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1.Please indicate your age (optional)
2.What is your occupation?
3.How did you find out about this survey?
4-1. What is your gender?
5-1. Have you ever heard about Hergivenhair before?
4.Of the following type of content, please select if you would like to see “more” or “less” on HGH’s IG page:
1.Tutorials of how to deal with curls
2.Tutorials of how to apply wigs/clip ins
3.Real customer reviews
4.Gurus’pictures of wearing hgh products
5.New arrival
6.Brand stories and HGH team.
5.Have you ever purchased from Hergivenhair before?
6.Not taking into consideration price or hair quality, do you prefer wigs or clip ins?Why?
7.On a scale of 1-5 (1 being the worst, 5 being the best), how would you rate your experience with the following?
1.Hair style (color,hair volumn, etc)
2.Hair quality
3.Customer service
8.If you have not purchased from HGH yet, please list the reasons as to why you have yet to make a purchase.
9.To you, what is the most impressive thing about HGH? It could be about the products or service or marketing events. Anything that comes to mind.
10.Not taking into consideration price, what are you most displeased with regarding Hergivenhair?
11.Please list 3 hair gurus on social media that you like and trust the most.
12.Describe the frequency that you wear the products blow.
1.Straight or wavy weaves or wigs
3.Natural textured wigs
5.Synthetic weaves or wigs
2.Natural textured hair extensions
6.My own natural hair
13.Which of the following places/occasions are you more likely to wear natural textured hair or hair extensions (you may choose more than one)?
14.Which of the following places/occasions are you more likely to wear straight hair (you may choose more than one)?
15.Which of the following places/occasions are you more likely to wear braids (you may choose more than one)?
16.Do you wear make up very often?
17.Who’s your idol?
18.Do you know Amara La Negra?
19.Did you know that Amara is HGH’s ambassador for 2020?
20.What other hair brands have you purchased natural textured extensions or wigs from? If you have yet to purchase from other hair brands, what brands are you interested in purchasing from?
21.Besides cost, do you have any suggestions for HGH, perhaps something to learn from other hair brands?
22. Which of the following would you like HGH to focus on?
23.Please follow our IG @hergivenhair and leave your email to claim your prize. Thanks!