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Feelin Myself

- I'm Feelin Myself and you should too! Get memorized by my curly Burmese strands. Get passionate with 18 inches of unique ombre highlights that frame your inner energy that’s beaming from within. And it keeps getting better! My natural curls are richly colored with warmth and flare that glows. You won’t be able to stop watching me, just try. My highlights creeps in beautifully from the top and intensity cascades towards the end. My hair is designed with a 150% hair density and a stunning side part that looks good from any angle. You can even switch me up by going for a wet look that enhances my curls and while still giving you a flawless finish!
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Feelin Sleek

- I'm Feelin Sleek! Check me out from a mile away and you’ll agree. I’m a Kinky Blow Out Texture that’s incredibly smooth to the touch and glossy on the eyes. All of my length options have a hair Density of 150% and a luxurious gradient brown to die for. My secret design is Classic Kinky Blow Out in a vibrant ombre brown color. I’m a fan favorite that will always leave you wanting more. When you’re high in demand, play it cool, sneak out and watch everyone be shocked by your grand reveal! Feel accomplished, successful, and confident with me. Spread the word whenever you’re ready and spill the beans to your crew because there’s no reason for you to blend in anymore!
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Feelin Lit Respectfully

- I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’m Feelin Lit, Respectfully! I don’t want to offend you, but my curly hair texture is fire. My lit design is beyond special. Try me! Respectfully, I’m in love and feeling it to pieces. My hair has the density of 150% and has a color design that makes you want to take a double take. Check once you’ll see the wig is black on one side. Check twice and you’ll discover the other side has a wash of red lost in a sea of brown. I can transform like a character and shift as needed. Let’s get into it!
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Feelin Radiant

- I’m Feelin Radiant! Sending out light in all directions with my 16/18 inches leading the way. My hair has a curly texture with 150% hair density that will illuminate your darkest days. Anytime you are feeling under the weather, just slap me on and watch the negativity disappear. I’m the brightest and lightest unit in the entire collection! My hair design also has the most range of colors within this series. With my cutting layers, you can shake and go! To feel razzle and dazzled you got me to rely on.
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Feelin Purr-fect

- I’m Feelin Purr-fect! Have you ever wanted to truly feel that way? I’m passionate about me because I’m amazing, I’m beautiful, and I can’t be beat. If that’s not purr-fection, I don’t know what is. Take a look at my curly hair texture and watch my colored ends purr from greatness with my naturally separated ends. I have a 150% density and strutting 20 inches in length, which is the longest length in this collection. Use those feline instincts and embrace your true nature. Graze through any room and watch my cutting layer slice through any obstacles. You will be more then content with me on your side. Like I said purr-fect.
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Feelin Mighty

- I’m Feelin Mighty! Watch out for my strong and healthy appetite for adventure. Think of me as a golden bronzed goddess with the strength of an army. I’m a seeker of knowledge and solutions! I have ravishing coily textured hair that will knock your lights out! Never shy away from conflict because of your divine destiny. Feel free to adore my 14 inches of ombre colored hair with 150% density. I’m royally secure with a short style and a side parting that gives you the edge you need. I’m sexy, bold, and eye-catching all-in-one. I’m will outlast all of your frenemies weak attempts to out do you. Just stand in your truth, I got you!
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Feelin Courageous

- I’m Feeling Courageous! Do you have the guts to embrace my natural curls? My deep brown chocolate romantic hair has a Kinky texture with a density of 150%. All of my 16/18 inches are 4c hair goals for natural girls around the world. I set the tone, to be deep, flirty, or angelic, I have what it takes to do it all! Put your balls to the wall and show me what you’re made of. Take a chance and be brave by showing off this unique style. Go against the status quo and show off some backbone. We got this!
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Feelin Feisty

- I’m Feelin Feisty! I was inspired by our Diva Curly Unit. Kick it up a notch with my 150% hair density and raging fire strands. My classic Curly Texture is 14 inches of a sexy and smoldering burnt reddish brown color. My fiery side part bob gives some mystery to every look. I was designed based on the outcry of all my girls out there. Everyone asked for more colors and just like that, I was born! Similar to the diva curly unit but I’m more of a soul stealer, if you know what I mean. First I can be cutting and then I can become really sweet. I can charm the socks off of anyone, don’t worry I’ll show you how.
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Written by Hergivenhair Guest Editor, Renee

Link to her website to find more culture arts:

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