the following morning how does the hair respond. Will it be ready to go? Will it be dry and in need of water and/ or additional products? How long will the process take? I am willing to meet the hair where it needs to be met to adjust the maintenance needs. If I find myself spending a lot of my vacation time maintaining the hair, it may measure very low on the convenience scale. 2) Shedding- I would like to know how the color has effected the health of the hair in terms of shedding. As we know , colored hair may shed more than uncolored hair. This is important because some consumers do care a lot about shedding. I don’t really mind it but it would be good feedback for individuals who are interested in knowing. 3) Curl pattern- aside from shedding, colored hair may also change the hair’s curl pattern. I am assume that the Her given hair company will not produce hair that has two different curl patterns on one bundle. So in order to test curl pattern, after 2 weeks of wearing the hair in its natural state I will attempt to straighten the hair. Then after wearing it straight I will attempt to revert the hair back to its natural pattern. Once the hair has been reverted, I will be able to tell if the hair was damaged more on the colored ends than on the noncolored roots. If the curl pattern has changed in the ends, that will be notice that the hair should not be straightened unless the individual does not mind the damage.

Melissa Mi***
I plan to use the clip-in to enhance my natural beauty. I struggle with growing my natural hair and clip-ins allow me to try styles I normally would not have been able to wear. The ombré color will give me the chance to wear color in my hair without damaging it.

Diondra Bloc***
I plan to cowash the hair and put a good leave-in conditioner as I would do my own hair. I would test test this hair as a protective style maybe in a faux bun, a messy bun, and definitely a look with my hair down just to add some length. The color is a major bonus to the extensions. It’s a way of wearing color without actually coloring my hair. I’d probably go as far as ordering a couple of bundles myself!

nancy tur***
I plan on wearing that awesome hair everyday seeing how the color holds up or does it fade after a few cold washes

Patti Show***
On my daughter

Felecia Gall***
I plan to wear the clip ins to help cover some thinning areas I have, to make my hair look fuller.

Samantha sim***
I would like to do a vixen install. Going for a natrual look. Following the first time I used the 4c hair! I did up do’s, curled styles, Afros, twists and braids. It would be great as a student to get this win!

Chanell Vess***
I’ve never worn clip ins before so this’ll be a test for me and the hair

Jocelin Ja***
I plan to wear it myself and purchase more as well as recommend it to friends

Shareeta Va***
I plan to co-wash the hair and then use the same quality leave-on conditioner as I would use on my own. I would use clip-ins to add length and for the styling versatility. The color is similar to mine, so this would be an added bonus.

Christina Naza***
Yes i would to test the hair to my upcoming wedding!

Chelsie Burch***
First, I plan to protective style my hair with the clip ins, to ensure their security and vitality. Second, I plan to do styles that will make my hair look longer and fuller as I venture on my healthy natural hair journey.

Chanel B***
I don’t have an Instagram or YouTube account, due to confident reasons that I’m still working on. I do follow many subscribers who do have them, and I have heard a like about your company and hair. I’ve been waiting to try hair for a long time and just scared that I’ll be the one that will get “screwed over”. So this is a good opportunity for me to see and feel the products myself and to also scare with folks around me how I feel about the products.

Ombré hair is very complex to introduce to a curl pattern. As to achieve the lighter color, one would have to apply chemicals that could stretch the curl pattern very quickly. In this beta stage we must try to test how long the hair can keep its bounce and life within its curls/coils. By using the recommended products I will test how soft the curls/coils stay throughout the day, looking for strands that have straightened out and lose its bounce.

Tamika Ly***
I plan to use the hair immediately for my trip to Italy!

SeQuilla Barring***
Spring break is coming up and what’s a better way to test this hair than hit the beach. Let’s see if it can hold up in humid weather and if can survive the ocean & the pool!

Nichelle Carr***
For my son graduation I plan to test the hair and hope that it is less tangled or tangle free, and easy to manage

Winsome Wit***
Ombré is my signature style. Having recently discovered HerGivenHair my hair game has exploded! The compliments I receive on a daily basis is amazing! I would definitely make a full unit with this to do a YouTube video. The INPIRATIONS are endless!!

Marquitta Mitch***
I will have my stylist put it in for me and shape it so it looks as my own.. so excited and hope I win...

Angela Brad***
I plan to use it. I have never used clip in, but wanted to.. now here’s my chance. And if I live it I will order more.

Ahja Br***
Kinky blow out :)

Sheila Campb***
I plan on shampooing and conditioning the hair with my regular hair care items . Air drying Iike I do my natural hair and applying the clip in Extensions to my natural hair to see how well it blends in. I never use them before this will be a great opportunity to try them out and not having to color my natural hair . Longer hair and no chemicals. Win Win...

Stephanie sa***
I always love HerGivenHair hairs but never have a chance to buy one because the fact I never know which texture will match my hair.Being able to get that free simple will allow to make my dream come true

Danielle Clin***
I went a natural two years ago after 40 years of relaxing my hair. I cut it completely off and started over. My hairstylist uses your product and I experienced the wig myself a few weeks ago when I modeled for her. This lead me to purchase my first lace wig from your company. I am so excited to see this ombré option available and want to experiment with the clip on to add so many levels of versatility to my natural hair styles.

Sandrene Bai***
I want to test the texture, several natural styles, how well iit blends with my hair and to improve my confidence


Santwala Willi***

I plan to test out the hair by personal experience and make my own judgement

Michelle Shamber***
Texture & durability

Crystal Har***
I have been waiting for y’all to ombré some hair. I hate dying extensions. This would save soooo much time. Thanks for thinking of us lazy naturals ????

San Antho***
Cowash, deep condition, detangle, and fingercoil clip-ins to blend with my hair.

Jada Wh***
I plan to test the clip-ins as a method of helping ease the struggle of manipulating my natural hair everyday. I put myself on an extended growth challenge and would love to see/share the benefits of using clipins to grow my natural hair as well as quickly change the look with ease. Your products are such great quality and I would be honored to get the opportunity to try for myself.

Amber Jade Dari***
In a hair expo! I just did a big chop and really want to show girls that we can rock longer hair while I. The process!;)

Shalana Lyee Goo***
I’ve damaged my hair so much trying to figure how to rock natural hair and still fit it my very corporate and some times natural hair unfriendly work environment. These clips ins will give me the versatility to be proud and wear my curls for all to see but allow me to still be seen as a professional.

Princess og***
I plan to straighten the clip ins and revert it back to its curls. Also test the durability and do a colour test.

LaKeisha T Ba***
As soon as possible for a different look

MoJoanna Pie***
I plan on buying another bundle to make a upart and sharing my experience with my natural hair organization at school and with all my natural hair friends! I would LOVE to try these!

Shayla Crumm***
Use it for a vacation.

Chaunta Tay***
I love ombré hair, when I purchased my 1st bundle I took it to a professional and it was dyed correctly and they messed up the hair. I would love to show off what the hair supposed to look like and show them it can be done properly without damaging the hair. This ombré hair is my color that I do for all styles.

Andrea Rom***
I plan to use the hair to help me on my growth journey. It’s been a year and a half since my “big-chop” and my hair grows very slowly. I would love to finally see myself with some inches. My hair is actually in this kind of ombré already lol. I would co-wash the hair to give it moisture and test it for shedding and how well the curls dry. Also I will test how long the curls last with my usually routine. I always see your products on Ig but never have the means to afford it, I believe this will finally give me the opportunity to do something new and good for my hair. I typically only do wash and go’s and twist outs and want to experience something different. Thanks for taking the time to read :)

Zena Jo***
I plan to test the hair for a girls trip/spring break vacation. I want to see how the hair will hold up during multiple engagements.

Zena Jo***
Would like to test for a girls trip to see how the hair will hold up plus it would be a great look for the trip.

Briana Cl***
I plan on trying the hair for the pop of color. As a naturalista, I choose not to color my hair, so this will allow me to do so without the fear of breakage and damage.

Lashawn Jo***

Gloria Ja***
I plan to wearit as an advertisement so pple can ser and get referred to yourgiven hair

Charmaine Jo***
I love the look and feel of curly hair and have been excited to try an ombre style. I have previously purchased the coily and kinky blow out hair and am pleased with the look and feel of your products. I would love to try this one out.

Nathalie Fonti***
I am pregnant, just cut my hair and need easy styles for the next few months so I plan on seeing how well the clip ins blend with my hair and last

Tonya Wa***
I would like to test to blend in for my daughter baby shower. She went natural and wants to add length

Cassandra Brackenri***
As soon as possible

Chandra Rush***
Plan to test it on both FB and my first You tube video..

Kerri Gil***
I plan to see if color matches me ombré hair color

I plan to test the color, the texture of the hair after died, longevity, and how well it is styled with my natural hair

I plan to test the color, the texture of the hair after died, longevity, and how well it is styled with my natural hair

Tosha Washing***
I’m planning on wearing it myself to test it.

Cassandra Brackenri***
I plan to test it against my natural hair. I currently have HerGivenHair installed as a sew-in in my hair but want to see how a pop of color would look.

Tonya Jo***
I am in process of transitioning to my natural curly hair so would love to use ur fur length and fullness.

Chavelia Yo***
My college student wants to try the clip ins. The ombré would be a nice extra to add to the experience.

Stephanie Nel***
On myself to give my hair a fuller, balanced look

Tracy Chattah***
I plan to make an part wig for summer to review on my YouTube channel and ig Page.

I’d love to try this out as a protective style to help grow out of my current “awkward length”. My hair is color treated, but the roots have grown out so it IS ombré already.

Theresa Fa***
I would use it to blend and lengthen my daughters hair

Kathy B***

I plan to use the clip ins for a hairstyle during my outside graduation ceremony to see how it holds up for three hours in the heat. If it maintains its definition and lustre.

Tammie R Sni***
Yes, as soon as possible. For versatility

Leslie J***
I´m planning to use the hair for my wedding since i want to have a hairstyle that looks as natural as possible.So i´m hoping to win :)

Brittany Brin Robin***
I plan to test the hair by wearing it and posting images and video on social media.

Dominique Kni***
Personal use for a wig.

Wear it under my real hair!

On myself.. see if it’s as good as it says

Brittka Bright Wa***
I plan on testing it on me in a natural ponytail

Ernestine Fleuran***

Nicole Gla***
I’m a hairstylist and I’m natural so I plan on Turing the bundle into clip ins and wearing them with me hair as a protective style.

Jessica Zep***
I plan to use the clip in so I can add more length to my hair and more

Laica Louis-j***
I plan to wear the clip-ins as a protective style to work and on my night outs. To test the hair, I will do multiple hairstyles without damaging the curl pattern and following the guidelines on how to maintain the hair.

K Nett***
Planning to see if I like these for my own hair and clients.

Chomoya Fau***
I intend to test the versatility and longevity of the clip-ins by creating different hairstyles with the clip-ins and my natural hair, all the while keeping a log and pictures of the variety of styles that the ombre clip ins will allow me to achieve. I also plan to wear them to the upcoming Beyonce and Jay Z concert, which will be the ultimate marketing and advertising opportunity for her given hair (considering the thousands of women that will see my hair and no doubt LOVE IT as well) I also intend to purchase more of these clip ins if they prove to be as durable as my previous her given hair clip ins. I also will consider posting videos on social media of my experience.

Tanya Tay***
I plan to do a style in my hair

Sandra Stew***
I have heard and seem wonderful things about the hair. Trying it would be the way to go.

Tameka Pinck***
I’ve worn your clip-in extensions before so I know exactly how to rock the hair and what people are looking for! I would of course co-wash the hair prior to wearing it to show people it’s bomb natural hair pattern and how HGH has minimal shedding. Then I would use the extensions with my natural 3c/4a hair to show how seamlessly they blend. I would demonstrate various styles that can be attained with the hair (top-knot bun with hair down, ponytail, twist out and wash-n-go). I’m experienced with HGH which I purchased in 2016 and I still have them today...even after using them for various styles and blowing the coily hair out. I can honestly testify that HGH is a high-quality product and worth the investment!

Jennifer Fian***
As I am cowash

Sherese R***
Summer hair styles

Mell ***
I plan to use the clip-ins for protective hair styles!

Versatility & manageability of hair

I plan to wear the hair as a ponytail and bun to see how long it can last

Tykeyah McC***
I plan on cowashing it, look for any shedding and let it air dry over night. Then I will compare the curls to my natural hair seeing if it blends and check for any tangles.

Tarsongia B***
Ive been natural for two years. I have never used clip-ins before, but I’m interested in trying something new.

Amber Sc***
This will be my first time using extensions with my natural hair.

I plan to test the hair on myself, in hopes of buying more and selling them as well.

Lenita Richard***
I plan to blend the hair with my own ombréd hair into a cute and easy style

Christine D V***
First: Feel and smell the hair for softness and chemical smells. Second: Wash and dry the hair according to the instructions while determining the amount of shedding. Third: Test for softness and strength, since the hair has been dyed, by stretching the hair. Fourth: Wear the hair for at least 2 weeks. During that time I would use minimal products on the hair so as to extend the life and take the hair out at night and reapply when necessary.

Corinne Pie***
I want to test the hair by putting it through the same thing I put my hair through. I want to see how well it blends because a lot of beauty shop hair says it’s kinky or coily but the texture isn’t even close. I want to wear it to work because for some reason people at work are always amazed when I change my hair. I always get the “is that your real hair”.

AMAnda john***
One of my clients or myself

I plan on testing the hair quality and endurance to styling and co washing.

If chosen,I plan to test the hair by Co washing,deep conditioning,and using it to create various styles for myself.I get many compliments and questions asked when ever I change styles so this would be something I could also refer people for business.

Nicole Elle***
I have never tried Clip-ins, but have heard they are very convenient. I will co-wash and see how well they blend with my hair. Also want to wear in ponytail, and tell my cousins about them because they have been interested as well.

Angelica Sama***
I am headed to India for three weeks (on 3/25/18) and will be chronicling my trip throughout the country (from New Delhi to Bangalore) and would proudly share the hair and its wearability. I will be posting daily Vlogs for my students; I am a teacher. I will be visiting many tourist sites and exploring how African Americans are influencing and are influenced by Indian culture.

I plan on wearing the hair and showing it off.

Dana Yore-Car***
Doing different up dos and twist out and blend with existing clip ins.

Angela Bolton Mat***
Get a sew-in

Emily Lock***
Make a cute pony tail

Nicolyn la***
Clip it in my hair

Natalie A Elle***
Beach vacation

Kiera Doolka***
I plan to wear a new see to my baby shower. This hair is great to blend with my natural hair. You guys are the only ones that get it right!!

I plan to test the hair with various looks and styles.

Tyler Daw***
I’ll test the hair with a full sew in

Latoya Be***
I always wanted color but it never turned out right. So this hair will allow me to step out the box a little without damaging my natural hair. Plus I havent wore weave in years. Lol

Linzey Gyim***
I plan to use the clip-ins as a protective style. My hair has dyed the same ombre color and I am at an awkward length in my hair growth journey. I would love to try these clip-ins, it would be my first one!

S. Whi***
I plan to co wash the hair, do a twist out with my hair and this hair, and of course post some bomb looks with it!!

Candida Sav***
To see if its good

Latrice Ga***

Ali Dan***
Various styles with my 4b natural hair to add length and versatility

Shayla Rount***
I plan on testing the hombre hair and rcoking a natural style!

Nathalie Lo***
My Natural hair

Joy Willi***
I plan to use the hair to help me with my unexplainable hair loss concerns. I have been losing hair more and more in the crown, so much to the point I am not able to do any hair styles without a hewdband. I want the joy of flexibly to styling my hair again and not getting “eyebrow raising” looks from people every time they see me. I suffer from depression and anxiety because of it. This hair will help me to feel beautiful again and hopefully help me from getting out of being a hermit. I used to love going places and doing things and enjoying life to the fullest. If I am chosen as a winner, it will help regain my life back again. And when asked about my hair, I will gladly say I got it from HerGivenHair! I will be your living advertisement!!!!

Bernice Wat***
Plan on doing hairstyle with sample and posting live on FB

Daija k***
I use clip ins, my vendor doesn’t sell them the same quality anymore so looking for a new vendor. This was perfect timing.

not sure what the question is asking however i travel a lot to various countries and different weather and feel i would be the best person to test the hair on durability throughout the different weather and humidity from each country.

I absolutely love this site. I have ordered two bundles and girl lemme tell you I fell in love. This bundle would be used for my cosmetology class where I would be turning it into a wig and dyeing it.Then afterwards I along with my mum who is also a customer would also be doing a review on the hair

I want to test how well it blends after co-washing to 3c hair, how well it can withstand and hold on to product in this harsh winter weather, if it straightens well, and how well it can respond to manipulation styles (I.e. flexible rods, twist outs, braid outs etc)

I plan on testing the hair to see if the colour will suit me and to know if the quality is as it says

Brenda Ad***
My hair is thinning. I’d like to test and see if clip-ins can be a solution or part of a daily regimen for women like myself. Thanks.

Nita B***
asap...Fashion Show in STL on March 24

Quinita He***
I plan on doing a curly mohawk.

Stevie Lynn Cole***
In Vegas Memorial Day weekend and New Orleans the weekend of 6/29

By installing it and seeing how it blends with my hair and how easy it is to manage it

Varissee Brown-Fos***
For my daughter’s 16th birthday. She such a caring & thoughtful young lady.

vanicia va***
A sew in!

krystalle buff***

Lita D***
You tube live!

Mishira Sew***
As soon as I get it, i will sew it in.

Jerrica Hender***
I love my coily clip ins already! I’m afraid to color my natural hair, and don’t want to do a horrible job coloring my clip ins. I’d wear it in all of the styles I currently wear my clip ins in.

Sharon Merr***
A blend with my hair

Jamelia ***
I have been wanting to try a new colour for the past few weeks but am unsure of how to safely colour my coily HerGivenHair bundles. If chosen, I intend to try this amazing ombre colour and use it as a protective style. I have been transitioning for a year and HerGivenHair has played a major role in my natural process. For the year that I have been using HerGivenHair, I am yet to be disappointed. The hair is soft, versatile and amazing, and the tutorials are very beneficial. I would be thrilled to be a part of the trial for the ombre colour.

Alexis Whiteh***
I plan to add the hair to my natural hair and create different quick and easy styles for women to wear and feel comfortable with. I have a YouTube page on educating new/seasoned naturals on how they can maintain their beautiful hair.

Robina Macau***
I purchased two bundles of clips-in from HGH last year and attempted to dye it ombré but the color never came out right. I’ve been so hopeful for HGH to come out with clips or a wig in ombré and not that it’s a possibility I had to give this trial a try. Hope I get the opportunity to test these clips out..

Rhonia Maston, ***
I plan to test the coily hair for quality, it’s ability to blend and longevity.

Leonor Wign***
I plan to test the hair for a gala in NYC. Please pick me

Renesha P***
Wearing it! I would love to see how it looks on me before I purchase it!

Jessica ***
Not sure what this means. But this would be my first natural clip in bundle. So, I’d use this for braid outs and twist outs.

Abena Gy***
see it in my own

Gabrielle Har***
My plan is to promote this hair An have other people try the hair out. Then I would use this product to blend with my natural hair which will blend perfectly ! I have bought clip ins in the past from you all hair company an I have gotten so many compliments on my hair mixed in with the clip ins.

Cerasa Tay***
I would love to be selected to try these ombré clip in..I would like to see how the color lasts.. I would see how they are when, I am traveling. Please pick me!!!

Kathy ***
I plan on installing several days a week as a protective style. My hair does not take to permanent dyes well so an ombré look would be a nice change. I currently wear clip ins off and on as I have had some hair loss in the last few years so it doesn’t have the thickness it previously had. I love different styles and change hair frequently so I do not like to long term protective style so this is a great alternative.

Assist with my transitional phase. Co wash, and try out my new natural curls products

Ezekiel sla***
On my self as clip ins

Shemika Fren***
This would be something totally new for me but I plan to embrace this new look as I continue to transition naturally. Very excited!

Yquilla Jo***
I plan on cowashing and doing a braid out , twist out and defined curls on this hair to test styling versatility and longevity.

Kayla Britf***
I plan to test the durability of the hair vs the other hair coming undyed. I have a couple clip ins already from this company so far both are holding up very well. I’d like to see if this hair does the same.

Valencia Bem***

On my cruise

Kenya Jo***

Nicole We***
Dying my natural hair the same ombre blend and not being plain Jane.

Urshawnda La***
See how it blends, and the how the texture is compared to my hair

Sheri Tar***
I plan to make a wig and look beautiful in it.

Victoria Petit-Ph***
I plan to wear the hair and test it by using several of my products on it. I want to see if the ombre hair requires more maintenance. I also plan on purchasing more hair maybe longer

kenyetta da***
I plan to test the hair by co washing it and seeing if it blends nicely with my natural hair

Deborah All***
Test it on a client

Shamella Ra***
I plan to make a YouTube video with it.

Suhaylah Ad***
I plan to test them as a wash n go hair style, with leave out in the front. I currently have your kinky clips in and I love them. So I’m excited about an ombré look.

Caroline Zue***
High ponytail, brushed out

Staci Russ***
I am newly natural and I plan on incorporating the clipins to my hair to create wash and go , ponytail and pin up styles. I have tried and loved the weft hair , but I think clipins will allow me to create more styles, and the color will be AWESOME for Spring/Summer!

I will test the hair to see if it blends with my natural hair texture and curl pattern.What different styles i can do with clip ins and what body and length it adds. Test what color looks like without dying my own hair. I want to test how it would hold up as a protective style and general wear and how long it lasts so i can purchase more and recommend it to others in the UK.

Naja Torra***
I love the brand and ive spent so much money on hair and i cant wait to try this!

Teressa Ship***
I have 4c texture hair. I will feel hair to check texture for softness before and after co-washing. Test for shedding. Check for the blending of hair.

Aryanna M***
I plan on buying another bundle to complete the look.

Milly Pimen***
I plan on using it myself as a sew in. I usually get indique and BES hair. I got Clip una forum you guys once but would like to try this

Natural sew in

Tunisia Tho***
As soon as I receive it

Jasmin Mon***
I plan on using the hair how I have used hair that I have previously bought from this company. I would first do a sew in with the hair and wear it and style it as I normally would with natural hair extensions. Then I would do a beat test to see if the color changes when heat is applied then wash the hair to see how the curls revert. Finally I would make the hair into a wig because I was able to do that with the coily hair that I have and it has helped that hair last longer after 2 previous installs. By then end of it all I will test for shedding, color perminance, how well the hair takes heat, how well the curls revert back, and the longevity of the hair. Thank you for your time!

Ndambi Gilles***
I love this hair... The best I’ve ever had!

I can’t wait to test out the ombré clip ins. I haven’t colored my hair since i started my natural journey. What better way to start off spring than to switch up my look. “New hair who dis?” Love Love Love her given hair

Airianna Free***
To see how long the color last without becoming dull and if the hair can holdback it’s curl pattern

Akosua Acheamp***
I’ve bn wearing wigs for most of my adult life but when I watch how Msnaturallymary managed and wore her pieces I realized I’ve been missing out on hands down the best darn natural hair pieces ever. I recently purchased my first 20 inch clip ins from HerGivenHair hair and I plan to mix the free trial hair with the natural color for my upcoming wedding!! I hope I win because I plan on styling it to look my very best on the most important day of my life curtesy of my fabulous ???? ombré hair!!! Please please pick me!!!!! ????????????????????????????????

Nasiyma Abdula***
Start blog promote if I win :)

Dion Down***

I have not dyed my hair before and I would like to try the ombre hair to get a basic idea of how my hair would look with color in it.

Lashawnda Wil***
I plan to test the hair to see if it matches my natural curl pattern and order more if chosen. Thank you.

Kierra Br***
I plan on using this hair for different styles and length because my real natural hair is at an awkward length. My hair type is 4a/4b. I want to dye it to see how it holds color and how the curls will turn out after I finished. My finances have been preventing me to purchase from the site. But I really wanna try the hair.

Saundriese R***
I plan on using the clip ins to create a bomb braid out to wear during the spring time! I’m really looking forward to trying them out.

Tamara Robert***
I plan on adding the hair to make my hair thicker for a quick on the go style. My hair is thick but shrinks a lot so I’ll bd curious to see how much volume I can get adding a bundle.

Tasha John***
I plan to blend the hair with my natural hair

I plan to give an honest review of the hair on my social media platforms

Stephanie Pal***
I plan on wearing them and expecting to get nothing but compliments on them. ????

Rhonda LeGr***
This hair looks amazing! I plan on wearing the hair during my upcoming trip to the Caribbean islands, documenting its durability in several styles and environments!! ????????????????

Edlesha Til***
Cowash and if there is any shedding or if the hair dry easily because of the color and test the softness, density

chrisha jack***

Simone Free***
I plan to see if the hair will work for my sister who lost her hair due to chemo and when it grew back it is thin and lifeless. She feels terrible about her hair and if we can make the clip ins work for her it will make her so happy. If they don’t work for her, my other sister suffers from severe hair thinning and I will offer to try them on her hair. My true hope would be to try to split the set for both of them.

Natajah Gr***
I plan to install and purchase another set of bundles and see how it matches to my hair texture. This would be my first time having clip ins so it would definitely be a trial and error for me. I want to see if the clip ins are easier for me meaning like maintenance and or styling. I’m definitely just trying to get a feel of the hair also so that I can refer others as well.

Katrina Er***
I will wash and condition the hair. Sew in the wefts and wear for a week for manageability (As I am always styling my hair throughout the week). Then wash again to cleanse from the week to test for quality and shedding.

Deona Cure***
For my honeymoon which will be in the Dominican Republic in July! I also will be wearing your kinky blown straight bundles for my wedding in two months and can’t wait for the hair to be installed!

Paris Towns***
I’m natural so I would tear it by styling it different ways to see how it blends with my hair. I’ll post my hair on Instagram and facebook to see response.

Joyce Re***
I plan to create fullnest to my hair. I have fine hair so my wash and go don’t look that hot. I purchased a 18 and it was the wrong length so I plan to get this hair and have a photo shoot with it to embrace my natural curls!!! The 18 inch I did get was amazing and I’ve co-washed, colored and shampoo the hair over 5 times and it’s still in great condition.

Dominique Harb***
I have 4c hair and have been wearing sew-ins for the past couple of years. I have decided to start embracing my hair texture and wanting to wear more natural styles that will allow my hair to breathe as well as give the front of my hair the opportunity to return to its once thick and full state. I want to try clip ins as an option, and this beautiful ombre is one of my absolute fave colors to wear. I have heard great things about this brand and would be excited to try.

Coo-Ee She***
I will test to see if this will match my hair color.I want to test to see if I can do twistouts and curlformers sets with this as well.

Have my sister @mysberri install and wear the hair daily as a protective style.

I plan on testing the hair with my current hergiven coily hair clips that I’ve had for over a year.

Kylia Ben***
To install the hair, style it and be fabulous

Elena-Renee Pe***
I plan to see how well this brand blends with my hair. I have tried several other natural hair weave lines before with very little luck in blending with my natural texture. I would love to find a product that blends well enough with my hair in all states (wet, air dried and blow dried).

Whitney Mor***
I plan on testing the hair by wearing it with a few other HerGivenHair extensions.

Irene Gol***
I will use for rooting my african art dolls

Eveline Meral***
I plan on bleaching it to an ash blonde color

Clare cali***
Hard time finding good hair,never really wear because of that. Would love to see if it can blend with hair

Latisha Cunning***
Ive actually wanted to use clip in extensions for a long time. From what I understand it is better than a traditional sew in and/or wigs

Tammy McCa***
I will cowash the hair, check for shedding and softness. I will then see if the curl pattern is the same? Then clip and go.

Dr. Kimberly Ha***
How long can I wear it - how long will it last with constant wear!

Fabiola Fleurin***
I will plan to test versatility with style, heat, and blending. Is this hair beginner friendly for I am a beginner so if I can easily do it others too can do it. I plan to test longevity, durability, and maintenance. It’s currently spring break season so this is the perfect time to test the hair for accessibility and easiness.

I’m an avid clip in user and I’ve never had a set with color so I plan to test them by treating the like my real hair and seeing how the color lasts. I travel and blog a lot and people from all over ask me about my hair so i would love to have a new product for them to use. I have several vacations both in the country and overseas this year and I am in a few weddings so I will test how this hair is with various styles.

Natori Tho***
On my head

Sonya Gr***
I plan to test the hair to protective style from my natural hair and enjoy Hergivenhair products.

Gwen Tho***
I will fry, dye and lay to the side!

Marsha Robe***
I plan to test the hair to see how’s natural it looks on me . Being natural and never wearing wig/ extensions , it will definitely Be a first for me

Meagan Sc***
I am going to make a huge Afro puff with the ombré clip ins!

Morgan Weather***
I want to test the difference between bigchophair. I had bought bigchophair and I only used it for about 3 months . The hair keep getting tangled . It never lasted a long time . I had trails sent to me by hergivenhair . And I love them . Just never had the chance to buy them

Chelsea Da***
Vague question

Naiille su***
Because the hair is dyed I plan on testing the durability of the hair and also seeing if the curl pattern loosens over time.

Ashley Ba***
I plan to make a U Part wig and install in my hair for a few weeks....I will wash and cowash during this time.

I plan to test it by treating it like my own natural hair.

Ashley Bur***
I’ve never tried clip-ins but I would love to! I’m interested in seeing how many styles I could try. I’ve also never tried using ombré hair. I’m trying to step out a little now that I’m up in age. I hope to be able to market this hair for you!

On myself

Nicole Ander***
For styling and longevity

I want to showcase the product on fine hair. I also want to show regular customers how easy it is to style and maintain. To show them you don’t have to be a YouTube guru to obtain a great style. I’ve used this hair when I first went natural and no one new it wasn’t my hair.

Lyric pe***
I plan to test it out in different type of weather also how it bounces back from the sweat of exercise how quickly it bounces back then an extended use I will see how the hair is in prolonged use and the regular conditions to see if it still holds its same curl pattern and condition active lifestyle

Alexis M***
I definitely would like to test the density, shedding, how it washes, and how it blends with my natural curl pattern. I would also love to see how versatile it is. Hopefully this test would increase the likelihood of me buying more as well as spreading positive reviews.

Yisel C***
I have 4 years wearing natural hair and I never give color for fear of damaging or drying more hair and this would be a way to wear another color without using any type of chemical, I would also be giving a change of look since I always wear the same style and these extensions would help me to be a radical change!

Ella Sm***
So I could start being a customer

Desiree Mi***
I plan to test the full bodied look it gives when installed; along with texture and various styles. I’m excited about the color!!

Protective style..

Miracle Mur***
i plan to test the wear, color, longevity, and versatility of the hair and why it is better than others.

Ameenah Al-A***
Seeing how well It blends trying different natural hair styles. Showing my sister joe clip ins can enhance her beautiful natural hair

Antoinette we***
I have never used clip ins and would love to test this hair to see how well it matches my curl pattern. I would like to test it to ensure it still looks well when working out. The use of clip ins is great and very beneficial if done correctly, I would like to let others know how well these clip ins can work. I enjoy trying new styles! I would like to wear it to build up confidence and show people that clip in can work just as well as weave.

I discovered HerGivenHair a year ago, and ever since I have been a forward advocate. I purchased Coily clip-ins in 12-12-14 and have worn them every day since I have received them. It is a great protective hairstyle for me that allow me to still feel natural. The texture and length blends so perfectly with my natural hair, some confuse it for it my real hair. It gives my hair so much volume; and complements my day to day looks because of its versatility. Recently, I created a YouTube, but I have not made a review in the hair just yet because I want to purchase a fresh set of clips ins. If I am chosen to receive the ombré bundle, I do plan to purchase another set of clips ins/ bundles and review them on my YouTube and Facebook. I would definitely create a wig for the ombré style. Besides, I am the perfect advocate because I have had a few people purchase these clip ins because they love them so much on me. Again, it is a protective trendy look for naturalists to rock.

Dayshel R***
I am planning testing the hair to see how it holds up during a family vacation. I want to be care free on vacation and clip ins are great for that.

Camara Watson-***
I will plug the “hergivenhair” on IG.

Florcye Mompo***
I plan to wear it and style it

Emmanuella Id***
Wash it to see if the colour Run. Straightening it. Try slick back and leave-out looks see how it blends with my hair.

Chiquita Geo***
I plan to wash the hair with a sulfate free shampoo use conditioner and test if there is shedding or loss of curl pattern. I also plan to see how the clip ins will work on my hair versus a sew in or wig.

Saige Ba***
To install so I can have highlights and some color without actually dying my natural hair.

Evone Si***
I plan to add it to my hair as a ponytail.

rannique lovesa***
on Youtube on my channel Rannique LovesAlot, I would like to do a review.

Jill Willi***
My 4a/4b hair is stuck with no growth. I need a better protective style regimen that is also stylish and blends well with my hair for limited manipulation. The ombre hair would also give it a great pop of color without me having to apply harsh chemicals to achieve the look.

Funke Asa***
As a customer who has made over 15 purchases from HGH and all 4 hair types + wigs, i hope I get selected as one of the 5 winners

Claudia Pie***

Erica ratcli***
I have been wanting to dye my own hair ombre but too afraid. With clip in curly wefts I can have the look with out the damage!

on my head now

Leslie L Jenk***
In a beautiful full pony tail.

I plan to test the hair so see if this is a company I plan to invest in, in the future. Journeytowaistelength introduced me to this brand.

Angela Da***
I had a previous post on your page that was followed and promoted by Hergiven hair and had a lot of comments!! I would love to test the ombré hair and promote it again as I just had my hair colored and I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!

Nya McMul***
I plan to see how the quality of the hair and curls hold up through co wash and me actually wearing the extensions. Also, I am testing what will happen if I straighten the hair, will the curls come back?

Breanna mi***
I plan on doing some braided natural hair styles in the front with the clip ins in the back. I also plan on blending my natural hair with the clip ins for a full head look.

Cheyanne Wood***
I have been transitioning my hair from relaxed to natural for at least two but years now. It has been very hard for me to find protective styles with natural hair that match my hair type right now. Hergivenhair is the only company that I have been happy with in regards to their clip ins and wigs. I have been considering buying some more recently but I do not have the means to do so because I have bills and other expenses. It would bring Kevin great gratitude and happiness if I were to receive this free trial by bundle. Thank you

Marlette Jo***
I want to use the hair as a protective style as I have just bigchopped once again.

Leo Gr***
On vacation for my best friends birthday

Eunice Vale***
I plan to test the hair by installing it on my client to see how they would respond to it. I am a cosmetologist and often times my clients are looking for recommendations from me for clip ins. I would love to be able to refer a brand that I know and have tested out. I also plan on achieving various creative styles with it to post on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and YouTube.

Diane Demmi***
Wear with my natural hair do to medicaine have some thinning spots

Janelle mcra***
I’ve never used clip ins before and i was considering buying g some for a while but have been super skeptical so it would be great to test!!

Norrisa Br***
I plan to use it for this summer! I want to make a wig!

Caiyante Atkinson G***
Recently died my hair and ive been having the hardest time finding quality hair that would take the applied colors and actually match my hair, I know Hergivenhair is of HIGH quality so i would love to win this sample to finally put all the other companies TO SHAMEE!! Yaaaaaaas!!!!!! XoXo

Laverne W***
Spring in to some color ..I love clipins..and always wanted some with color..

Kirsten War***
I just really wanna try something new.

Jaslynn Mar***
I would like to create this bundle into clip ins. I have previously had a full set of clip ins from HerGivenHair but now that I have a tapered cut I would like to try out making myself custom clip ins. Also, there are not many tutorial videos on YouTube of tapered cuts being styled with clip ins so I would like to be able to create that video.

Shaleya Bet***
Plans to test hair on vacation.

I will gently wash the hair, as well as make a wig with the hair and HerGivenHair that I have previously purchased. This way I can compare the hair and test it for shedding, tangling, etc.

Margaret Mar***
I will make a FBook Live video of me unpackaging and feeling the hair. Then I will wear it when I go on vacation; I will install the clips-ins over my natural hair and pray to God that it works out. The first and the last time I purchased from HerGivenHair, I experienced severe knotting and tangling than could not be removed no matter what I tried. I would hope for the brand to be redeemed.

I have not had good experiences with dying my own hair ombré in fact it started shedding and thinned out and I had to cut my hair off and start my natural hair journey over. I purchased curly hair from 2 other companies and was not completely satisfied because the color was off, the part that was colored was very dry and brittle and it broke off. I do expect that there is supposed to be a difference in any hair that is manipulated but I’m looking for the best quality that can last. This is the only company that I buy hair from because the hair matches mine the best and quality is good. I’m going to test quality, see how long it holds up, density, color blend, the clip ins, and pattern of the curl.

Donisha coll***
It’s elasticity, durability, how i can manipulate and how often, how much does it shed if any at all, texture shots, compatibility with natural hair

Kinyah Ca***
I’m going to do a twist out with my hair and the clipins and see if it blends as well as the regular clip-ins

Kirstin Gib***
Newly natural again want to wear my hair out more so need a style to feel more confident with some added length.

I always experiment with color and styles. I get a lot of compliments on my hair and use your hair to enhance my length and fullness. This will be a fun color to transition for the spring

Ashley Tull***
I have used the curly clip ins before and I really enjoyed them. I love color in my hair but hate the damage I got the last time I did it. This hair would give me the opportunity to style my hair with some color minus the damage.

Dasiana Gai***
I plan to test the hair to blend with my natural hair. I’ve been wanting to wear my natural hair but it’s not as thick as I would like. So hopefully this will encourage me. :)

Meryl Willi***
twist out

Elsie R***
To co-wash, install it, and then do a twist out

Angela Car***
I plan to use the clip ins after I do a big chop this spring an show the pics on FB.

Vic O***
I plan to use the hair as a hair extension clip in. I will co wash the hair and see how the curls hold Up after a week of use. I will post the hair on my my Instagram and YouTube channel if I like it. I will also be checkin for how the hair blends in with natural hair. Lastly, I will be looking at how much it sheds and how the color holds up.

I LOVE my curly hair and would love to test clip ins. Also I’ve always wanted to try the product.

In a few weeks i will go on vacation in Suriname. I haven’t been there in a long while, plane tickets are expensive. And would love to have an easy hairstyle. So i can enjoy the time with family an go touring across the country. Sun here i come.

I plan to test the hair on a trip to Thailand in a few weeks! Would be a perfect addition to my HGH kink year straight slip ins

Michelle Ran***
I plan to test the hair in a ponytail

Shanel Griff***
I love ombre hair but I was never bold enough to try it on myself. I think this would be the perfect time for me especially since I trust your company.

Lakesha Ander***
The durability and shedding if any

April 15th

Brenda B***
I plan to wear and test the clip ins on my natural hair

Yvette Lut***
I plan to use this hair to cover up my ball spots and my receding hairline for my best friend wedding and wear it on a dailey basic to boosted my confidence.I have androgenic and areata alopecia and I wear a wig. I would love to try this hair so I can inform others about this hair.I love hergivenhair so I would love to test this hair.

Berlinda Nahbi***
Just a touch is good enough

I will make it into a wig

Evelyn Adeku***
I want to finally embrace my natural hair and I think this is the perfect start in gaining more confidence with it

LaTari Pra***

Micheline Hod***
Versatility and style

Kimberly Edwa***
Create wig.

Anuri Ozuru***
I would love to try themail clip in as a protective hairstyle.I would love to see how it compares to the natural black clip in I already have from hergivenhair

Anne Edwa***
I have been natural for over 7 years and really am not a hair person. I plan on watching tutorials and show those who are not really hair people that using your product is feasible.

Kadian Simp***
I just cut my hair really low, so I’ll use it to create some lenght

Erika Jones Vi***
Install into my own hair

Sharon Cros***
If the hair is human, I want to rinse it to see snap back and drying potential. Also to run fingers through and see if it frizzes easily for starters.

Chantae Edwa***
I am a new Natural so I would test the hair by first giving it a co wash in my favorite natural hair staple by As I am.Then I would check for shedding, softness, sheen and proceed to using the hair in a bomb flexi rod set. This hair is the perfect pop of color for those heatless summer styles.

Michelle Olm***
I plan to see if the texture matches my hair. If so I will make clip ins and order more hair. I need something less maintenance during my pregnancy.

Grace Lamonta***
If I win the bundle, I plan to choose a texture that matches mine own and blend it with my own hair by twisting it using a styling cream and letting it dry overnight and in the morning unravel the twist to have defined twist out.

I plan to get this hair to test it and to see how the hair reacts to being bleached and to see if it behaves differently than your regular bundles would. If the hair impresses me I plan to purchase more and promo it.

Elaunda Morri***
April 2018

I plan to test the hair to change up my look and advertise the product. Everything I’ve purchased from hergiven has been a hit Thisbe far and I’m not expecting anything different this time around

Kevia G***
Although I already know the quality of this hair will be exceptional, I plan to test the quality of the hair and share it with the rest of the world! I would so love to win so that I can leave a tutorial on my social media pages and give Her Given Hair even more bragging rights :)

Mary Tass***
I plan to wear the hair, I will also wash the hair and check to see how natural the hair looks and feels.

Mikelle Rog***
Yes, I plan to test the hair for quality, longevity, and to ensure that it matches my natural hair texture.

A year ago I have started my natural hair journey and I started wearing full head weaves as a protective style for my hair. As a result I have started to unappreciate my curls and I think having these clips would help me rediscover my love for my hair

Keshunna Ho***

Alexis Bow***
To test the hair, I plan on washing, deep conditioning and twisting the hair into my own (two-strand twist out) to see how well the texture blends with my own. I plan on wearing the hair for two-weeks in different styles to test how versatile the hair is and how many people will think the hair is mine. I wear wigs most of the time, I would like to do more styles with my own hair (with a bit of flair of course) and clip-ins with my natural hair texture will help me achieve a balance. I want to test its durability, versatility and how well the hair will blend. Its hard to find actual hair clips that blend with 4a-4b hair. My goal for the year was to start a you tube channel about skin & hair care and healing, this would be a great addition. I thank you for this opportunity to test a quality product.

Timekia Pal***
Going natural has been a struggle, would like another option for my hair other than a twist out.

GeoVonna T Da***
I love my natural hair and protective styles. I would love to test her given hair out and see what natural styles I can create with this hair. I have been wanting to add some color to my hair without dying it and this will give me the opportunity to do that. Also my friends and family are always asking me for new styles and hair extensions. I will be able to refer friends and family to Her Given Hair.

Colette Richa***
I want to see how many styles you can do with it and how the hair feels

Co wash the hair and detangle then style the way I please my friends love the one I already have and a few got some clip ins because of me so I will probably just tell them about these ones 2

Phara cetou***
I want to know the quality, maintenance, and durability of the hair

Wajehah Sand***
I plan to test out the quality and curl pattern of the hair

Krystle S***
I’ve wanted to ombre dye my hair this colour for ages and can’t believe I’ve found extensions the same colour as I’ve been wanting! Girl, I’d do a few styles with it like Bantu knots overnight and then let them down during the day. I’d also be using my wand oh and also my Babyliss pro perfect curl! It makes the most amazing curls on your hair. But also just wearing and appreciating it in its normal state is so beautiful. I’ve already been an advocate for your hair in the UK and everyone compliments me when I’m wearing my clip ins. I’ve also got my family and friends hooked on HerGivenHair too hehe. I would make sure I co-wash it first with The Mane Choice 3 in one co-wash and detangler. I feel it’s best to use black owned products for hair when wearing natural hair extensions. And best believe I won’t be admitting this isn’t my real hair!

CHANDRA Johns***
I will test the porosity and the color concentration. I would also, as a naturalista, manipulate the hair in various twist outs, braid outs and rodded hair styles. I will post pics and tag you in the pics for your advertisement purposes.

See if it matches my texture, how it blends with styling in my favorite go to hairstyles

I plan to test it out for how it feels and how it look in me since this would be my first hair

Laura Jea***
I plan to wash, style and enjoy the hair.

Tonya si***
I would try different styles with the hair

Donnalee R***
I plan to test the hair on how long it last, how well the curls hold up, it’s versitility and how well it’s able to blend with my hair.

Stephanie Ame***
Spring/summer photos and help spread the word of this product in Vancouver Canada. I also sell African jewelry and can take photos with the hair pieces!

Candiss J. Caldw***
I plan to test the durability of the hair during various styling processes. I also want to see if there’s excessive tangling/matting and if the hair dries out faster due to the color process.

Schanora Wim***
I think this would be a great style opportunity to try a high bun or low ponytail.

Daisia Fr***
I have naturally curly hair and I need Tim see if this color will look good on me!

I plan to test the hair by obtaining information such as the quality of the hair; I would like to know if the hair is good quality, the curl pattern/texture of the hair and seeing if it sheds or mattes easily, also I will test the durability of the hair; it’s always a plus to have extensions that can hold different styles. I like to wear my hair in many different ways so I appreciate hair extensions that will allow me to have many different options. Lastly, I would test the maintenance of the hair; good curly hair should be manageable, all we should do to it in the morning is wet/comb through the hair and go. I have type 4c natural hair and it’s extremely difficult to find good curly hair extensions that will match/blend in with my real hair and will complement me so I would love to have the opportunity to win this hair because not only is it beautiful, but it’s coming from a great hair company that I trust!

Plan to add to my natural ombre-colored hair to acheive more volume.

Clip ins

Bernadette a***
Clip in

Sorry, I do not understand the questions. I planned on rocking this hair and showing the world.

Natasha pl***
Wear it

Raven Prej***
I plan on seeing how I would like look with the ombre hair and doing a half up-half down and also a high bun to keep my hair from getting exposed to the elements and keeping it safe!

I want to test extensions on my curly hair & try coloring it to match my hair color.

Courntey K***
I would like to test the hair for a review on my YouTube channel. I would like to tell my subscribers the pros & cons (if any) of this hair. Also I would like to inspect for myself the quality of the clip ins for future purchase. I have been researching this brand for a long time. I wanted to get clip ins for a while, but was unsure if they were worth the investment. This will give me the opportunity to not only test the hair, but also grow my following on social media. That would be beneficial for your brand as well as my social status.

Bryanna Car***
I plan to make it into a slick back pony tail or either buy three more bundles once I receive the hair.

Thaliana P***
I plan to compare it to other clip in companies and see if this hair will shed more dyed by the hair company or if it was dyed by myself

Ariel P***
I need a national protective style so plan to use ivys flip method to make half wig

Yolanda Ru***

Rochanda Cart***
Wash and go

Ravetra Pr***
to create more protective styles.

Nicole Morayo Nari***
I have never triedclip-on-site fore and I have heard good news about this hair before..

Chanalee al***
Wear it for months to see how long it will last

Nádia Ab***
Hi! i´ll wash and moisturize it to see how it holds up and then I will use it mixed with my natural hair 4B / C and then post a before and after photo, tagging hergivenhair. Thanks!!!

Eva Mugai***
I want to wear it for my graduation ????

Yvonne John***
On myself

rosaline K***
I plan to test quality and recommend

Carine Nor***
I plan to create a wig with the hair. I think the color looks great!

Michelle Shie***
My daughter is very active in sports, I plan to try it out on her for her district track meet/State meet next month.

Pleasure Willi***
Wear it in a fro

Stephanie D. Lad***
I have always wanted to play around with different hair colors, or have color options for different styles and events, so this hair would give me the perfect opportunity to wear and new color to an upcoming Toastmasters conference.

Reisha Gip***
Protective style/ versatility

I am interested in putting to the test tgelongevity of the clips are when it . Particularly after being exposed to the Sun, Sand, & Sea. I understand you are to treat the hair as if it is coming from your own scalp. I have worn wigs in the past abroad and that option is just to hot.I have lived in Hawaii & also the island of Guam & are planning to move & teach English in in Costa Rica.

nastassia lefr***
plan to test the curly ombre hair to try it in mine

Wear the hair

Gwen C***
If you mean when do I want to test the hair is now. I would like to see if the texture is suitable for what I would like to look for me.

Blakely ly***
I plan on wearing these clip in until they change color on me

Mel Stew***

LJ A***
I plan to test the hair on holiday and whilst performing at the UGCY

Testing hair my wedding. Ya bridesmaids.

Rachel mo***
I plan to test wear to show all my friends

Jenea N Hayw***
I plan to co-wash the hair to see if the ombre affects any shredding or tangling. I would use the clip ins as a protective style. I would take pictures and compare how I look with ombre hair and just black hair.

Caymen Ro***
I plan to add it to some clip ins that I already have to achieve this style I saw on IG

Janice Fort***
How I plan to test the hair is to see if it has minimal shedding first. I will look at the feel, and then see if the pattern matches my hair. My color has grown out about 2 inches so it will be nice to see how the hair transitions with my color. I want to be able to post pictures of different styles. I will also test how the hair co-washes, how it comes out with flexi-rods and also with a twist out. I have a difficult time with wigs because they are standard size and my head is a bit smaller, so I think the clip-ins would be perfect for me to get new styles.

I plan on starting my platform on this hair. I plan on testing it as everyday wear as a wig. I also want to see how it holds up to swimming.

Claudia R***
as soon as possible. Would love to try something new... Add a little color to my life.

Pouchette Ad***
For DreadLoc Extentions

Racquel Bro***

Vesta Bortey-***
I plan to showcase it on my Instagram. And show my followers how possible it is to use this as a transition hair style

angela d anth***
I would like to test the hair to see if it blends well with my natural coils. also test it with different ways to style my natural hair, without detection that I have extentions in my hair.

Ruth A***
I would like to see if 1 bundle of clip ins is enough for a full style and to try a new color.

Lillie John***
I need a Change because I have been struggling with my natural hair. I would like to try the clipins to see if they will work for me. The hair looks so pretty and I would welcome the length.

Lorraine Strickl***
On a client I have doing my first hair video that will introduce this hair website.

Tiffany Perk***
I plan to test the quality of the hair. How it reacts to heat, if it sheds etc. also the overall wearability to ensure this hair will be a good investment for customers.

I love my natural curls but it’s thin. So I would like to enhance my hair and make it thicker

Steffi burt***
Texture and style

Ejiro Akposh***
I have used her given before and it was fantastic! Had so many compliments. I would like to try this hair because I believe, colour would enhance the beauty of the curls. Also I would surely recommend this hair to others.

Deb Ander***
Would love to see how this color & hair blends with my natural hair as clipins

Marjorie Magny-Bl***
I plan to install the hair and wear it as well as posting pictures. I have purchased hergiven hair in the past and really respect the brand and believe of the quality and integrity of the product!

I would upload a youtube video or on my Instagram. I would like to test the hair to see if the color fades or stay the same.

Tameria Dur***
Expanding my nail salon to offer more product for my customer base. The majority of my customer are naturally and are looking for natural hair options. I would like to offer them a brand of hair that is consistent with their texture and adds volume.

Debra El***
I live near the Florida/Alabama border and it stays warm all year round and like a sauna in the summer so I want to see how well it holds up with such high humidity!

I wear most of the product I sell to friends me using the hair if I like it will serve as word of mouth to friends and my customer

Faith Zab***
Would love to try out new styles with my Mum who is starting to embrace her curls

Christina P***
First thing to do is Co-wash the hair. I will make sure the color doesn’t run during a cowash before I install it. After the co-wash, I will use Shea moisture’s curl enhancing smoothie before I allow it to air dry. This is what do to my natural hair so I will treat the bundle the same so I have a better chance of a perfect blend with my curl pattern. I plan to experiment with some updos, faux bangs, afro and faux-hawks to show the versatility of the clip in extensions and document this journey with pictures and videos.

Nanaagera Ma***
I have 4c hair and I plan to do a slicked-back ponytail with the bundle. I have done this with black hair before but it will be interesting to see the outcome with the ombre. I will film a youtube video showing the process and giving my thoughts on the hair. I will also show how I achieve the hairstyle.

Emana Rache***
To test for job responses on auditions as an actor

As a new natural hair wearer (just did the Big Chop) and someone who just started looking into new hairstyles including braids and crochet styles, I will test if the insertion technique is beginner (idiot :D) proof. I plan test the hair in different styles and determine the frizz throughout the wear.

Simone Bapti***
Durability. Texture.and color sustainablity

Want to change style and color without adding chemicals to my natural curly hair.

Kimberly W***
on my daughter

kimberly beve***
I plan to rock this hair with my natural hair, I love the ombre look.

I plan to use this as a point of reference for myself curly and kinky girls. I am VP of social programming for a group called NIA on college. One of my programs isn’t hair care and protective styling. Some girls are uncomfortable wearing their natural hair so i wanna i want to se these cute clips to make a fun statement. There are ways to ease yourself in loving your natural state. They can work for people on all lengths of their natural hair journey.

Arlene-Ann Bull***
I want to see what the hair is really like. I have been wanting to purchase but could not afford to purchase two bundles

Joanne Charlest***
I plan to test her given hair clip-ins Ombre hair by co-washing it, applying the styling creme and gel of my chose and voila! Beautiful hair to match my texture

Arlene-Ann Bull***
Would use clip ins in a protective style.

I really want to tryout this haircut because most curly hair i’ve Used always have a defect. Frizzy, tangled, damaged curls. I really want to know How good this one is. So I plan to wear the hair, if it’s good, I’ll introduce it to my 1000 friends on IG and all my girlfriends on wechat and the ones here with me in Jilin,China.because getting good hair here is so difficult. No distributors or any of that sort of thing. I’d like to be assured that If i’m ordering hair , it’s from a good supplier and the hair quality is great.

Shantae w***
Put it through the ringer. Color. Toner. How it detangles. How it act through a day o the neck. How the curls pop with the amount of product needed to keep them pretty.

Joi Hug***
I have been a fan/customer of Her Given Hair for years. I have NEVER dyed my natural hair and this could give me the temporary color I’m too scared to permanently do to my coils.

Roneshia Say***
I plan to test out the out the hair by trying different styles such as a bun and ponytail. I will also post the different styles on social media for all my friends and family to see

Anotte Franco***
Wear the hair as normal

Amarachi Onyebu***
I plan to co wash the hair then wear it as a ponytail for a long time and see how it works as a protective style

I’ve been dying to try a grey toner!!!! I want to use the ombré hair to show all the curly girls at work and on my social media that they can rock ANY color they choose!

Not sure I understand the question.

Tiffany Tay***
I plan on wearing the clipins daily and creating various styles such as wash and goes, twist outs, braid outs, updos and other natural hair style similar to what I do the my own hai but more with the added thickness and length. I want to use the clipins to add some additional length and a pop of color.

Aprill Ru***
Where alternate hairstyles and on social media for feedback on my favorite looks

Nina R Cl***
The texture the ease of clip on

Nina R Cl***
I want to see if the texter match my hair and the ease of clip on. Wear it up in a pony tail to add more volume to my hair

I will test the hair and post the picture

Anissa ho***
Would love to try . Been natural going on 3 years. I tried clip ins before. Would love to try your brand.:)

Destiny Tolli***
I want it to try on my new clients and to find a better hair distributor

Ruby Gr***
Put it in my customers head and buy more

I want to see if it will match my hair pattern and texture so I could hopefully wear it for the summer time.

joyce m ja***
next week

I want to see how well it blends with my hair texture and test the quality

Veta Mart***
I was very satisfied with the last clip ins I purchased and plan to test the hair on social media for a protective styling natural hair care blog.

Tyela Se***
I ordered clip ins from another company and they were awful . I’ve seen many reviews but I have never had enough money to purchase them . I am a sophomore engineering major at Tuskegee university . I planned to review it and spread the word about the hair!

I have been on dreads for a long time. Am looking for a different look to get my grove back.

To give family and friends feedback about the versatility with clip ins

April D Underw***
I will cowash the hair and see how it blends with my natural hair for a fancy updo for a photo shoot. I will happily give credit to Her Given Hair in photo shoot!

yvette she***
on my Caribbean trip in the heat ocean and pool to see if it stands up and holds its beautiful color and style

I want to make a video on how the texture is, if it gets its curls back after its wet, the quality, etc.

Cynithia Flem***
If I win I plan to seeing or make clipins with this hair for my vacation to California this spring. I will be testing it styling curling washing cowashing. I would too love to see how the hair maintain small amount of oils and heat. Please pick me! :)

I like your clipins so much. Would love to take the chance to test it in different styles.

Donna R***
I plan to co-wash the hair, dye it to match my color, install with two stray and flat twists, trim and style. I will post pics comparing my current clip in style with the Ombre style to show women how natural the Her Given Hair is.

Jennifer Mi***
Baby shower

Ondreah Ad***
I plan to test the hair on longevity, how it blends with my hair, and if i can dye it. If this hair blends with my natural hair I will always purchase my curly hair extensions from this site!

Natasha Mic***
Wearing a variety of styles daily to test the versatility and applying the recommended number of washes to test durability.

Tina H***
To see if it complements my skin tone.

Karen Al***
My hair has gone through so many changes, I want to rock this hair with confidence, wear it like my own and feel absolutely fabulous.

Jasmine Northcu***
I want to blend it with my natural hair and have half my hair up in two buns with buns then the rest(clip in) down.

Abionca Hammo***
I’ll test the hair by how long it lasts, the conditions after washing the hair, and wearing the hair as a protective style.

Ophelia shanti***
Would like to try the color

on everyday wear as a sew in

Megan Woodr***
My hair is falling out due to medical reasons so I’m hoping to use this hair to make a wig. My bald spots are getting very large so I need to keep my hair covered but it’s been hard because after paying for chemo I don’t have much money leftover to spend on my hair.

I want to see if an ombre style suits me without the risk of actually damaging my natural hair. Then I will post pics on my social media.

I plan on co-washing the hair comparing it to how my normal clip-ins and write a review on the page

Shaakira Abdul Sam***
I have a vacation coming up. I wanna test it for my hair protection.

MeCole Grant-Marti***
I want to test the hair to make sure it looks as natural as possible.

Briana Tor***
I just recently went natural and would love to use this hair for more length and volume

Pam Br***
Wash it and try it. Never used clip in before kind of curious. Plus just got my hair colored.


Kristanna Bar***
I plan to try different styles with the hair such as a braid out, twistout, a bun, a wash n go. I want to test the shedding of the hair and elasticity of the hair when it comes to applying heat. I want to see how much the hair can hold moisture and shine.

Joi Gr***
I honestly had a terrible experience with hair I purchased and believe I may have gotten a bad batch. I truly love the look and texture of the hair and would like to try it again. I have been wanting to try the ombré look as well.

Jacinda Ca***
In a ponytail

I want to match it against my hair

Erica Gay***
Test on myself.

Sharmella Ander***
I plan to see how well it matches & how well the texture blends with my ombred hair color & curls.

Mary Sm***
Wash and condition my hair.I will do a twist or braid out.

B dud***
I would love to have added length to my 4c hair

Ceyarra Edwa***
I’d like this hair because I’m open to trying new colors but not willling to dye my real hair

Brenda Le***
I plan to rock it in a low ponytail or natural looking wash and go,

M Robin***
I plan to test the hair as soon as possible!

Kiyah Pa***

Amarie Jo***
My bestie uses her given clip ins and suggested this company to me I am hoping it gives me mor3e confidence to rock my natural texture.


Wear it myself and purchase additional bundles

The hair is gorgeous! Can’t wait to try it out and share with my friends/family about the company & texture of the hair. I want to try many different natural styles, and show the world how beautiful the hair is and how versatile it can be worn. The curly hair is my favorite and matches my texture.. looking forward to this ombré color added to the hergiven hair product line and possibly being able to try it out.

Anita M***
I plan to wear it as a wig

Amaka Di***
I will plan to co wash and moisturize the hair and allow it to air dry, then I will make a faux low ponytail. In this process I will hope to make my first YouTube video and make a great review for future and potential customers

Etta Crawf***
I am actually a big fan of your company and its high quality hair. Over a year ago, I purchased over $400 worth of hair bundles. I loved the hair and still wear them til this very day. If selected as a winner, I will post a review on my Facebook account about my experience and definitely recommend the company to my friends.

Tracy Gr***
Twist out

I want to test the hair’s ability to blend with my own natural hair.

Tamieka Alf***
Show coworkers and Customers my unique styles and post selfie

Trechelle Forem***
I plan to wear the hair, and also do a you tube review as well for my makeup page.

Tamekia Sm***
I plan to use the hair to test protective styles for sum & as I decide on going natural from relaxed. Also I can advertise for you!????

I plan to use the bundle to make a 360 lace wig.

I am excited for the Possible opportunity to test these clip ends! Initially, I will test for math ability. What I mean in this is how well it matches my hair texture. My current texture is about a 3B and often it is hard to find clip ends that match this hair type. Next, I will see how they call wash, in order to test for maintenance potential. I will put these clip and through their paces as well as testing styles is well as testing for durability. Based off of all I know from the ‘Her Given Hair’ hairline these pieces should pass with flying colors.

Keshia Mar***
I never had curly clip ins before and I plan to test the clip ins to see how the differ from my straight ones with my natural curl pattern. Also I would like to see how long these clip ins will last with the proper care and to see what why your hair stands out from the rest. Thank you for the possible opportunity and thank you in advance!

Lenita Richard***
I would create clip ins and wear it blended with my already ombréd 4a coily hair in a style

Joanne p hawki***
I plan to co wash and doing a protective style and blend it with my hair with that color pop

Maquetha L Big***
I plan to test the hair on myself to try the ombre look.

I olam to test the hair buy promoting your hair

LaCheyva Edmo***
I plan on testing the hair after cowashing and normal instructions as I continue working on protective styles to strengthen my hair and grow it out as my husband would like to see me with longer hair. Unfortunately i dont retain length on my natural hair.

Leesha M. Arc***
Let my stylist work that out for my upcoming photo shoot

Renata J Willi***
I plan to wear my clip-in to my job where not many faces look like my own. Goal being - my black is beautiful however it arrives here!

Cynthia Ceme***
Summer is right around the corner. I plan on highlighting the hair and use it as clip in to make my natural hair fuller.

I would like to promote brand. Also,to show the world that I was 1 of the selected few to have a #1 hair product that all women can use. This opportunity is a wonderful way to allow women to feel beautiful when using this product.

Patricia D***
Well I did purchase your hair a while back but never worn it yet. This ombre will change that by giving it some color. Been wanting to try out colored hair. This will be a great opportunity. So will add it my wig made with hergiven hair for color.

Jasmine Che***
I plan on blending the clip ins with my hair. Now I can have ombre hair without damaging my own hair.

I would love try out another texture . I got the colour clip-ins and its wonderful. I love it so PLEASE WOULD WANT THIS

Bukola Lati***
I have never tried clip ins, I am doubtful of how good and durable it is. This trial may be all I need to convince me and also inform others about it.

I plan to make a wig out of the hair and promote it to my IG and my FB accounts. I already own 2 wigs from your company and I wear everyday.

Shamone Benn***
To see if its quality hair to be the final inspector

Laryah Whita***
I plan on using the clip in to do a review on YouTube. My hair and the clip in are identical so it would be perfect for a everyday use. I am also a teen Mom and doing my hair everyday with a 2 month old is just impossible.

Iman R***
Interested in trying new colors and textures as a way to help myself create different and more versatile natural hairstyles.

Upon receipt of my free bundle clip in, I plan to determine whether or not this hair is worth the imvestment of a future purchase. I first became aware of the company through Naptural85, and have always wanted to try but was nervous about making such a big ticket purchase. I want to determine whether the hair is worth the cost. I want to determine whether or not the coloring has adverse affects on the softness and texture, whether the texture would be able to blend seamlessly with my own and finally better understand the concept of kinky textured extensions.

Michele B***
My hair is ombre chocolate brown. I would co-wash both my hair and the extensions. Then I would install the hair by mixing in the extensions and adding leave-in conditioner and twisting my hair in with the extensions and then allowing them to settle for at least 4 hours. Then I would carefully untwist the hair, test different hairstyles and have people on social media vote for the best styles.

Nia Bull***
Always wanted to try the ombré look with out dying my own hair.

Iyabo Ad***
Fix it to see how long it lasts

Ruth Enger***
Blow it out, wash n go styles, and make clip ins

Tameka Gabr***
I want to see what the test the clip in can stand up to, like what the texture like does it need constant detangling?what products work well with the hair can my fingers glid through what the shedding factors? Can I wear it all day without looking crazy ????

Nikita Mack***
I plan to test this hair for my 10yrs wedding vowel renewal ceremony

Geneva David***
Will test it on myself

Kiara Bigg***
I am natural so I plan to clip it in with my hair. My texture is 3c/4a so I think these will blend perfectly. I did have this same texture in 4 bundles maybe a year ago and loved them! I’ve always wanted to try clip-ins for a quick and easy install

Silvia Ola***
On my own hair

Deneesha Hod***
Well I’m getting MARRIED to the woman of my DREAMSSSSSSS and she loves my natural hair out so i plan on wearing my naturally curly hair out for the wedding with the help of your Clip ins to add more VaVoom to my look you know?!

I absolutely love curly hair! I will not dye the hair. Just install and enjoy

Shylia Bar***
I have experience with hair and wig making so I plan to test this hair to the fullest to get the best review. I am starting a Youtube channel and this would be the perfect opportunity. Thanks.

family &friends will send multiple pics to you

i’ve wanted to try an ombre style for awhile now but don’t have experience coloring hair and didn’t want to ruin any bundles I purchased

Samantha Halor***
I plan to see if the curls will match my natural curl pattern because it has been very challenging to find hair that matches my curl pattern. It will also be my first time having clip-ins so I would be testing my own ability to style them and see what looks I can achieve from them. I am also testing them to see if they are of great enough quality for me to recommend to my friends and family who are interested in clip ins. After wearing them and styling them as clip ins, I would test to see if I can combine them with other bundles to create a wig or weave or some sort. This hair will really help me to dip my toes into the hair world and really learn how to recreate the styles I see so many women creating on Instagram and Youtube with clip ins and bundles.

Samantha Halor***
I plan to see if the curls will match my natural curl pattern because it has been very challenging to find hair that matches my curl pattern. It will also be my first time having clip-ins so I would be testing my own ability to style them and see what looks I can achieve from them. I am also testing them to see if they are of great enough quality for me to recommend to my friends and family who are interested in clip ins. After wearing them and styling them as clip ins, I would test to see if I can combine them with other bundles to create a wig or weave or some sort. This hair will really help me to dip my toes into the hair world and really learn how to recreate the styles I see so many women creating on Instagram and Youtube with clip ins and bundles.

Niya Mur***
I plan to use the clip ins with my natural hair and do a video review for my blog.

Tajia Har***
I will do another youtube review on this hair and demonstrate different styles

Ericka Sand***
I plan to wear them in cold air(I live in Chicago) and wear it in twist outs, wash and go, and pulled up styles. I also plan to wash and condition hair.

Kyla Sle***
I plan to let my sister who is a license stylist, style my hair with the clip-ins and feature it on her youtube page. I will also post this free trial on my page

I would like to text blending the clip ins with natural hair maybe even testing the clip ins to see if curl pattern will come back after adding heat then cold washing

Ramona Lewis-John***
Durability, how it handles wear, does it range since dye was applied...

Graduation party

Kayla Wh***
I plan to see diff hair styles with my curly hair and tell my friends

Monique ***
As clip in, I’d love to step out my comfort zone and debut a new look for spring

My sister said Birthday is coming up and I know she would love to rock this ombre look

Monay Tho***
its not real easy trying to find my curl pattern and I just recently ombré my hair. I struggle with having full thick hair so I plan to put in the clips and see how well they blend with my hair after a good co-Wash.

Jameela Br***
Im just going natural did the big chop I am currently looking for great clip ins. So that I can do more than just the short styles.

Felicia Patri***

Johnisha Richards***
I plan to wear it in my head

Chunesha Foll***
I plan to test the hair on short twa hair and see if it will latch and rock a curly fro

Vena E Jo***
I have an after school positive image and hair group for middle school young ladies /students and I plan to showcase these clips to show students you can use her given hair more than one time for several styles. I will make a you tube tutorial on installation, styling and hair care. Also post to Facebook and tag HerGivenHair.

Maxine Jack***
1.To see how well it stands up, to my weekly gym and yoga sessions. 2.To test the versatility of the curl pattern. 3.Product review test 4.General wear and tear.

LaToya D Jack***
I will examine the texture after washing and blowing out to see if the color holds and I will add to my current clip ins for blendability.

Nicole Frank***
I would like to try different styles with the clip ins. I want to try a seamless up-do to give extra volume to my fine hair. Also I want to try a twist-out to see if it gives my hair the volume it so desperately needs to achieve a full and defined twist out.

Cara Be***
I already have two bundles of coily and love them. I would test for shedding, tangling and see how well it properly holds product if needed because color treated hair always reacts differently.For this ombre look I would def do a cute half, half down bun look. Im sur any style would look great!!

Tratashia Q Nel***
On Facebook Tratashia Nelson

Leah sm***
Feel it, then film a full review video for my Youtube channel.

Felicia Sargent-Wal***
I plan to use the hair to help me sustain more length by using it as protective style. As well as use it on my up coming vacation

Tanitoluwa Orimol***
I plan to use the hair - style it in different ways, and recommend the hair to as many people as I can.

Roniah Ha***
I have been natural for 18 years do I e I’ll bet testing the hair for its shedding , as well as any tangling. I also hope to see how the hair reacts to colors and if it dries out over time or remains the same. I’m also excited to the possible styles that can be done with the hair updos, flat twists , twist outs, braidouts, wash n go, etc. I want to seen how the hair takes to various hair products . And if the hair can handle heat and if the curls will be able to revert back to their original form. I would also be willing to show my followets on my social media handles and try to be an Influenster to them as well maybe refer someone as well.

Amanda Geor***
I want to feel its softness, curl pattern and hopeful use it as a protective style for my damaged hair.

Tanisha Lynn Py***
I plan to test the hair via Afro-Pin Up Girl Style tutorials and visual art

Tanisha Lynn Py***
I am a visual artist and cultural influencer my blog The Afrocentric Pin-Up Girl was recently featured on Afro Punk. I would test the hair via my blog with afro pin up styles and i would us it for fine art. I have been natural 20 years and have a combined social media following of 40k and had a really bad experience coloring my coils a few years back and would love to reincorporate color back into my hair journey and your ombre hair would allow for that. I also recently purchased your u part and this would be a great addition to that for styling. thank you for your consideration. So excited to play in my head. <3

Kamilah Ale***
I will co wash it with my trusted cantu conditioner to see if it holds the curl pattern and if the dye runs.

Natanya Beckf***
I want to how curly ombre hair will look on me.

Leigha McDan***
I am a dancer and also workout 5-6 days per week, so sometimes it can be hard to style my hair in a cute way since it is often up in a bun. I would love to try this clip in to see if the extra length will help me style my hair easier and give me more options of cute looks to try while still being active.

Eboney Farl***
I’m natural and I’ve been been natural for three years now, I plan to Do braidouts, twist outs, perm Rod sets on this beautiful hair! I’ve always loved Her Given hair for women’s of color Ike myself. They have every pattern and I love it

Chelsea Adjab***
Do cute hair styles and look fly

Michele H***
test the texture and look, before purchasing a full customized unit.

Stacy Roundt***
After about six years of being relaxer and chemical free, I got bored with my hair and had it professionally dyed a brown/blonde color. It was absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately, it’s taken some of those years for me to fully learn my hair. Light colored hair has drastically reduced the once thickness of my hair and as a result, I’ll be doing yet another “big chop” tomorrow with a natural hairstylist- as I begin yet another healthy hair journey. I want to win this giveaway so that I can still experience the diversity, fun and style of color treated hair while I allow my own hair to recover and grow????????‍♀️.

Annmarie J***
Do a youtube video on my Chanel explaining what I think about the hair and how to use it

Ross ***
I plan to use the clip ins to help me with my natural hair because I big chopped

Roslyn mig***
I plan to co wash the hair to see its texture when washed then see if the texture and colour will blend in with my hair if not so I will dye it and or do something like a twist out or braid out to make it match my hair once completed I will do a youtube video showing others how to use the hair and make it blend in and take some pics for Instagram

Mikal Michelle Y***
Deep condition hair and possibly dying hair to match. Will post to channel is selected. Thanks!

Lisa B***
Want to see if it will be what I am looking for to match my natural curly hair.

Sheledre press***

My plan is to utilize the clip ins to assist with my natural hair journey. Also, I will create different styles as well as inform other natural women about HerGivenHair.

Claressa Br***
I have been natural for over 7 years now, but am unable to achieve any length due to breakage. I would use the clip as a ponytail for myself. Buying all of the natural hair products is expensive and disappointing because of my lack of progress. This would truly help my self image.

Shirley Ann Osbo***
I plan to test the hair texture after wearing and washing it. I’ll check to see if hair remain tangle free and how long hair style will last. I’ll test to see how natural the hair looks once I put in my hair. I’ll check to see once hair has been placed in my head to see if it’s light weight or if it’s heavy.

Fanta Nun***
Straightening to see if it reverts back with color

Sherrina Hender***
Going to take lots of pictures and tell the world how fabuluous it is, I would also take puctures for my website for my business.

Veronica Con***
Ive been wanting this hair for a while just cant afford it right now I would cowash and do twist out and wash and go to blend with my hair. I would test this hair and send pictures

Schvone Ro***

Deidra Jo***
To see if the hair matches my curl pattern because its hard to find hair to blend with 4c textures. i will then see how the hair holds up in the weather conditions where i live and work.I will then purchase more hair so i can manage my real hair more conveniently.

I plan to use it to help recomend this to my clients in the salon!

Jobie Johns***
I plan to test the hair by mixing it in with my natural hair. I also have never experimented with color so this will be a first time for this. I want to try new styles to make my natural hair thrive and have a chance at something new!

Ebony Tuc***
A hairstyle that looks good from church to work to the gym????????

Idaisha Be***
i plan on letting a licensed professional insert the clip-ins. From there, i plan on going out of the country with these clip-ins, testing it in the sun and the water.

Jocelyn G***
I plan to test the hair a protective style. Sometimes you have to let the curls rest! I’ve heard great things about the hair!

Nicolette Al***
Testing hair texture and blending aswell as styling with my hair

Armani e***
I plam on wearing this to a wedding. I would love to see how easy it blends with my 4c hair. And also the blending of twist outs

Yveline Jean Bapti***
I plan on wearing the hair the way it came. I have tried hergiven hair before but I only had the weft which I loved very much so I really want to try the clip-ins and see how it is. I have been dying to try the clip-ins so this would be a great way to try it.

See how’s much volume I can get from one bundle

Nichele Armstro***
I want to start doing more natural hairstyles and give the wigs a rest but I still want to be able to switch it up and add some length and color to my hair

Lori Smi***
I’m not sure I understand the question, however I plan to use the hair in as many styles as possible if selected. It will be visible to others at work, church, board meetings etc. I currently have the clip-ins and wear them often

Matilda Obi***
My hair is extremely light and as such, I’m always on weaves and wigs. This would be a new look for me - my stylist would be so elated! As I always use black/natural hair color weaves and she always pleads with me to be adventurous! So, this weave will make my (and her) day/week/month! Thank you for the opportunity. God bless you.

Definitely create a gorgeous spring inspired makeup look to complement this gorgeous ombre clip in! Then strut my stuff looking fabulous!

i just recently became fully natural and with the hair, i plan to learn to do and embrace wearing my natural hair. All i ever really do is wear buns and i’d love This hair to branch out and explore the many enjoyment she of being a naturalista ❤️

Lisa Marie Bar***
I have 4c hair I would co-wash the hair , than see if the colour will last long and look well with 4c hair along with minimal shedding. I am in university and know 35 other women who are interested in getting natural extensions for their hair journey. But because we live in Canada we are hesitant to order online , because many of us have had disappointing results with aliexpress and other online vendors. Seeing a legit sample will help us spread the word for more Canadians to have a trusted vendor for the natural hair community. Especially in a place like Edmonton Alberta where it is incredibly hard to have natural hair products and hairdressers in the northern Canada.

Jugesta Norr***
I plan to see if the is soft and tangle free. Also if the hair can straighten and go back to it natural state. I would love to by some more hair from this company and try out different textures and styles. Thanks for the opportunity ‼️

Diamond John***
I am graduating from college in May and I want my hair to be nice.

Brittany Belgrave-Se***
I plan to use them to help me on my recently started natural hair journey!

Andrea Ph***
I plan to use on holiday, see how work if going in and out of water, I always dye installs

Kimberly Sur***
I am a 4c and would love to have more volume. Very interested in this product.

Kenya Ford Hou***
Wear it and get opinions of peers and other stylist clients.

Tamika M***
I plan to test how closely the hair is to mine, if it sheds, how good it twist & if it pulls moisture from my hair.

I sell in Ghana so I would initially use in my quarterly video advertisement then introduce to the natural hair market in accra

Sherley Mag***
I plan on using them for an event. Then to see if I wash the hair will they still look the same.

Iyana ***
I would love to do every style I could think of to test This hair,My hair is at awkward length and I can honestly take advantage of this opportunity testing these clip ins.First I would do a wash go just to get a feel of the natural curls wet and see the curl pattern once it dries.I will most definitely Be trying Bantu knots,perm rod sets And Flexi rod Sets,to see the volume and the curls it holds.I will Also try to flat iron the hair just to see its versatility.If I win this give away,Trust me I will put these clip ins to the test,Thank you for the opportunity❤️

Terra Mil***
I plan on testing this hair on my own natural hair. I have been dying to try a new look and also your hair line.

Lidya Aka***
I plan on checking if the clip ins are a perfect match with my natural curls as I find it difficult to find the right texture for my hair type. I also plan on wearing my natural hair out more often and take extra care of it and would like the extra length

Alante Engl***
Go to the beach and wear it everyday

Alante Engli***
Wear at the beach and everyday

Shambreyshia Bro***
I plan to test it’s ability to blend with transitioning hair (mostly natural)

Khetase Chiw***
I really love your hair products and they blend really well with my natural hair. I have alrwady purcased the wefts and the full lace wig. I have been looking to purchase clip ins and this opportunity would be the best to see how they blend.

Kourtni Tall***
I plan on blow drying the hair, washing it and maybe curling it. I also want to wear it maybe half up and half down. I do think it would blend with my hair, it seems like the perfect texture for my hair.

Maggie Luc***
wig install

Bianca S Sidbe***
I plan to wear the hair in different styles. I also plan on posting videos and holding seminars discussing the product and showing people how your clip ins are my favorite protective style.

Shari Pierre-Rang***
I plan to test the hair on myself because there are so many beautiful styles to choose from inner your Instagram page

Brena Mitch***
I ordered hair from your business about a year ago and my clip ins are still thriving today! I cellophaned them and they still look and feel amazing. I would love to give your new ombre hair a try and review them on my new YouTube channel. Thank you!

Mikaela McInt***
I would love to win and test the hair for my birthday on April 2nd. I bought some hergiven clip ins 2 years ago and I love them! The curly texture blends perfectly! I am happy to do a review because the quality of your product is amazing! I have type 4 hair so it is important for me to protective style in order to retain length. Having extensions that perfectly blend with my hair gives a more flawless and natural look and I love it! The ombré color on these extensions are beautiful and I’d really like the opportunity to try it out! Please consider me!

Sandra R Bry***
I plan to test hair immediately, currently my hair is in twists.

I have recently order a set of coily clip ins and cannot wait to install! If I were to win a free trail of the HerGivenHair Ombre clip ins, I would create a detailed and thorough unboxing and initial review video. In this video, I would show all pre-install steps including co-washing and styling. Next, I would install and create various unique style showing how the clip-ins can be versatile. I would wear the hair for a full month so that I can give accurate assessment on the quality, manageability and maintenance of the hair.

Aurelia Moo***
The very first thing I will do is post on social media that I won!!!! Then I will video me inspecting the hair and giving a review after I cowash and install. Show video of before and after installation. And of course thank Hergivenhair.

Tracee Le***
On myself

Denise Lewis Lancas***
Test for durability and convenience

Lynn Mitch***
Unsure what this question means. What do you plan to test the hair? Should it be when do I plan to test the hair? If so I have ordered this in the past and know how awesome this hair is. Thank you

Shanese Broad***
I plan to test how well hergivenhair blends with my natural curl pattern. This will be my first time ever wearing extensions so I am excited to see how it will look.

In honor of my grandma who recently past, I plan to wear the ombré proudly since she was a hair fanatic. She didn’t have much hair in her last days with us and she loved how I styled my hair. In spirit I want to show her what I can do.

Natasha Chand***
I plan to continue to explore my natural styles with additional pieces. I am still new to this, I just had my first sewin a few months ago and look forward to continue to try new styles and change my look.

How well it dyes and if its compatible to y 4z natural hair

Taynia Samu***
Will be my first time trying it out. So if I fall in love with it I will be definitely getting more.

Mary Le***
I plan to use them for clip ins

Tina Crow***
I plan to use to add volume and length to my natural hair. I plan to braid my hair and wear the Ombre clip ins over the braids as a protective style. Would be a great way to change the color of my hair, which is black with a little gray around the hairline, without using dye.

Samya Zeig***
I plan to Rock this hair for my 29th Birthday on March 21st hopefully :) fingers crossed.

Faith P***
I plan on testing the hair on my natural hair texture. These clip ins will honestly help me boost my confidence about my natural hair and make me love my natural curly hair even more!!You guys honestly have really beautiful clip ins!!

Arianna Fu***
I plan on tackling Austin, TX heat, going for a dip in the San Marcos, TX river, hanging upside down in San Antonio, TX carnivals, slay at the OTR II tour in Houston, TX and dance my heart out Cardi B and Kevin Gates in Dallas, TX.

Markayla Ben***
I plan to test the longevity of the hair and look at the curl pattern. I would super excited to do half up half down looks, high ponytails and other looks so the ombré would stand out more!

Kayla Ben***
I plan to test the hair by doing many cute looks and hairstyles! I would love to have it!

I would like to see if it’s comfortable, realistic and manageable. I have 4c hair and im constantly on the fence about perming it again. I’ve been natural for about a year and I’m still trying to figure out what works and what protective styles are manageable with minimal damage.

Usheevii Ki***
I currently have a u-part wig that i am thinking of making a full wig so I will use the clip-ins to explore how a full wig will work. Also, I like that this hair is ombre so it will allow me to play with color will wearing twist outs, adding to my bun and creating nice everyday styles with some added length and color. I wore my u-part wig on Sunday for the first time in about a year and got so many compliments I am inspired to get more hair. This hair is amazing and I would like to try more styles especially blowing out the hair and doing a look with that. Thank you. Fingers crossed for the win!


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